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(Sponsored Post) I always wanted to refurbish Carissa's room - I know right, we just moved in like one year ago? We didn't renovate her room. Just a simple wardrobe and cabinet. Probably because of the wrong choice of colour which we have been feeling so guilty about. (I was pregnant that time and we were not really sure of the gender. Haha.)

Well. I was so so so excited when Nippon Paint offered to paint Carissa's room. I was so determined to decorate this room as girly as possible! Ditch the purple and blue colour! 

We fixed an appointment with Nippon Paint and Alan, the inspector came for a site inspection. Ours was rather a simple one. He was actually pretty surprised to see how empty our room was. Hahaha.  

Nippon Paint has many different type of interior paints - Honestly I never knew that at all. They come in a vast spectrum of classic and contemporary colour wall paints, with finishes ranging from matt to glossy. They also come with specialised paints include easy-to-wash coatings and anti-bacterial paints that protect our family as well as our wall from harm. For my case, we chose Nippon Paint Odour-less All-in-1 (Matt Finish). It is one of the commonly use and ideal interior wall paint for homeowners who want the best all-in-one multi-functional paint. 

For the next 30 minutes, Alan guided us in choosing the paint colour. For an i ndecisive person like me, I would have probably died in this sector because I JUST COULDN'T MAKE UP MY MIND! Alan brought us the Nippon Paint Catalogue. There is an online version which you can get it here.  

There was one thing that I am determined in getting was the STRIPED PAINTED WALL. I thought this will kill them because I know this would definitely take up a lot of time and of course, skills required. Hehe! But Alan was totally supportive with my idea! Not only that, he even added on more ideas! THANK YOU! As you know, the ultimate aim is to transform into a girly room! Therefore, PINK is my ideal choice. (Honestly, I was not a pink person before I had Carissa.) It just freaked me out when they have different shade of pink for us to choose. 
We really had a hard time with all the pinks but Alan really helped us in choosing the right colour. Inspection of the room, explanation of the painting process and choosing of colours were all done within an hour.  Phew!

If you have been following in my instagram, probably you have already caught a glimpse on that striped wall which I have posted on that day. Stay tuned! 

With love

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