How to Plan Your Wedding Flowers

How to Plan Your Wedding Flowers

Everyone wants their most special day of a lifetime to be beautified with gorgeous flower arrangements. The more flowers, the better, but it takes a lot of time and research to actually plan a wedding, let alone choose the right kind of flowers. If you want to know what to focus on when it comes to weddings, and which flower arrangements are crucial for your wedding venue, keep on reading.

Do Your Research
Before you even contact a florist with flower requests do some research on your own. It will make your florist’s job a lot easier and faster, and your vision is more likely to come to life if you know exactly what you want. Do some research, scroll through some wedding pictures, decide what you like and don’t like and then talk it out with your florist.

Consider the Venue
Everyone wants to make their venue slightly more luxurious and extravagant with flowers, but do consider the venue when choosing the flowers. Different settings require different flowers, as with the right flowers, you’re able to create the ideal and unique setting for your wedding. A wedding in the country might ask for different types of blooms than a beach wedding would for example.

Bring Pictures
Don’t be shy and bring as many pictures as you can. Show your florists what you like and don’t like, don’t just try to tell them. You probably don’t use the same professional vocabulary as a florist would, and you probably can’t explain every single details the way you should. So, in order to avoid a wedding disaster, create a mood board, bring pictures, pin wedding flowers and share it with your florist.

Be Realistic
It’s okay to have a dream about which kind of flowers you want to carry while walking down the aisle, but sometimes those flowers are just not in season. Be prepared for compromising, and listening to what your florist has to recommend. Even if you stumble upon a problem with flowers, there’s always a backup plan and flower lookalikes that your florists will suggest.

Pick Your Florist Wisely
The truth is, not all florists are the same. They don’t think the same and they definitely don’t charge the same. Ask around and see which florist seems the most creative and affordable one, and will fit your budget. It’s important to do your florist research above all, so that you can achieve everything you’ve planned out.

Make Your Flowers Unique
Add something personal to every arrangement and bouquet. While flowers are beautiful, you want to add a meaning to them. Add details that tell your story and that represent who you are and what you like. That way, you’ll make memorable flower d├ęcor.

Think Beyond Flower Bouquets
Flower bouquets and arrangements are the most common choices when it comes to design, but there are so many other ways to decorate your venue with besides arrangements. Think outside of the box and opt for authentic flower decorations like flower chandeliers, flower brooches for chairs, flower backdrops for taking pictures etc.

With the help of the right florist, this will all be a piece of cake. But you play a great part as well, so make sure you do your homework before you sit down for a chat with your favorite florist.
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