Start of Third Trimester: Baby Diary 7

This post was meant to be released on Friday, 21 August 2015, but somehow or rather #lilbabychang had signaled us that she is coming out. So yeap, backdated post...

Finally, I'm at the last stage of the trimester (Week 29 - Week 40). I am pretty excited and nervous even though I am getting more bulky. But I hope I can cope well in Third Trimester after all the smooth and relaxing journey in Second trimester. At the start of the Third Trimester, I was doing all great except that I get tired easily which was normal. My appetite was good and I often get to eat whatever I am craving for. Hehehe. Thanks for people who love me. ♥ 

17 July 2015
It was Hari Raya Puasa - a public holiday. We woke up slightly early for our studio shoot with MamboStevie. It was really nice working with him again. Back to the studio where I had my Occasion's shoot at La Novella near Kaki Bukit Place. However, this time round it was for my own maternity photo shoot! And guess what, I had Cynthia from Cynderella as my make-up artist again! It is really great to meet her again after my wedding. I have received so much praises on my wedding day because of her. I have to emphasize that she is probably the best make-up artist in Singapore! Here are some of the sneak previews that Cynthia and Daddy Chang took on that day!

Special thanks to MamboStevie and  Cynthia from Cynderella for the hard work! It was really an enjoyable photo shooting session with them! I have just received the images from Stevie. Probably will share them out soon! Stay tuned!

19 July 2015
We had another maternity photo shoot today! This time round we were with Samuel from Pixioo Photography - Yeap, the same company that we had on our Actual day WeddingSamuel said it was like an anniversary shoot for us. Hahaha! He brought us to Selatar North Link. (A super wulu place in Punggol that we don't even know it exist!) We went super early like 7 in the morning?! I was so reluctant to wake up so early but Samuel assured me that it was going to be so worth it. Okay. I trust him. Hahaha! The weather was excellent even though I had sun burnt at the end of the shoot :( But we had lots of fun and had a great laugh at the "resting bitch face" moments. #insidejokes Anyway, thank you Samuel for the session. Here are some of the images that he had edited on that day. Can't wait for the rest!

20 July 2015
Daddy Chang went for his reservist for a week! While Daddy Chang is away, I'm staying at my mum's place for the time being. It was like back to his army days where I had to wait for his messages and calls. Wonder how could I ever survive during those days! Despite Daddy Chang's absence, he is very concern of #lilbabychang's behavior. But thank god, she is behaving great! Hahaha.

22 July 2015
It was our Durian Staff Party Day! Everyone was so excited over this day. Look at the number of durians that we got to eat! It was crazy!
I have no idea how many seeds I had. Definitely had more than 10 seeds. So yummlicious lah! Many said that durians are good for pregnancy. Well, it doesn't matter if I eat more right? In fact, I have been eating for the past few weeks. Guess #lilbabychang loves durian as much as I do too! AND...IT'S DURIAN SEASON! Yay!

It was also Dr Koh's Day. Even though Daddy Chang was away for reservist, he specially took time off for both of us ♥ Anyway, I am amazed by how much I ate. After I met Daddy Chang, I was complaining how bloated I was having had so many durians in the afternoon. Then I told him I did not want to have anything for dinner. So when he was queuing for his food, I texted him:

"Can I have a bowl of prawn noodles too?"

He was shocked but bought it anyway. In the end, I still managed to finish them. It was just 2 hours after i had the durians. HAHAHA! It was then I told Daddy Chang about the number of seeds that I have. He gave me a wtf look and said: "No more durian please. You need to control a bit." Mega sad.

Anyway, I was quite worried for the check up because Dr Koh will be doing the Group B Streptococcus test for me. THERE ARE SO MANY TESTS IN A PREGNANCY! Honestly I have no idea what to expect. I'm scared. But luckily it only took 5 minutes. Many said that it is similar to PAP smear test. I have not done that before so I can't compare. It was slightly uncomfortable but still bearable for me. The result is not immediate and if tested positive, I will have to be on medication. Hope everything will be fine. Dr Koh said that #lilbabychang is doing great and she is now 2.2kg! And Mummy had hit the heaviest weight of my life. I got a shocked when the weighing machine shot right up to 63kg. Wtf.

26 July 2015
Today is the stay-at-home day. Honestly I wanted to go out so badly. But the thought of walking really turned me off. In the end, it become a house chore day. I made banana pancake for the first time for Daddy Chang. It turned out to be quite successful though my scrambled eggs need to improve. Hahaha!
We watched two movies in the afternoon, American Sniper and Spy 2015. #lilbabychang was so excited the whole day. It made me so uncomfortable. I could really feel that she is sliding from left to right then sometimes she will give me a hard kick, Gosh! At night, we had a simple dinner. I made Mee Rebus which was Daddy Chang's favourite. Glad that it turned out to be super good :D

27 July 2015
As the number of days go by, I can really feel my energy level depleting. Dragging myself out of bed to work is really a chore. We met a friendly neighbour who had offered a ride for us to the bus stop from our premise but we were too paiseh to take up. Hahaha! I have no idea why I was experiencing pain the entire day. Pelvic pain is worst enough and now contraction plus tightening which they called it Braxton Hicks? I have no idea. Give mummy a break please!

30 July 2015
Mummy Chang is getting really blur at work! I have been addressing the wrong names in the email until Sharlene reminded me. From Steven to Stevie, Joy to Joyce. Wtf. When Daddy Chang helped me to massage my legs, he realised that they were a little swollen. Omg. I hope they will not get any worsen!

Weight when discovered pregnant: 50kg
Current weight at Week 34: 63kg

With love

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