Her Detailed Scan: Baby Diary 4

We did her detailed scan in Thoman Diagnostic Ultrasound Centre at Novena Medical Centre. We were referred by Dr Koh and signed up for one of the packages. Opps. I can't really remember the exact name of the package. But it is a combination of OSCAR Scan as well as Detailed Scan which is also known as Fetal Anomaly Scan. And of course, both tests have to be done separately. Detailed Scan has to be done between 20-22 weeks. It is the best stage to assess the fetus brain, nose, lip, heart, spine, kidneys, liver, limbs to detect any structural abnormalities. And if you are lucky enough, you are able to find out your baby's gender! Even though, we found out ours way beforehand by Dr Koh during week 16. Hehehe! Many were surprised that Dr Koh was able to detect that early!

There we go, it is another worrying scan again. Pregnancy is really full of worries! First was the OSCAR test then followed by the Detailed Scan. Phew! The technology is getting so advanced that we are able to check everything before baby is born.

Sad to say that no photography and videography are allowed. So, yup. Nothing was taken. *Cries* The sonographer was a friendly lady. She was pretty fast and furious in scanning all the parts. She would usually tell us the body parts. Some were really clearly seen, some were really...We were like "Oh. This is liver. Ok. Liver. Oh. Arms ah? Okok. Her Arms." But in fact, we couldn't recognised at all. Hahaha!

I took more than an hour to complete the detailed scan. Pretty worth right? *Roll eyes* #lilbabychang was super mischievous. She suddenly turned her back on us which stopped the whole process. The sonographer could not scan anything at all. Then I was asked to take a rest. Daddy Chang and I went for a toilet break then back to the room again. AHHHH, this time we caught her at the right position. The sonographer quickily scanned her organs which were the most crucial part. When the sonographer was about to complete the last step - which was to scan her heart. HER ARMS BLOCKED IT!!! There she went again. No matter how I turned my body, she still remained at the same posture. #lilbabychang ah! #lilbabychang ah! Again, we were asked to have a tea break. A good excuse to have teabreak ah #lilbabychang! I kept talking to her to seek for her cooperation. WE REALLY SURRENDERED LAH! Back to the room after 20 minutes, AHHHH, her arms finally moved away. And tadah! Finally we have completed the scan.

We didn't expect to receive any scan pictures. So we were really happy that the sonography gave us this. It was so beautifully taken!

And we used this picture to announce the gender! So many people guess that it will be a baby boy. I have no idea why. Hahaha! I was telling Daddy Chang that we shall announced the gender after the detailed scan. You will never know, maybe baby might hide his kukubird or maybe his kukubird is too short? He was like "You don't scare me lah! I already prepared myself for a baby girl liao!" Hahahaha!
Showing off my babybump for the first time! I realised that I have not been actively taking picture. Hahaha! My bellybutton looks really awkward now. It is like another "nipple" popping up in the middle of my tummy. *Face Palm" Is there such thing as "Tummy Tape"? I wanna buy~
Weight when discovered pregnant: 50kg
Current weight: 58kg (Week 27)

With love

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