Using discount codes to save money

I always prefer to go for online shopping. Not only it is cheaper than the shopping malls, it is also very convenient too! I started to shop for clothes in 2007 (I think!) That was the most IN thing to do. Still remember all the shops in blogspot and livejournal? Hahaha. Back then, most of the sites were not very advanced. Blogshop owners required you to bank transfer the money to make the payment and it will usually delay for awhile. But right now, you are even able to make payment and get your order confirmed right away. Super high-tech now!

In the recent year, online business has been expanding very well. It is very common to do online shopping. From Apparels to Air Tickets, IT Gadgets, Food or even Groceries, just ONE click and you will be able to purchase them easily and it can be even deliver right to your door step. So convenient!

I don't know what about you. But I always get a little excited when I see "Key in your Promotion Code/Discount Code/Coupon" at the bottom of the shopping cart. This means MORE DISCOUNTS! Hahaha. These are the cheap thrills that I am referring to. Don't tell me you always leave them empty without searching for the codes?!
If that is you, you definitely "lugi" so much! What I will always do is to google on those codes. If Lady Luck is being nice to me, I am able to find out the discount codes that I need. However, it just take some time to find out those codes. I ever searched for a discount code for 30 minutes. HAHAHA! But sometimes I might not be able to find it. Well... It is all depend on luck! Hahaha.

I wish I know Picodi earlier so that I will not have to spend time googling on these codes. I find out that Picodi is just like one-stop stations where all the discounts and codes gather! Sound really exciting. For example, all you have to do it to key the name of the company that you wish to have the code.
Then all the ACTIVE OFFERS will be listed down according in the following page. Simply click to reveal the Redmart code and tadah! MONEY SAVED!
Don't expect to have a huge discount lah! It is just a cheap thrill to be able to save a little money out of what you are intending to spend. For example, you are getting a hard disk at $100, then you manage to find out a 10% discount code. You key in the code and tadah! You only have to fork out $90! You saved $10 just like that! Isn't it super wuhua?

I just signed up as part of them. Now I am able to know the discounts and promotion codes through email. Be kaisu and sign up now!

With love

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