20 things that I've changed after being a Mom: Baby Diary 13

I haven’t been actively blogging. But trust me, I'll be back with all the backdated post.

It has been almost 7 months ever since I became a Mom. Well, life has drastically changed since then. No more late night outing. No more, not that much travelling. No more splurging on unnessary stuffs and etc. But with #lilbabychang's arrival, I must say she had made us a better person and matured at the same time. Well, we weren't perfect parents. We made mistakes. We learn as she grows. In fact, every day with her is a new experience and learning journey for us.

So, here are the 20 things that I've changed after being a Mom. Do let me know if this applies to you, new mummies and even daddies. :D

1. I bathe in 5 minutes. In the past, I used to bathe like 20 minutes? I wondered why I couldn't do it in the past. You know, to the extend that I can bathe so sneakily while she is asleep.

2. I know how to eat with one hand. That's because the other hand is holding her. I can even eat while patting her to sleep. A whole new level.

3. Not forgetting, I can gobble up the food in 5 minutes. Daddy Chang used to be the first who finished up his meal every single time. But now, we can compete with each other on that!

4. I/We visit Children Department more than other departments. Cosmetic shops? Clothes? Electronics? Bags? Not anymore. We realised we will walk into children stores/sections unknowingly.

5. My eyes widen when I see promotions! When department stores are having store wide discounts, the first thing I thought of will be baby products. Gosh.
6. And it's all about baby fairs. After becoming parents, we realised there are just so many baby fairs! Did we even notice that in the past? Or are there even baby fairs? Still, we will always visit the baby fairs and ended up spending hundred over bucks on baby products.

7. Bag to match my ootd? Sorry, I only have diaper bag. I am so lazy to bring my own bag along. Bringing two bags out? Crazy, I rather stuff my wallet in the diaper bag. No make up pouch, no perfume. Just wallet.

8. I became a super light sleeper. I get awaken even when she flips or even when the slightest snore that she made. Sometimes I wonder if I did sleep through the night.

9. I can do make up in 10 minutes.
Probably I should indicate that it is a light make up. But still, it was never in the past.
10. I/We became a morning person. I/We used to sleep away my/our weekend. But now, waking up at 9am is consider a blessing.

11. We have no idea of what's the latest trend song. It is amusing that we even caught each other humming lullabies out of sudden. Just imagine, Daddy Chang was humming "Daddy's finger, Daddy's finger where are you" while he was mopping the floor. Omg. We are poisoned!

12. I'm so into pink now! I am never a pink person if you know me. But after having #lilbabychang, pink has became one of my favourite colour! Daddy Chang was so pissed off when he asked me to choose the mahjong tiles colour and I chose pink! It was really nice what!

13. I get paranoid easily. "Why does she keep crying?" "Why doesn't she drink milk? "Why doesn't she poop today?" "Is she unwell?" "Why are there red spots on her face/hands/legs?" There are infinite "Whys". Thus, Google has became my Best Friend.

14. I level up my multi-task skill. I am a multi-task person. But after becoming a Mom, I realised I can do even more. I can cook, wash the laundry, dry the laundry, tidy up the house, entertain #lilbabychang, made her sleep...at one time. Like wow! Even Daddy Chang is impressed.
15. Phone or camera are always within my reach! That's because I want to capture all her milestones! Her first flip, her first smile, her first pout, her first food and many more!

16. Officially an obsessed parents. To the extend that I upgraded my 16GB iPhone to 64GB because memory is always full! I hate it when I have to transfer them to my hard disk. And I actually created an Instagram account for her - @lilcarissays.

17. Baby will always be the topic. I get really excited when people ask me about her or whenever we are in the baby topic. Being an obsessed parents, I want to share every single thing. So friends, please stop me if I can't stop blabbering.

18. The ninja moves. It specially works when she is sleeping. See the video below for more illustration.
19. Doing baby talk or baby dance. In the past, I/we might find it embarrassed to do so. But now, this has become part and parcel. We wouldn't even mind doing all these in the public. Specially if this can calm her down. Why not?

20. Respect and appreciate. After becoming a mom, it made me respect my mom and love her even more. It wasn't easy raising a child. Moreover she had 3! Sometimes I wondered how she managed to do it. Now that I'm a mom, it made me understand her unconditional love towards the three of us. Her constant worries and her caring throughout these years. Her selfless love towards us and her sacrifices she had made. It also made me realise why a Mother can put her children above every single thing. Nothing can ever replace a Mother's love.And of course, everything cannot be complete without Daddy as well.

With love

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