Our Home: HDB Key Collection

A major throwback to 2014.

We thought we will expect the key collection to be in June 2014. Somehow or rather, our project was delayed days after days and even months after months! Finally it was our turn for key collection on December 2014. It was the best gift before our honeymoon.

Just like other first-timer couples, there are a lot of things regarding key collection that we are really noob. So here are the tips that I would like to share. Hope it will be useful for those who are collecting their keys soon!

Things to bring
1. Identification Cards for both parties.
2. Marriage Certificate if you are buying a flat under the Fiance/Fiancee Scheme and also if you applied for the Additional CPF Housing Grant (AHG).
3. Home Insurance.
4. Latest CPF Statement/Payslips/Company letter.
5. Completed GIRO form given in the letter of appointment document.
6. Lastly, do remember to bring all the original copy of the required documents.

1. Arrive at least 30 minutes to an hour earlier to get a queue at Level 2 ETIQA Counter to settle your Fire Insurance. Fire Insurance is about $4.50 (Cash or NETS only). For us, we upgraded the premium Home Insurance which is about $79 per year. There is a promotion going on at the time. (Pay 4 years for 5 years coverage!)

2. Proceed back to Level 1 to scan the letter for key collection queue ticket.

3. There will be a lot of documents for you to sign. So please, practice your signature first. HAHAHA. You will need all the original required documents to be ready. Stay calm and do not panic as the friendly officer will be there to guide you along.

4. Once the documents are signed, the officer will ask you to proceed to Level 3 to pay for the conservancy fee. It will cost about $35.80 (Cash or NETS only). After that, you will return to him/her to collect your keys together with all the relevant documents.

5. You may want to proceed to SP services to turn the utilities on. But if your renovation will not start anytime, you may choose to postpone it first. For us, we skipped this step.


That's all folks! I hope you will have a clearer picture of what will be going on during key collection. Lastly, CONGRATULATION! I can feel the happiness and joy in you. After all, we have been waiting for years, aren't it! Perhaps I will do up the checking of defects. We all have defects in our units for sure! I have wrote a blog post on balloting flat a few years back, you may want to read it here. Congrats and all the best!

With love

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