Part 2. The day #lilbabychang arrived. : Baby Diary 12

It was like a "peak period" in the delivery ward as there were many babies born at the same hour. I was not pushed to the ward after the labour because the nurses wanted to monitor me to check if I suffered from any side effect from the epidural. For my case, I did not. Some people do experience vomitting. But I think I have nothing to vomit lah. I was so hungry for that past 24 hours! How to vomit. Hahaha. Honestly, my mind was all about food. I even asked Daddy Chang to ask the nurse if I can eat now. Like right away after the delivery. Really...Very hungry!

My family reached the hospital before I got transferred to the ward. I am so touched to be able to see them after a long battle in the delivery ward :') After the nurses cleaned me up, I was asked to shift to another bed. It was a tough one, I smelt blood all over. GOSH. I felt really embarrassed while I was on the way back to the ward with Carissa. There were strangers around and they kept looking at us. And you know, I was still in a very messy condition.

The Ward
Late May, we went for the hospital tour and was informed that most of the renovation will be completed by July. Lucky us, we got to enjoy the newly renovated room. Daddy Chang upgraded me to St Michael, single bedded ward. It cost slightly more than the normal single bedded room. Everything was so new in the ward. Daddy Chang accompanied me throughout the stay. Honestly, I am glad he did.

When I got to the ward, I noticed this lovely balloon from my niece which I told her casually about and in the end she got it for me. So sweet of them.
I was given bun and milo as supper. I was so hungry that I even ate Daddy Chang's share. He had his dinner bought by my family. My jiefu and niece were literally serving me. (See the picture below. HAHA!) They even helped me to spread butter on my bun. LOL! Totally feel like the queen of the day. Probably the last time I am going to feel like a queen. Cause I am going to be a slave for my daughter from then onwards. OPPS!
My family stayed until Carissa was allowed to bring out to meet them. It was then we had a good look at her. Many people said that she resemblances her daddy a lot. Even Daddy Chang said that he had a shock when he first saw her. Hahaha. Plus she had loud cries. I meant... Really loud those kind. I wonder if it was because of the 中国好声音 that I have been watching. I really shouldn't sing that much during my pregnancy =\

The First Night
Finally Daddy Chang and I were able to have a good rest. That Saturday seems to be the longest day of our lives. I guess we were really tired. Daddy Chang knocked off immediately at the sofa. He even said that the sofa was so comfortable. As for myself, l am not sure if I had a good night sleep. I woke up at 5am staring at the ceiling. I somehow managed to recap whatever happened. It was still like a dream. I felt really empty looking at my tummy. There was a "lost" feeling in me. In the meantime, my "bottom" was soaked. I could feel that the painkiller is fading off. A little bit of stinging feeling here and there. Nurse started to come in at 6am to do routine check. They helped me to remove the urine bag and cleaned my "bottom". It was pretty awkward as they had to change the pad for me. I was then awake till 8am for breakfast.

The Food
I never expect hospital food to be soooo delicious. I know I am suaku. But it was really surprisingly good! Really got standard kind! I literally enjoyed all my meals in the hospital. Hahaha! Every day I got to order the food that I want from the menu provided. They even had Red Date drink now. But it was additional cost and upon request. Daddy Chang got it for me. It tasted really good! But sorry to say that this was the only picture that I took. Don't look good but it taste really good though! HAHAHA!

The Nightmare.
I was on painkiller for a few days even though it was bearable. The bottom was pretty sore and the stitches made me even harder to walk or even sit. By the way, the stitches were almost till anal. Most of the time I have to lie on my bed because sitting was really a torture for me. My family even got me a float to sit on it. It feel slightly setter but still getting up was another nightmare. I was asked to poo the very next day. The nurse gave me medicine to soften the poop. That was really a nightmare. Then I was even asked to poop before I discharged. Luckily, both poops were a smooth one. Hahaha. That morning, the nurse came to teach me how to clean the wound. It was another embarrassed situation.

The Embarrassment
Throughout that two nights in the hospital, it was really difficult for me to get down from the bed. Toilet visits were really disastrous yet I was asked to monitor the number of visits. I felt really paiseh when I have to wake Daddy Chang up in the middle of the night because I wanted to pee and I thought I could go alone. It wasn't really okay until the last night. Honestly, I am really thankful to have Daddy Chang with me. He was always there whenever I needed him. He was always holding me to the toilet and ready to catch me if I fall. He even helped me when I am in the toilet doing all the bloody shitty thingy like changing of pad, cleaning of the wound or cleaning my body I know we are husband and wife yet I feel so paiseh when he helped me with those simple thing which I thought I am able to. I felt really helpless lah. It was the first time I felt this way.

I am pretty surprised that he did not mind of those bloody business at all. You know, some guys will really afraid and scare of "pantang". But he wasn't at all. He was more afraid that I couldn't handle it on my own. Seriously, I am touched. You have no idea how many times of "Thank you" I have said to him. It was really silly but I really meant it from the bottom of my heart.

This name was named by Daddy Chang long ago. I still remembered it was in 2013 when we casually planning names for our babies. HAHAHA! I thought Olivia sounds good. But Daddy Chang prefers Carissa. Well. Hahaha. Anyway, this fellow was really a mischievous one. We did not get to see her opening her eyes until the second day afternoon. It was so long until I was quite worried. Some newborns open their eyes immediately after they were born. But Carissa did not. Throughout the pregnancy, I always wish that she had dimples, just like Daddy Chang. And yes, my wish came true! She had two lovely dimples! Yay!
Many said her eyes, nose and the sharp of her face look like Daddy Chang. Apparently 80% lookalike. Some said she took over my mouth.

Thank You
There were so many THANK YOU I would like to mention. First, I would like to thank the nurses in Mount Alvernia who took care of us during this period. The services rendered in Mount Alvernia were really good. Most of the nurses were very attentive and helpful. Actually I would like to thank one particular nurse but I did not notice her name. She is a plump size lady. She is a Malay and is most probably in her 40s. She is so friendly and caring. She taught us little tricks to handle newborn and even adjusted the bed so that I could rest better. Apparently she was the only nurse that talked to us that much. During the last night of my stay, she even encouraged me to step out of the ward to have a short tour. Haha. Eventually I did. We walked to the nursery room and she even pushed Carissa out so that we can say goodnight to her. She is really a sweet lady!

Secondly, I would like to thank all our friends/families/relatives that came to visit Carissa and myself. And also thank you for all the gifts and angbaos.

With love
(I realise I forgotten to release this post. LOLOLOL! Will blog about the confinement soon!)

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