The Confinement: Baby Diary 14

My sister always tell me that "Giving birth is easy. The tough one will be confinement". And after confinement, I couldn't help but to raise my hands or even legs to agree with it. Seriously...

There are a lot of confinement rules and regulations  myths. As much as we youngsters are dread to follow them, most of the time we have no choice...but to follow. And yeap, I followed most of them as I do not want to get regret in the future. #kiasumama Hahaha! I will not be sharing the details of my 40-days, but just some general stuffs.

First of all, I'm really fortunate that my mum did my confinement. She did confinement for my sister and sister-in-law. I can say she is truly an experienced one. If you are not aware, the price of having a confinement lady is sooooo expensive nowadays. I heard that it was at least $3,000 for a Malaysian confinement lady or at least $5,000 for a Singaporean one? This amount excluded the cost of the food and tonics. Woah! This is crazy shit. I told my mum that she can be one too! She will be earning big bucks then. You are lucky if you meet a nice confinement lady that treats you like her own daughter and your baby like her own grandchild. But if you are not, the whole of one-month is going to be a disastrous one. I have heard too many "horror" stories. That's why I am really thankful of my mum. 

During my confinement, the weather was so crazily hot and humid. If I did not remember wrongly, it rained less than three times for the entire month! Not forgetting the haze! It was like a torture to me. Specially when I am those kind of person that I need to bathe twice a day. Thinking back, I wondered how I actually made it.

1. I wasn't allow to bathe for the first week
Some people will do it for 12 days, 2 weeks or even a month. So I had to make myself think that I'm more fortunate in this case. Even though it was just a week, it really seems like forever to me. Everyday I was counting down. It was really insane. My body was so sticky and my hair was so oily! THE OILIEST OF MY LIFE! I could tied them up (including my fringe) so "neatly" and it really seems like I have used a lot hair wax or hair spray on them.
Sorry Chow Yun Fat, but I have to use you as my example! 

My hair smelt so bad to the extend that Daddy Chang said he could smell me whenever I walked past him! Like wtf.  I felt so inferior when I had to go for check up in such a state of messiness. *Roll eyes* When comes to bathing, I was not allow to use normal water to bathe. My mum had to boil a pail of "herb water".(The temperature of the water has to be very hot. ) This herb can be easily purchase in all TMCs. It wasn't easy for her as well. ANDDDDDDD the water was in dark brown water! Not different from the longkang water! I mean the colour! But well, at that point you wouldn't really care at all. All you want to do IS TO BATHE! AND YOU HAVE TO BATHE SUPER FAST. Like wtf, the water is burning my skin! doesn't cool you down either. I ended up perspiring even more. 

2. I was not allowed to wash my hands with tap water
My mum had to take care of these little details. Even washing of hands, my mum had to mix warm water and rice water for me. Yes. No tap water! All the washing of the milk bottles were done by Daddy Chang and my mum. I was not allowed to bathe #lilbabychang as well. 

3. No other water except for ginger red dates tea 
And oh, in case you don't know. I was not allowed to drink plain water as well. Nothing but ginger red date tea. To the extend that there were times where I even craved for plain water. This is funny uh?

4. I have to eat punctually for every single meals
My mum mentioned that we are not allowed to go hungry, go on diet or even consumed food that are cold. She asked me to eat as much as I can during this period. No diet! She whipped up very nice meals for me every single day. So I totally have no complain for the food at all. Hehehe! I enjoyed all of them except that i have to eat fried ginger and drink ginger red dates tea for all meals.

5. Do nothing but rest well. 
I was ordered to keep resting! No matter I am awake or not, I have to lie on the bed most of the times. It was pretty boring uh.

6. Cover myself well. 
I wore long sleeve and long pants every single day. Only in the day I was allowed to change to T-shirt. At night I have to sleep with jacket on and I have to wear socks. But the good thing is that I was allowed to sleep in air conditioned room. Hahaha! But well, I still perspired in the room anyway. 

7. Tonic Tonic Tonic
Every morning and night I was asked to drink tonic. Be in chicken essence, bird nests or some black, yucky herbal tonic. I drank them all up.

8. No tears
My mum warned me that I MUST not shed any tears during confinement. The olden people said that tearing is very bad for our eyes -I don't know how true it is. But sometimes, tearing is just unavoidable...I know right.

9. No squatting
She said it will be bad for my womb as I was still recovering. It became a habit that I did not squat for so many months! HAHA!

10. Sit while drinking or eating 
She mentioned that it was something link to my bladder and womb. So whenever I have to drink water, I always have to find somewhere to sit. Hahaha!

These 10 are the basic that I have followed. Do not ask for the reasons behind each "rules" as some "rules" will really make you roll your eyes. They always have their own reasoning, so don't fight with them. Hahahaha! I was quite relieved that I opt out breastfeeding. Honestly, I do not wish to add any stress during this confinement. My little one is cranky most of the time -  I think probably she is trying to get use to it and she suffered from reflux issue. Milk regurgitated regularly. So worried that she might get choked in her sleep. I almost went crazy during the first month. Thank god, I am not alone. I have support from my husband and my mum. Not to mention, I am still suffering from episiotomy stitches. The pain came when I sit, stand or even lie down. Gosh! My health was not good to start with. My mum did her best to gain back my health and I have to do my part to absorb all of them.

Kudos to all the new mummies! We all did well! 

I will be sharing the nightmare of the fourth trimester real soon. Just remember a golden rule during confinement: "Stress-free! Be happy!". Phew! I am glad that I survived that 40-days.

With love

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