Revealing the Gender: Baby Diary 2

We revealed our pregnancy on the same day when #lilbabychang had passed her first examination - THE OSCAR TEST! YAY! We were thankful for ALL the wishes/advices we have received. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! ❤  We feel all your love! Sorry friends if I ever denied that I am pregnant because Mr Chang is really pantang about revealing before 3 months. But I know you will understand. HEHE!

For those negative comments like worrying our financial status (WTF) which I HAVE NO IDEA WHY! Thanks for the concern! WE ARE DOING VERY WELL! Your comments made us feel as though we are still too young to handle it. I know we might look young (:D) but HELLO! We are working adults and married. We are not 未成年人(underage) okay! *ROLL EYES* Anyway, I have enabled the function - "Only user with Google Account" is able to comment. Because It is plain ridiculous when people start to comment "WHY ARE YOU COMMENTING ON YOUR OWN COMMENT?!" Wtf! And definitely NOT because I'm guilty of it! It just annoyed me so much. Please lah, don't make a pregnant woman upset can. If you are unhappy/jealous/a hater because of I have wrote, THEN DON'T READ LOR! PS: ***Pregnant Hormones will kill you!***


Back to happy thoughts, I am now into my second trimester, like finally. People say that second trimester is the best period throughout the whole pregnancy and I super agree! I love the way that I am getting more energetic than before and not crashing out as early as 10pm. Not forgetting, say goodbye to Morning Sickness (MS). Even though I should consider myself lucky that my MS is not so severe from the start. BUT I still experience fainting and wobbly legs if I stand too long during train rides or anywhere! The most exaggerating experience was almost fainted in my boss's office because I stood for too long! (Alright. People will ask why didn't I sit down. Well, because the conversation goes on and on if I did. Hahaha!) As for my baby bump, it is finally getting more obvious! And I have been "recognised" as pregnant during train rides, specially after I started to put on maternity wear. *Wink*

12 March 2015 - 15 weeks
It was the OSCAR result day. Most people say if I did not receive any calls after the test, it means good news. Because no news = good news. I didn't receive but I still prayed hard for a good result. My mind was all about the report that I actually forgotten about the 3 tubes of blood that I need to withdraw. What's more worrying than the result right?

When I reached Dr Koh's clinic, I was asked to proceed to the room to wait for blood to be drawn. Daddy Chang was forbidden to enter thus he waited for me downstair. I was handed my medical card as well as the OSCAR report card. Damn! I was so anxious that I have the urge to read the report. So I did. I took out the report card - not knowing if I am supposed to. I just did. The report was full of chim words and figures. I realised I DID NOT KNOW HOW TO READ THE REPORT AT ALL! Wtf! I saw the risk figure was very pretty high. My heart sank. I thought I read before that higher risk figure  means higher percentage. =.= My mind was blacked out. Even withdrawing blood wasn't that fearful to me anymore. When I met Daddy Chang, I told him "I don't feel good after seeing the report. I think the report was bad." He looked scared but assured me that everything is going to be okay. We went to have breakfast while waiting for our turn to see Dr Koh. I still freaking down that I couldn't finish my breakfast. My mind was all about "High Risk. High Risk." wtf!

When it was my turn for consultation, I was asked to go to the room first while waiting for Dr Koh's arrival. Mr Chang was forbidded to enter with me AGAIN. This seriously scared me to death! WHY DO I HAVE TO ENTER ALONE?! Is there anything they want to tell him and I cannot be around! Seriously, I was damn paranoid! I waited for about 15 minutes in the room. I asked the nurse why Mr Chang had to wait outside. She replied "I have no idea. My senior ordered me to do so." WTF. In the end, it was nothing major at all. *Roll eyes* When Dr Koh came in happily and greeted us with his lame jokes as usual. He took a look at my OSCAR report and said "GOOD! Everything is fine!"

Really 自己吓自己 lor! We were so relieved. Daddy Chang immediately bombarded Dr Koh with a lot of questions about pregnancy. I could sense that he was really excited and happy that everything turned out to be fine. Dr Koh even managed to scan #lilbabychang's gender and he said that the gender was 90% confirmed! Guess how he revealed?

Dr Koh: "Okay. I can 90% confirm already."
Me: "90% confirm what?"
Dr Koh: "You all see the screen I can 90% confirm that baby is a...M. You know M for what?"
Me: "M for Male?!"

I looked at Daddy Chang to see if he is disappointed when Dr Koh mentioned about M. Well, I think... I feel...He did look slightly disappointed from my view. Hahaha. But at the same time, I am really excited to know if the baby is a boy. So, either one will get disappointed lah.

Dr Koh: "4 letters. Start with M."
Me: "Male?"
Dr Koh laughed "M stands for Miss. Miss World!"
Mr Chang: "REALLY!!!" 

Then I vaguely remembered the way he announced the gender was exactly the same as how he revealed my sister-in-law's. DR KOH, you need to change pattern already lah!!

Daddy Chang was over the moon that day. It was like a double bonus for him. OSCAR test was good and baby is a girl! It was like a dream come true for him. However, I'm sure that he will start to worry when I begin my shopping. THERE ARE TOO MANY CUTE STUFFS TO BUY FOR BABY GIRL! :D Name of the baby? To be reveal in a later date :D

How amazing it is that we love you so much even though we haven't met you before 

Weight when discovered pregnant: 50kg
Current weight: 55Kg (Week 21)

With love

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