The First Kick: Baby Diary 3

I always read about fetus movement during pregnancy. And I am really excited for my little one to start her small kicks. Life is really amazing. I experienced her first movement during my week 16 (I'm not sure if this consider early.) I couldn't figure out if that was really her movement. But it was the first time I felt something moving. It was kinda of wavy with a bit of light tickle sensation. I knew it was her lah. I was so excited and I messaged Daddy Chang about it. He was having his OT at that time. Too bad, he wasn't there to experience her first movement. Daddy Chang mentioned you are a dancing queen. Like Mummy. (I added that myself!) HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Since then, I have been experiencing her kicks. Her movements are becoming more established now. I really hope that I have a ultrasound machine with me so that I can start to scan for her whenever she kicks me. Like how she punches me. Sometimes it was so painful that I will jerk. She must be a muscular baby, practicing her Thai boxing in the womb. Still, I feel so blessed each time I get to feel her.

There was once which I really wonder if she can understand us. One day, I could hardly feel her movement and I got so worried. (I am observing her movement every day now.) I talked to her to make sure that she was doing fine. Like "HELLO! How are you in the womb?! Can you kick mummy if you are doing fine." AND SHE KICKED! WOAH! I feel really amazed. Daddy Chang who was next to me wanted to try it too. So he said "Hello BABY! Can you also let Daddy know you are doing fine by giving me a kick too?" GUESS WHAT? SHE KICKED TOO! That moment we just felt so magical and amazing.


Throwback to the Daily Diary that I have missed out in the previous post! 

13 March 2015 - 15 weeks
I started to take in other supplements prescribed by Dr Koh. I missed taking folic acid pills because THEY WERE JUST SO TINY. Unlike...
Honestly, I am shocked when I saw those pills. The prenatal supplement was as huge as 2.5cm long! I almost fainted. WTF. How am I going to swallow them. By the way, in case you judge. I always have problem swallowing pills. Even Panadol, I will need to break them into half. The thought of #lilbabychang's health, I have to do it. I tried to pop in the first two pretty successfully. But when it came to the last pill, I just couldn't. It was a soft-gel capsule which I couldn't break them at all. In the end, that pill melt when I tried to swallow. Guess what, I puked it out in the toilet. That taste was just freaking awful. And one of my colleagues did something super duper brave and pretty disgusting when the toilet basin was choked with all my pukes. I shall not share it here but I guess you can roughly guess what she have done. Hahaha

So, Daddy Chang went to pharmacy to look for another supplement to replace the prenatal one. In the end he got New Obimin which was slightly smaller and most importantly, I can break them into half :D
So, #lilbabychang, you must understand what mummy had suffered for you. We will do everything we can and give you the best. 

18 - 19 March 2015 - Week 16
I fell sick. I was down with flu and fever. Each time I fell sick, I felt very guilty towards #lilbabychang. Even though I went to see doctor and was given medicines which were safe for pregnancy. I still went online to do more research on each medication. Super kiasu. I am really afraid that these medicines will lead to complication and so I stopped to let it heal on its own. Thank god, the recovery was pretty fast. I hope you are doing good inside, #lilbabychang 

20 - 22 March 2015 - Week 16
Daddy Chang had been having OT for the past few weeks because of his office relocation. He even had his weekends burnt. Poor boy. But he still tried to read #lilbabychang bedtime short stories. I have it recorded actually. But he will probably kill me if I reveal here. Hahahaha.
I think Mummy is getting paranoid when Daddy Chang starts to read stories really close to my tummy. I was actually afraid that it will be too loud for her and she might get a shock. It is really silly of me to think that way because sounds are filtered out by the uterine wall and amniotic fluid.

24 March 2015 - Week 17
The last puke I had - I hope. It was the most exaggerating thing ever because I almost fainted and puked in my boss's office. That was not even morning sickness. But because I stood for very long with my another colleague while waiting for him to end his phone call. Argh! It was exactly how I feel when I do not have any seats during train ride.


Not sure if you have heard of this, but my colleagues have been taking sanitary pad from me because it was a belief that getting a sanitary pad from a pregnant woman will increase their chance of getting pregnant. That was how two of my colleagues had their first child. Do you believe or have you heard of it before? Well, no harm trying it! Bless those who have received my magical sanitary pad. HUAT AH!

Weight when discovered pregnant: 50kg
Current weight: 56Kg (Week 25)

With love

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