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The last visit to Salon De Choix was before Chinese New Year. Like wow! I haven't been doing my hair for that long! Daddy Chang did not want me to do anything to my hair as I was pregnant. Well... Anyway, my hair was totally in a mess; specially during confinement period. You know, when I am not allowed to wash my hair for as long as a week! (I know. Some people even managed to endure for two weeks or even a month. Seriously I salute them!)

I headed to Salon De Choix when I was in my Day 27 of confinement. Thanks to my mum who gave me the green light to go ahead. (Cause I am not supposed to go out during confinement period.) Actually I was quite paiseh. I couldn't imagine that I actually stepped into Orchard in such an unkempt look. Minimum make up was applied to my face and thus I look rather pale. Messy and oily hair which I haven't been washing for days. Don't even say bathing... I hope I do not smell. =X Hahahaha!

My hair really need some make-over badly. They were really dry, oily, untidy, color fading and whatever you can named of. Read on to see the transformation they had done for me.
Sharon Wu is my hair stylist during that visit. She is so nice and takes good care of me knowing that I am still in my confinement period. She even shared her experience to me as she is a mother too! For the first treatment, she had specially arranged a hair scalp treatment to strengthen my scalp and also to prevent hair drop caused by hormones change. THIS ARE THE WOES OF GIVING BIRTH! The treatment was done by their hair scalp expert - William Wang. William is a certified scalp specialties and he had attended several scalp expert programs too!

Based on the current condition of my hair, William had specially picked these three essential oils for the treatment. They were Rose, Lavender and Peppermint.
Peppermint: It is to stimulate scalp health, keep the dandruff away, get rid of oily hair and to balance the pH level of our scalp.
Rose: It help to balance our hormones, strengthen hair at the root, prevent frizz and add shine to our hair.
Lavender: It help to prevent hair loss and help our hair to grow.

The hair scalp treatment took about 30 minutes. It involved using this big brush comb together with the essential oils.
William first applied the essential oils onto my scalp followed by a massage and then combing my hair using the big brush comb. The combing process took about 15 minutes and it helped my scalp to absorb the essential oils well. I can tell you, the whole process was soooo relaxing. My scalp was very cooling because of the peppermint essential oil. Hahaha. And I could feel my scalp was really refreshing after that. I would strongly recommend this hair scalp treatment to all the mummies who had just given birth. Weeks after the treatment, I had yet to see any drastic hair loss in me. (TOUCH WOOD) I supposed this treatment works really well!
After that, she proceeded to do hair colouring for me. My hair colour was really fading badly. It was so bad that it really look like a pudding on top of my head! Wtf. But yay! I am able to change my hair colour now! This time round, Sharon decided to do something new on me. She did a sombre ash blonde on me. My previous colour was always mocha brown or something similar. I really love the end result of the colour. It wasn't too loud and exaggerating kind. Probably next time I should try something wow? Hahaha
Lastly, a hair treatment for my coloured hair using Color Lustre and Instant Replenisher Full Revitalizing Serum from Shu Uemura.
I am thankful for all the treatments that Sharon had lined up for me. I seriously feel so much confident when I stepped out of the salon. I felt so refreshing! And I am all ready for the Baby Shower in a few days time. Here is the BEFORE and AFTER look.
And yeap, I did trim my hair if you noticed the hair length. It was really troublesome to have long hair when I have to deal with baby. Only mummies will understand. Hahaha. Thank Sharon and William for the awesome make-over! I super love it!

For those who are interested and looking for a trusted hair salon, do visit Salon De Choix! I recommended them not because I was being sponsored. They are really one of the best salon that I have visited. Trust me, else I wouldn't be with them till now right! Oh yah, don't forget to quote  "Katty" to entitle 15% OFF! for all the treatments. Address: 3 Killiney Road #01-06 Winsland House 1 Singapore 23951 (Just few minutes walking distance from Somerset MRT). Call 6836 2959 to make your appointment!

With love

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