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Guess what? In the past, I used to buy the latest trend apparels in the online stores. I would subscribe for their newsletters and get notified whenever they have promotion. Things have changed. My priority has diverted to Carissa. Now, I began to search for baby products online. Like I've mentioned in the previous posts, I always love to shop online. Things are always cheaper and they always delivered right to my doorstep! Hahaha.

came across Toddle.sg in May when I was pregnant. Back then, they have pretty limited products. However, my visit to Toddle.sg in October was a pretty surprising one. I'm amazed by the number of products they have brought in. From traditional gear, functional feeding, bath products to the latest educational toys and luxury gifts! Their aesthetically designed website is so neatly organised and easy to navigate. Furthermore, there are videos to accompany their product description thus giving shoppers better impression of products.

Toddle.sg is a unique baby webshop based in Singapore, which focuses on building a collection of products from the most-loved brands for discerning young parents in Singapore. By consulting parents and professionals, they carry popular brands as well as specially sourced niche products to meet the needs of your little babies and toddlers.
Their collection of products are researched and benchmarked against 5 simple but essential criteria - S H I N E. If you pay attention to their website, each of their products are actually tagged with "Toddle Tags".
What do S H I N E stands for? It stands for...
S - Smart
Innovation is the catalyst to growth, and refresh, novel or simply ingenious products will simplify the challenging task of parenting. They are persistent in seeking and selecting the latest products that are crafted with elements of smart design, so that their customers can select from the best.

H - Healthy
Health is their most precious possession, and specially so for the developing systems of young children. They do research and homework necessary to make certain that the products they offer are non-detrimental to our child's health. That's why they prioritize wholesome, organic consumable and toys made of natural materials without toxic chemicals.

I - Investment
They believe that investing in great products would lead to both savings and satisfaction over the long-term. Therefore the products that they select are not the run-of-the-mill, inexpensive type, but those with great quality that provide excellent developmental value to our child over time. These products are chosen carefully and priced fairly to ensure we get the most out of our investment with them.

N - Necessity
The typical parent will find these products to be essential; they make taking care of a child easier and more enjoyable. Babies don't have a preference for the ostentatious, therefore the products that we select in this category exhibit qualities of comfort and convenience.

E - Eco-Friendly
Children are their future, and it's important that they preserve Mother Nature for generations to come. Environmental accountability is part of their business, and they make it a point to support of eco-friendly products that are made with sustainable materials and methods.

"Toddle Tags" will help you to evaluate all the products in the store and make it easier for you to choose the best products for your little ones. The Tags are created in mind to make your shopping as parents easier.

Toddle.sg has a wide range of brands. They imported brands such as Melissa and Doug, Mary Meyer, Natural Life, Ergobaby, Tommee Tippee and many more. Heard that they will be expanding to import more international brands in! So Do check out their site for new arrivals so you don't miss out some coveted baby merchandises, fastest finger first!

Oh yah! New customers are entitled to 10% for their first purchase!Since Christmas is around the corner, it may be a good reason for you to start shopping for gifts for your little tots! If you are looking for baby shower gifts, Toddle will be excellent place for you to source for gifts as well! . They provide free delivery when you spend above $70! Their delivery is super fast and it will usually take 1-3 days to reach you! So why wait? Hop over to Toddle.sg now to check out their wide range of specially selected baby products!

Thank you Toddle for the gifts for Carissa! :D
Website: www.toddle.sg
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/toddlesg
Instagram: @toddle.sg

With love

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