Nightmare of Third Trimester: Baby Diary 10

Probably this is going to be the last episode of my pregnancy journey as I am reaching the finishing line soon! I have no idea when will I be giving birth. Nevertheless
I will still want to release this post.

Well, nobody has warned me about the nightmare of Third Trimester. I guess every individual experienced pregnancy differently. I was relieved that I have a smooth first and second trimester. I secretly hope my third one will be too. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like the case now.

Initially I had the intention to work till I give birth as my condition was rather stable during the beginning of the third trimester. However as days go by, I began to feel weary and have sleepless night almost everyday. It got so bad that I could be awaken from 2am all the way till sunrise. It was so horrible. And #lilbabychang was so active. I even had to sing to her to calm her down so that I could sleep well. But then, it failed. Hahaha.

This is what I mean by "Active". It seems like she is waving to us. Hahaha! Could you imagine that I was able to feel her sliding from left to right and sometimes giving me a hard kick? It is fun but it can be really uncomfortable too. She made me feel as though she's about to come out anytime! I have posted several videos of her being active in my tummy in Instagram. I might be complaining now but I guess I will sure miss her having inside me one day.

But then again, aside from the horrible insomnia, I also suffered from pelvic pain (it was so painful that I even had a hard time getting up and down from the bed.), tightening + contraction + sharp pain (The pain can hit hard on me anytime and then disappear within seconds. Sometimes it was so painful that I have to stop whatever I am doing to take a deep breath. It is rather torturing.), heart burnt (This always happened when I am trying to sleep!), giddiness (Exactly the same kind of giddiness that I had in first trimester! I almost fainted several times when I am with Daddy Chang, That feeling was so horrible.) and swollen feet (Probably the only thing I should feel glad as the swollen wasn't that serious).
Daddy Chang had to help me to massage almost every night to ease the suan-ness. In the past, all I need is just salon pas to solve the problem. But now salon pas is not recommended during pregnancy. Sometimes I just hope that I can give birth as soon as possible. But then again, the thought of giving birth really scares me! Sigh. It is just so mentally and physically torture.

Daddy Chang was also very concerned and worried whenever I had to go to work (Even though I have been working on and off nowadays). I guess my legs could not carry my weight. I can't blame my legs. I am now in my HEAVIEST weight in my entire life! Even when I walked for less than 5 minutes, I could already feel the soreness! Sound exaggerating but it was so true. And yet, in the morning I have to fight against the kiasu commuters in the train. There was once whereby this lady was literally cutting my queue and snatched the reserved seat. Like wtf. I could still remembered how kanchiong she was. She got the reserved seat but was asked to give up the seat by HER HUSBAND. I wasn't even standing in front of her. I believe the husband might have felt so ashamed of what she had done. Hahaha. I have also met people who pretended to sleep but awaken immediately to check on phones when I have alighted. Like WOAH! I am not those who will ask for the seat cause I feel paiseh. I am okay to stand IF I am feeling okay. But pregnant doesn't mean anything right. It is really funny to observe these kind of kiasu people. However, most of the times I still do meet friendly commuters who gave up their seats as soon as they saw me. I have met a bangladesh construction worker who was frantically helping me to find a seat when he himself was standing as well. Little actions and behaviors from these people really warm my heart. I do really feel appreciated.

Talking about appreciative, I am really fortunate to have Daddy Chang. I think it was not easy for him during my third trimester. He always put me on his first priority if possible. (Hahaha!) Sometimes I feel so paiseh that he had to do all the house chores on his own; sweeping, mopping, washing, cleaning and sometimes even cooking. And me? I was either lying on the bed or watching shows while he was busying with all these. Guilty much. Yet I couldn't help to do anything. I was literally being treated like a queen unknowingly. Hahaha. Worst of all, sometimes he had to deal with my emotional shit. I bet he had been telling me a lot of white lies to make me feel better. Like he has been constantly telling me how beautiful I am. Like wtf. How can I be beautiful when I am carrying a ball in my huge tummy?! Hahaha. There was once whereby I saw stretchmarks at the bottom of my tummy and my emotional literally went into a roller coaster ride.
Sorry for the gross image. 
It wasn't that bad as compared to others, I know. I thought I will escape having stretch marks! But who knows that they came out at Week 35?! And I have been spamming a lot of stretch marks cream and oil. Like really A LOT kind. Yet they still appeared! And again, Daddy Chang had to cook up lots of white lies again to make me feel better. Depression much. So I say, third trimester really isn't easy.

05 August 2015
Dr Koh had given us the admission letter and explained the procedures to us. It was like what to expect when the time comes. Holy shit! It is REALLY getting nearer soon! To my surprised, my weight remained the same as per last visit. But #lilbabychang's weight increased to 2.6kg. She had increased 400grams in just 2 weeks! I'm really glad that all the food went to her instead. I was quite worried that she will be big. But Dr Koh says she is doing well and I do not need to control my diet.

17 August 2015
Daddy Chang and I placed a bet on how heavy #lilbabchang will be ever since the last visit to Dr Koh. Daddy Chang proudly said that she will be at least 2.8kg. But I insisted she will be at least 3kg. Guess what! She is 3.2kg at week 37! Wtf! I am really getting worried that she will be 3.5kg or even more by week 40. Dr Koh said that her head is very low now and it should be anytime from now onwards. Omg! Like ANYTIME?! We have to be mentally and physically prepared from now onwards...

Weight when discovered pregnant: 50kg 
Current weight at Week 37: 63kg

With love

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