Goodbye to Second Trimester: Baby Diary 5

Let's scroll back to MAY!

May was indeed a super busy month for us! We went through a series of events such as...

Our renovation has completed and we have moved into our new nest.
We went for our babymoon holiday to Phuket to celebrate Daddy Chang's birthday.
We attended my cousin, Wally's wedding.
We went to River Safari and Jumbo Seafood to celebrate my mum's birthday.
We had housewarming parties for almost every week but too bad no pictures were taken. But still thank you for those who have came and the presents/angbaos we have received
Yeap. It was indeed a busy yet fruitful month of us!

2 May 2015
We "activated" both of our families to help us to move our belongings to our new place. And mind you, we really have lots of things! Quite surprising uh! I was literally like the boss of the day as we (Both #lilbabychang and I) were not allowed to be involved in ANYTHING. So, we stayed in the van throughout the whole session. Listening to music and enjoying the aircon. Super shiok. HAHAHA. Sounds pretty bad but we really appreciate their help. THANK YOU SO MUCH!♥

We have officially moved in since then. Honestly, everyday seems like a staycation for us. Waking up in a new environment and everything are all brand new. You know, the feeling of owning a place is really fantastic. However, tidying part can be quite tedious. In fact, it took us several days to settle down. Daddy Chang is really our superman. Sometimes I feel quite useless when I need to do simple things like cleaning the top cabinet or even cutting of stuffs. I always have to go through him cause he didn't want me to touch scissors, tapes or anything that are sharp. But sometimes, I will do it sneakily without him knowing. Oops :P

06 May 2015
It was another visit to Dr Koh's clinic. I was feeling rather moody on that day. Hungry, uncomfortable, tired and anything you can named of. I headed to the clinic first as Daddy Chang had to leave his office late. And so, I got a strong craving for Mr Bean cheese pancake and decided to have one. Not sure how I handled the pancake, the whole pancake dropped on the floor! Literally feel like crying because I only had a bite of it. Argh! I was really frustrated at that moment. YES. Because of a pancake. Wtf. In the end, Daddy Chang rushed to meet me at the clinic. I kept complaining to him how clumsy I am. Probably he had a shock on how emotional I was at that time. HORMONES AGAIN! Anyway, #lilbabychang gave us a little surprise So glad that we were able to see half of her face through the 4D scan. Her arms covered half of her face. But still, Dr Koh's pleasant gift managed to save my disastrous day =]
You know, nothing beats when you know that she is doing well inside me. Thanks #lilbabychang for giving me strength and courage. And of course, the emotional roller coaster ride. *Roll eyes*

07 May - 09 May 2015
It was really a short trip to Phuket. Daddy Chang didn't want to have any trip longer than that because he was afraid that both of us (#lilbabychang and I) couldn't take pressure from the flight. You know, getting his approval for this trip was already a miracle. Hahaha! Luckily Dr Koh encouraged too! We need at least one babymoon trip lah! And also it was probably the last trip that we can enjoy without any worries. Oops! Sound really sad!
Jetting off to Phuket with my baby bump! :D Oh yah. For those who want to travel, it will be advisable if you can get a gynae approval letter. Singapore custom did not check mine but the Thailand's side did ask for it. 
Walking around with a baby bump in Phuket was weird. We have eyes all over from the locals. I have no idea why. They were all pretty nice to me even though my baby bump got "molested" along the way. You know, it was REALLY awkward when they rub your tummy and feel happy for you. I know they mean no harm. But the feeling was just awkward. Hahaha.

This trip was nothing adventurous but rather a relaxing one. (It supposed to be!) We headed to watch a movie - Avengers on our first day. In the end, I dozed off. Wtf. Like how can I fell asleep when it was such an action packed movie! And honestly, I almost slept throughout the movie. *Roll eyes* Throughout this trip, we slept a lot, ate a lot and chill a lot. We had Swensen's ice cream everyday because they were soooo cheap and the weather was killing us! Second trimester is the best because you can get to eat almost everything that you can't during your first trimester. 
Then we headed for a swim even though I do not know how to! But I heard that being in the water is very good for baby. Guess what, and this is the first time I do not have to suck in my tummy when I am wearing bikini. Hahahaha! I can literally show off my baby bump. Yay! And yes, no stretchmarks. But I secretly hope this will last till the end.
It was really upsetting that I did not get to eat ANY of the street foods including my favourite - banana pancake. (SIGH) Daddy Chang was very concerned about the hygiene. We even avoided tuktuk because of safety issue. It was really a careful trip.
Happy Birthday to Daddy Chang! 
His birthday cake courtesy of the hotel - MGallery B-Lay Tong Phuket. Thank you for being such a wonderful hubby and daddy-to-be! We wish you a smooth sailing ahead and a path full of joy! Nothing much from me except for the big present coming on your way in a few months time! :D Happy Birthday, Daddy Chang. You are the best thing that happened to me and #lilbabychang! 

16 May 2015
It was another day to celebrate. It was my cousin, Wally's wedding! It was really a pity that I couldn't be her bridesmaid because of my pregnancy. Worst of all, we have been planning so much since last year and she had been constantly reminding me NOT to get pregnant. Hahaha. Guess it was all fated. But it was really great to see her in her wedding gown, glowing with happiness. So happy for her. Her wedding ceremony really reminds me of mine too. It seems like I just got married yesterday!
Here are Mummy Chang and Daddy Chang with our OOTD shoot for the wedding dinner. This is when I am in week 24! I know I look super gigantic here with my babybump.
Something embarrass to mention about...I was being chased out from Shanghai Dolly. The rest of the cousins decided to continue to chill and they suggested Shanghai Dolly since we were very near to there. And so...I almost have an argument with the bouncer because he refused to let me in. Wtf. In fact, I was already in but I came out to discuss some matters with my cousins. Anyway, I am just being guai lan and insisted that I am not pregnant to another bouncer. I was like "I AM FAT NOT PREGNANT, IS THERE ANY PROBLEM!" My cousin was like "You think he blind?! Cannot differentiate fat and pregnant!" HAHAHAHA! Okay. I lost. I have to concern about my safety even though I am going to be a vase there. In the end, they headed to pub which was so bored to them. HAHA!

24 May 2015

Today is my mummy's birthday. We got up SUPER DUPER early to visit River Safari. It was a complimentary trip from my company. I couldn't believe I got up that early just to visit the two pandas. But it was all worth! Family Time = Quality Time! We were really lucky as we got to see both of them moving around actively! They are really cute. 
We had our tea break at the famous - Mama Panda Kitchen. And here is Fatty Aden with his panda bun which quite resembles him uh? Hahaha.
 At night, we had a celebration with our mummy at Jumbo Seafood! It was a sumptuous dinner! It was so yummy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR MOST LOVELY MUMMY!  ♥ Thank you for constantly giving to this family without any complains and always care or worry for us.
(I thought Aden looks quite cute here. Hehehe!)

It was a super backdated post but I will sure catch up one day~
Weight when discovered pregnant: 50kg
Current weight at Week 30: 59.5kg

With love

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