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Hello there! It has been so long since I wrote reviews on skincare products. Recently I am honoured to be engaged by PasJel Singapore to try their products. Here is some background information:

PasJel is a skincare brand that was first established in Thailand in 2013 by “JaJaa” Panitwarocha, a music artiste from Sony Music Thailand. PasJel expanded into the region during August the same year due to its huge popularity, a testament to the products’ effectiveness. PasJel currently has 13 different products variants in its product range, catering to different needs such as whitening, anti-acne, anti-ageing, blemish removal etc.

Do note that PasJel Singapore is the Exclusive Authorized Distributor in Singapore. Do ensure that you purchase from them and their authorized retailers as there are imitation products in the market. All PasJel products are safe, free from steroid and harmful ingredients. Most importantly, PasJel is Singapore HSA compliant and GMP certified!

I really love their pastel colour packaging - very sweet and lovely. They look like tubs of ice cream with different kind of favours! Yummy! Each of them com in boxes with clear English instruction.
PasJel Cherry Tender Night Facial Cream
This is the first product that I have chosen after I have read so much about it. It is a highly effective skin smoothening and brightening cream formulated to treat acne, blackheads, whiteheads, melisma, freckles and other form of skin discoloration and scarring caused by acne. It contains Salicylic Acid, Allium Cepa Extract, Rice Callus Stem Extract and Tranexamic Acid that ensure total acne control in just 1 week!
Directions: Apply to the face at night (daily) before sleeping.
Feedback: I find that the texture of the cream is very light and non-oily. It is easily absorbed into my skin within seconds. The cherries smell of the cream is very appealing. After applying for one week, it indeed helped me to lighten my acne scars. For this reason, I will strongly recommend this PasJel Cherry Tender Night Facial Cream except that it comes in a very small tub. Hopefully they will launch a bigger tub.
PasJel Precious Skin Body Cream
What we (Pregnant Women) really concerned about are the stretch marks. I have no obvious stretch marks at the moment, I have been spamming a lot of cream for prevention. PasJel Precious Skin Body Cream not only alleviates stretch marks problems, it also helps in skin discoloration, scarring and wrinkles. It is formulated with Alpha Arbutin Collagen, Cucumber Seed Extract, Vitamin E, Olive Oil and Jojoba Oil that can effectively solve the problems. At the same time, it can help to imbue the skin with the necessary collagen to prevent and treat wrinkles and sagging. It is a complete 2-in-1 product!
Directions: Apply to the areas to be treated twice a day morning and night
Feedback: I super love this product. The texture of the cream is not oily at all. The smell of the cream is just like honeydew, very sweet-smelling. Honestly i love how light my skin feels after I have applied them, as it is not sticky and does not leave an oily after feel. My skin becomes instantly smoother and softer.

Pasjel Premiere Silver Pink Facial Mask 
PasJel Premiere Silver Pink Facial Mask revives, moisturizes, tightens and smoothens facial skin while reducing the appearance of wrinkles. PasJel claims that you will feel the effect 24 hours after initial use.
Directions: Spread a thin layer of cream onto the face. Wait for 30 minutes to an hour. Then peel it off. Use it twice a week.
Feedback: Trust me, you feel the tightening and refreshing of your skin right away after first use. I am actually quite amazed by it. I secretly hope that it comes in a bigger tube as well. Hahaha.

Pastel Fluffy Favour Multifunction Cream
Pastel Fluffy Favour Multifunction Cream is formulated with Bee Venom and Royal Jelly Extract to bring back the skin’s lost tone and elasticity with each use. Intensive ingredients ensure that the skin is moisturized, soft, supple and smooth while preventing wrinkles and fine lines and at the same time treat and prevent sun damage and skin ageing.
Directions: Use it daily as a skin moisturizer.
Feedback: I use it in the day while PasJel Cherry Tender Night Facial Cream in the night. The texture of the cream is different from the rest. It is neither creamy nor watery. It is just like jelly with a little bit of grainy and it melts when it is applied onto the skin. It is safe for sensitive skin because of all natural and gentle ingredients.

Honestly, the PasJel products that I have reviewed benefit our skin in different ways. So I can't really choose the best out of them. Yeap. I am greedy. I love all of them! Hahaha. If you are interested to try it out, PasJel Singapore is offering a limited time offer on selected products as part of their product launch in Singapore. Offers will last up to 30th September 2015. They will be giving a special coupon code of a 5% (for minimum $30 spent) and 10% (for minimum $50 spent) discount to all my readers. Use the coupon codes "KATTYTAN5" and "KATTYTAN10" to enjoy the discounts!

With love

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