Night of #gavinkatty1209

Here is the Night of #gavinkatty1209. Looking back at these pictures really give me goosebumps. How I wish we could turn back the time. It was really the BEST NIGHT OF OUR LIVES. (By the way, this is going to be another long detailed post. Please bear with it :P)

After we ended our morning ceremony, we rushed down to Grand Park City Hall to prepare for the night. Did I mention that the driver of our wedding car is actually my dad's friend? I did not even recognise him at all. But he said that he knew me when I was a little girl. He shared some of my dad's stuff with me too. I thought it was so coincidence lah. It made me think of my dad and how I wish he could be there to witness this important day.

My make-up artist, Cynthia Oh from Cynderella came in the afternoon at 2pm to make up for my sister, mum and niece. VERY EARLY but she was fine with it. Cynthia is really a make-up artist goddess. It was like a marathon cause her schedule was like 2pm-3pm, 3pm-4pm, 4pm-5pm and 5pm-630pm. Totally wow! Her passion for make-up is really thumb up.

These were what her magical hands did for them. ❤ They loved it!

Our brothers (Gerald and FS) and sisters (Yenyee and Yingying) checked in together with us because it was troublesome for them to travel back and fro. The rest have gone back. Like I mentioned, we really have the best brothers and sisters who never hesitate to offer their help. Due to my negligence, I even forgotten to bring my facial products, hair wash and even spectacles. DAMN BLUR LAH! In the end, Yenyee and Yingying helped me to get them from the nearby Watsons. I brought all the stuffs but I missed out my personal things. HAHA! We did not take a nap during the break in between. I was still busy eating and chatting with them while Mr Chang was too tensed to take a nap. His mind was all about the rehearsal and organizing. He will be playing an important role because he has to lead the teams. Aiya. Without me around, he is ALWAYS so lost. =P

The worst thing that happened to me on that day was that I have lost my voice! My voice was so rough in the morning then slowly became voice of ah-gua (transvestite) in the afternoon till totally lost my voice in the evening. WTF. Out of 365 days, I lost my voice on my wedding day. Really wtf. I was telling Mr Chang that he was marrying a transvestite. LOLOLOLOL!

I started my make-up at about 5pm where the rest of the brothers and sisters have arrived to do the final rehearsal and preparation. I wasn't able to join the final rehearsal at all. I was quite anxious lah. Like How to march in? How's the procedure going to be like? Where am I going to stand during the dance?
Couple hangers from The Hanger Artist!
My make-up and hairstyle for that night were arranged by Cynthia. You know, I hate to make decision. So I jolly well leave everything to Cynthia to decide for me. I trust her taste. When I was doing my make-up, something cropped up during the preparation. But the rest hid it away from me. Hahahaha! I only managed to know the issue when they have solved. They were damn sweet, they did not want me to get affected during my make-up. Poor Gerald was running up and down looking for stuffs and when I wanted to help him, he was like "Nononono. You just sit there do your make-up. I will find them myself." Oh man! I literally feel like a queen lah! Hahahahahaha!

Regarding the issue that I have mentioned. There was a function before my wedding but my wedding coordinator promised to hand over the hall by a certain timing. However, it was delayed and my team were panicked as they have yet to do the final dance practice and sound system testing. Despite speaking to the banquet-in-charge as well as the function's person-in-charge, they STILL CONTINUED WITH THEIR MEETING even though it was almost 6pm I think? Damn bastard. Then my main leader - Liang quan chiong-ed in to speak to the emcee who was still talking! Seriously, I clap for him! Hahaha! In the end, they ended reluctantly and left but our schedule was delayed.

It was a mad rush for them but everything went pretty smoothly. REALLY THANK THEM SO MUCH! Everyone was saying that Mr Chang was so stressed up during the preparation. But I have to say he really did a good job :D After that, Im-perfection team had arrived to do the set up, White Ribbon Live Music and the emcee, Sugie Phua have arrived to do their sound system testing as well. Everything seemed to be in place. Phew!
I caught a glimpse into the ballroom when I was greeting the guests at the reception area. I fell in love with the L.O.V.E Marquee Lights on the stage - one of the props provided by Im-perfection. It was soooooo beautifully set up. Actually, it was a last minute decision to place them on the stage due to space constraint. We were glad that it turned out so well!
Here were the rest of the decorations/props at the reception and album area provided by Im-perfection too. Anyway, You should really check them out as their packages are really really really affordable! Their props are getting more and more creative and trendy!
We requested for more tables to place the albums. We have a total of 3. One is the actual pre-wedding photo taken by La Belle Couture, one is from Korea photoshoot by Jeongyi photography and another one school theme by Mambostevie Mo-works!
Our Love Story. This was DIY-ed by me! The frame can be easily purchase at IKEA. The rest I did it with Adobe Illustrator :)
One of the most popular - Road Sign created by Im-perfection. It was placed right outside the lift. A reminder for our guests to hashtag #gavinkatty1209 when they were instagram-ing. Hehehehe!
As we took up two packages from Im-perfection - Deluxe Package and Standard Package. We had this lovely UK Post Box (life size). It served as an angbao box as well. But we already had the Singpost Box. In the end, we decided to use this as our guest sign-in whereby our guests wrote their wishing in the postcards that I have designed and "posted" it in this UK Post Box which was located next to the reception table. It was really a good idea - buay paiseh. We really enjoyed reading ALL of them. Really appreciated. The most wishes we received was "早生贵子" - Okay guys. You had your wishes come true. HAHAHA! And the most advices we received was "The wife is always right" - This was the best one man. HAHAHAHA!
Dessert Bar which was one of the throw-in by Grand Park City Hall. Heard that the desserts were very yummy and were cleared before the dinner. We never regretted taking this Dessert Bar as one of the perks. Yay!
My reception started at 7pm. I wanted to mingle with the guests since we have photo booth. So in the end, I wore my morning gown provided from Blessed Brides. I literally feel like a mascot whereby I only have 30 minutes to mingle with my guests. My sisters - Yenyee and Yingying who were my nanny of the night, followed me and made sure that I have enough time to go back to change my gown. They were so anxious even when I delayed for just 5 minutes. Hahahaha. But really thanks to them. They made me feel like a superstar for once. HAHAHA!

Beehoon Productions was my photo booth vendors. I am glad that our guests enjoyed their service and able to bring back photo as a souvenirs. For those who are interested in engaging them, do remember to quote "Katty" to receive additional 30 minutes of instant print! ;)
Even though our banquet was on Friday, we were pretty surprised that most of our guests have already reached during the cocktail ceremony. Our Emcee - Sugie Phua from White Ribbon Live Music started the ceremony in a fun and light hearted way. Initially, we wanted to engage Sparkle Live Music and were confirming Sugie Phua and Tay Kexin as our singers/emcee. However, Kexin couldn't make it on our wedding day. It was one of the brides whom introduced White Ribbon Live Music to us. I'm sorry that I did not have any pictures of our Live Band - Ruth Wei Mei Ru and the keyboardist - Matthew Siew. We did not even have the time to interact with them either. Such a waste. But they really did a good job. We enjoyed their singing while we were going around for our photo-taking! Hehehe.
We were super duper nervous while we were waiting outside for our first march-in. We totally have no idea when we should enter! Thanks for the hotel coordinator (I forgot his name!), he calmed us down and assured that we will be lead. Like I said, we did not have any rehearsal at all. So we were quite lost! Our pre-wedding video was being played before our first march-in. We waited for almost 10 minutes. Both of us were like "Why our prewedding video so long uh!!" You know the anxious feeling when you are anticipating for something to happen. LOLOLOLOL!

Sugie welcomed us and our first march-in song - Endless Love by Lionel Richie was being played/sang. We wanted to sing as we marched-in. But we figured that we have too much "performance". Luckily we didn't cause I lost my voice, remember? The moment I heard the music being played by Matthew Siew. Honestly, I almost teared. I told Mr Chang that "Omg! That song is here! I am tearing already!" Cynthia who was beside us, keep asking me to stay pretty and smile. HAHAHA! Totally a crybaby. But it was a perfect performance by Sugie and Ruth. I think we will remember that scene for life. :') It was really a touching moment.
And our cutting cake ceremony.
I think we were the longest couple on stage for cake cutting ceremony?! Seriously! Mr Chang is such a joke! He thought that the cake was real! OMGGG! He forced to cut the cake until he realised he couldn't. He murmured to me "Why cannot cut uh?" My brother who was sitting right in front of us was saying "Fake one leh!" Shit! We hope no one heard us! Damn paiseh!
And the banquet began~

We used "I got a feeling" for the food presentation rather than those normal sound tracks provided by the hotel. Sampson was the sound system controller. Can feel that he was very stressed as it was his first time holding the sound control of the banquet! Even though there were some minor problems, it was recovered quickly! Hahaha. Really appreciate his help!

We did not even have the time for our second dish and proceed for my second outfit/look of the night. Cynthia stayed for my second march in or rather she stayed throughout the whole banquet. She wanted me to look the best in all my wedding gowns. Love her so much! ♥♥♥

My second gown was from La Belle Couture. It was a two-piece nude and baby blue gown garment which had a removable floating tulle skirt on top of a shorter tube dress. In fact, I was having problem finding the right gown due to the dance. Luckily, Lucas from Le Belle Couture designed this gown and launched it weeks before our wedding. I straight away confirmed this. It was a perfect gown for me! 

We were actually rehearsing the steps right outside the ballroom. Sound like we were having some major competition. But we were quite freaked out lah! We even drank to keep ourselves calm. It took us less than 3 months but only around 15 practices? As everyone was busy with their work, it was really hard to us to gather together. Specially thanks our choreographer, Angie who spent time with us teaching all the dance steps. The worst is that all of us do not have any dance background. But I think we did it pretty well? HAHAHA! KUDOS TO ALL OF THEM!  WE HAVE ROCKED THE BALLROOM. Hahaha 
We have a mix songs featuring from English to Chinese then to Korean and even Hokkien. Since Grand Park City Hall have two doors for match in. This concept just came in our mind. It started with the guys entering into the hall first to dance followed by the girls.
There was a lack of communication with the staffs. They actually opened the doors for us when the music started. It supposed to start off with the guys first!! In the end, we were holding the door tightly forcing against them! "Don't open! Waittttt" HAHAHAHA!
Everyone was saying that Mr Chang was so enthusiastic during the performance. He was damn high lah! He was like the best dancer among us? *SHOCKED* Hahaha. I had a tough time fitting into the tulle skirt when we were out to prepare for the second march-in. Cynthia and Shaoling were there to help me with it. Cynthia was changing my hairstyle and putting on necklace, Shaoling was desperately trying to get my feet into the skirt. And to our horror, we left the pong pong in the room. HAHAHAHA! It wasn't easy to change into another style within seconds but we have made it. AND WE BOUGHT TOO MUCH POPPERS! OMG. Hahahaha!
The only mistake which we thought was that we should ask Sugie NOT TO invite the guests to stand and welcome us. Because some guests commented that they couldn't get to see us dance from their tables. But well...Here is the video taken by my sister if you have missed it.
There was a 1-2 seconds pause when we were marching in. Our heart almost sank! But it was quickly resolved by Sampson. HAHAHA! He was damn stress lah!

Next was the champagne ceremony...
And the yumseh battle began...
Here was the stress part for Mr Chang. I remembered him telling me that he was not afraid of the march-in(s), not afraid for the dance but the thank you speech!!!

He was supposed to be the one to draft out the Thank you speech. Then one fine day, he showed me the draft that he did and I got a huge shocked of my life. It was obviously a template that he copied from somewhere. HAHAHAHA! Too formal and they were all in English! I was like "You sure you gonna to read this out?!" The worst thing is "Do you think our parents will understand us even if you thank them?" In the end, we re-wrote the thank you speech together. We wrote it in Singlish with a mixture of Chinese and Hokkien. I remembered we sat down together just 2-3 days before our wedding day. Mr Chang said that he couldn't read it because it was just to awkward to thank our parents and I felt him. HAHAHA!

In the end, I have no idea WHY and HOW. The song "机智歌王" from 张帝 just came into my mind. Mr Chang always say my mind is always full of rubbish ideas. HAHAHA! So I ask him if he wanted to sing. The first thing he said was "YOU SIAO AH! I CAN'T EVEN REMEMBER THE THANK YOU SPEECH, AND YOU WANT ME TO SING" That was when I hummed out the song with what we wanted to say. HE WAS AMAZED! He was damn ON and said he will do it. I'm shocked that he is so ON as well. But I guess reciting lyrics is always easier. HAHAHAHA! That's how it came about. We were laughing damn hard when we were drafting the lyric. And it was completed within 15 minutes! Genius right!
Before the 机智歌王 Thank You Speech, he decided to have a short speech to thank everyone in English cause ultimately the 机智歌王 was meant for our parents.

Specially thank to White Ribbon Live Music, Matthew Siew. We forgotten to inform him about this program! He had no idea what was the song at all. Thank god, he managed to get the tunes immediately. Thumb up!
We were glad that everyone enjoyed this session. LOL. After that we proceed to watch our Morning Highlights, we purposely arranged in this way so that we can get to watch the Morning Highlights together with our guests. Of course, we didn't get to watch it earlier on.
And here is the Morning Highlights. I swear that we watched this morning highlights at least 50 times now and it still gave us butterflies feeling. HOW CAN THIS VIDEO BE SO PERFECT! LOL! Power lah BeyondPictures!
Next was the table-to-table photo taking and mingling with our guests. I changed to my third evening gown from La Belle Couture. I fell in love with this gown the moment I saw it. Super love the gradient color and the accessories at the back of the gown.
It was really crazy when the drinking battle started. In fact, it had already started when we were doing our photo taking. Our friends/relatives kept forcing us to drink! It got more serious when we were at my relative's side. Our brothers decided to help us to settle the drinks. My cousins were really crazy. They mixed red wine with liquor and beer, I guess. But our brothers really too ON. They helped us to "TA" all of them.
There you go! The battle between our brothers and my cousins! One of the brothers told me that they actually finished one bottle of Martell within 20 minutes! 20 freaking minutes!! They surrendered to my relatives and cousins! After the event, they said "Wah, Katty! Your cousins they all siao one! We cannot handle them! Even your uncle could just drink from the bottle! Wtf" HAHAHAHA! EXCUSE ME! THAT'S WHY I CAN HOLD MY LIQUOR RIGHT! - And they finally know why! HAHAHAHA!
The battles were going on even when we were out to thank and bid goodbye to our guests. They were just too extreme. LOL!
Even though the banquet has ended, our guests stayed on to drink. I was shocked when Fan Sheng (The one who in charge of the liquor) told me that they have finished another bottle. He was worried for the brothers and he lied to them that there was no more bottles left. HAHAHA! Most of the brothers were almost drunk. In the end, my cousins did not have enough but my brothers were all half dead! Truly appreciate that they helped us to "TA". Some actually stayed at our suite because they were too drunk! Hahaha. I shouldn't mention who lah. But they are really steady!

Finally, the last part: Thank you everyone who have attended our wedding and made this possible for us. The turn-up rate was beyond our expectation, especially on a Friday Night. Thanks for rushing down from work. Thanks for all the brothers and sisters who accommodated us and took leave. Thanks for the dancing team who spent their weekends and after work with us to practice. We have so much to thank for! Thank you for giving us such a memorable wedding. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

And here is the featured video of that day!
And also thanks to all my paid and sponsored vendors. You guys are the best vendors that we have ever met. Really THANK YOU so much!

Wedding Nails - Absolutely Nails
Photo Booth Service - Bee Hoon Productions

Cinematography (Videographer) - Beyond Pictures
Morning Wedding Gown - Blessed Brides
Make Up Artist - Cynderella by Cynthia Oh
Bridal Shop - La Belle Couture Weddings
Mothers Gown/Niece Gown - Occasion
Photography - Pixioo Photography
Hair Salon - Salon De Choix
Wedding Shoes - Sinderella
Aesthetic Service - The Aesthetic Studio
Wedding Hangers - The Hanger Artist
Bouquet - Wonderfulove
Props - IM Perfection

With love

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