Expect the unexpected: Baby Diary 1

Tadah! Yes. I'm serious. I'm pregnant and we are expecting a SG50 baby!

We have finally ended our first trimester and were ready to announce this. So, a warning to you as this is going to be the most lengthy post ever! Apologise if we bored you. Hahaha. Ok. First of all, we were really surprised as we did not see it coming. I mean both of us love kids and having one is always part of our plans. But we never thought that it will be so fast! (:

How did we find out?
Before you jumped into conclusion that it was made in Europe. Let me clarify, it wasn't. BUT! It was discovered in Europe. Heheheh! We never thought that we actually 'smuggled' #lilbabychang to Europe. Two tickets for 3! Definitely worth it! There wasn't any obvious pregnancy symptom initially except that my period was delayed. It is almost accurate every month and still considered normal for me even if the period got delayed a few days. In fact, I secretly hope that my period would delay because it was so troublesome to have that come during the vacation. Moreover it was winter season and finding toilets in Europe was so difficult! And to think that I actually bought a dozen of sanitary pads along.
At the beginning, I was relieved when there were brownish discharged (Too much info? Lol). I thought my period finally came after 13 days! But then again, there was no sight of "red" at all!


I began to feel weary and nauseous. Specially when we were having breakfast. I totally lost my appetite which I even thought it was normal because we were sooooo sick of their breakfast. The thought of having bacon, sausage, egg and croissant for breakfast every single day really killed us; even until now! With all the weird symptoms, my sixth sense told us that I am really pregnant and we were mentally prepared for the very first time. Mr Chang was really sweet, he offered to carry all the luggages by himself. Can you imagine he carried one heavy backpacker bag plus pushing two 28" luggages. I think they were at least 50kg! I feel really bad that I couldn't even help him. He is really my superman 

When we reached Rome - the last stop of our honeymoon, we decided to get it tested (No point having all the guessing and worries). 
We bought the Clear Blue Pregnancy Kit. It cost only SGD$12; I thought it was quite cheap. But anyway, guess what, there weren't any English Instructions given. THEY WERE ALL IN ITALIAN! In the end, we have to Google Translate every single sentence to understand how it works. I know right, usually pregnancy kit works the same. But we have to make sure that it was not an ovulation kit and blah blah blah!

The anxious moment
We were pretty much nervous at that point (obviously!). After I have tested, I literally covered the result with both of my hands and both of us were like


Needless to say, the result was...
It wasn't written as a + or positive. But in Italian - Incinta which means pregnant. (Yes, we had to google translate it again. *roll eyes*) The moment we saw "Pregnant", we stunned for a while then started to congratulate each other for being a parent-to-be. (This sound really crazy!) Both of us were having mixed feelings as this came beyond our expectation.

The first person that I messaged was my sister. It was almost midnight in Singapore. I guess this piece of news really shocked her. She said that our planning was a major failure which we agreed. HAHAHA! Because my sister-in-law had just gave birth to a baby girl. Meaning, we will have two newborn babies in this house soon. My mum is going to be like octopus! HAHAHA!
Well. I wouldn't say that the baby came at the wrong time. We just let nature take its course. We had just collected our keys and it is currently in the midst of renovation. Mr Chang intended to further his studies this year which I guess that has to be postponed. Being pregnant at this point of time will definitely inconvenient us and increase our expenses as well. To me, having the first child at 26 is considered late as I always wanted it at 23. Like 10 years ago? HAHAHAHA! And I even thought of having 6 kids! I guess it is way impossible now. HAHAHA. Whatever it is, I'm happy that #lilbabychang wants to join us so soon. He/She will be having his/her room. Come to think of it our 二人世界 will end soon but I'm sure that our new flat will be super lively with a baby around! Hehehehe!

Anyway, our journey from Rome to Singapore was really a tough one. I got indigestion because of the vegetarian meal that we were given because THERE WAS NO MORE CHICKEN! I was damn upset and I couldn't even finish the meal at all! (I usually love plane meal.) I still remembered I was awaken by the nauseousness and quickly woke Mr Chang up to get the paper bag for me. In the end I threw out EVERYTHING! I swore I almost died. The feeling was something that I will NEVER want to experience again. Sucks! Worst of all, British Airway crews were so unfriendly and inconsiderate towards us. Not showing any empathy when we seek for assistance. Literally having the mindset of "leave us to die". Damn disappointed!

Back to Singapore, we decided to get another local test kit (You know, just in case Italy test kit doesn't work for Singaporean. HAHA!) We got it from 7-11 which we didn't know they actually sell it. For god sake, it was $11.50 for those normal one. But whatever, the result was...
Positive. Ok. It seems pretty much CONFIRMED now. To think that I only found out about my pregnancy when I was week 6! Hahaha. Damn slow. After I have confirmed my pregnancy, there are SOOOO MUCH to look out for, especially during the first trimester:

1. Have to be extra careful; so no more heels now.
2. Avoid cold drinks; Mr Chang is particularly strict to me. Sigh. But I will try to cut down.
3. Say Goodbye to Coffee and Tea: I am not a caffeine person but KOI Milk Tea and Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino are my ultimate favourites! I will come back to you again, I promise :(
4. Avoid cold or "liang, 凉" food; I am saying goodbye to Watermelon, Oranges and etc.
5. Avoid standing for too long and rest as much as I can; I used to be a night owl. But now all I want to do is to sleep. And I can sleep for more than 10 hours yet still feeling tired. My routine for weekends has become eat and sleep! Hahaha!
6. Avoid carrying heavy stuffs; I feel really uneasy when I have to get people to help me when usually I can do it on my own. For example: Mr Chang insists to carry my bag most of the time. Like omg, is just a bag, please!
7. No handling of scissors/renovation stuffs; Due to pantang (old wives tales)

and many more! 

However, I am considered as fortunate as compared to my sister who had morning sickness every day till her second trimester. My morning sickness isn't that bad; perhaps just once or twice a week? And my appetite is superb good; I get hungry easily, like really easily. I need to be fed every 3-4 hours or worst every 2-3 hours! But my weight remained the same for now. I have weird cravings too. There was once when I craved for Prawn Noodles soooo badly! But Mr Chang was unable to find any Prawn Noodles, in the end he got me Fishball noodles instead. Usually I am not really fussy about food. But that time, I only managed to eat a few spoonfuls of noodles and I stopped. I felt so bad for wasting the food. Currently, I love chili so much! Especially Chili Padi. I can't eat without having chili, even when eating porridge. Gosh. Having to say that, I used to love EGGS a lot! Like all kind of eggs. Soft boiled eggs, hard boiled eggs, steamed eggs, scrambled eggs, sunny eggs and etc, now the thought of it will actually make me feel nauseous! I only can take fried eggs now. Sigh. WHAT HAPPENED TO US, EGGS! WE USED TO BE BFF! There are so many horrible hormones changes in me that I feel so abnormal. The pimples are popping, my face is so hideous! Sian. Luckily, I did not suffer from any serious mood swings. CHOY! But there were only two "serious" times whereby I broke down for stupid reasons. One was because of the renovation where the 3D did not turn up to what I expect. Like wtf. Then the other time I felt so bored that I broke down even though Mr Chang wanted to bring me out. I couldn't make decision whether I should stay at home or go out for a walk. Wtf right! I am glad that I have a super patience husband that tahan all these shits. Hahahaha!

Anyway, he prefer to have a baby girl and has already been treating the little one inside me as a baby girl. Seriously! But I do prefer baby boy leh. Whatever it is, health is the most important. The funniest thing is that he actually named the baby girl way before we were married! LIKE CONFIRM BABY GIRL MEH?!?! Now, he will talk to #lilbabychang almost every day. Calling the baby the name that he had named. I can't imagine if I am expecting a baby boy. He will be so disappointed. HAHAHA!

13 January 2015 - Week 7
That morning when we were taking train to work with Daddy Chang (Ok. He needs to change name now! Haha!) We did not have any seats and my baby bump was not obvious enough.

Dear Sengkang-ians, because of you, most of our seats are all taken up whenever we board the train in Punggol! Save some seats for us, please!

I felt awful throughout the train ride. I felt VERY COLD and having cold sweat at the same time. In the end, I couldn't wait till the next stop and alighted at Farrer Park immediately with Daddy Chang. It was a relieved that Daddy Chang had a plastic bag with him. Once again, I lost control and vomited gastric juice. It was so horrible. But I guess it was the so-called as Morning Sickness?

19 January 2015 - Week 8
I visited my gynae and we were so excited to see #lilbabychang. At the same time, I am nervous as I have no idea what to expect. Daddy Chang was there with me. I did not do any research on gynae. My sister introduced me her gynae to me - Dr Koh C H, located at Toa Payoh Central. He was the one who delivered my sister's, my sis-in-law's and even my cousin's. Highly recommended by them as his charges are reasonable and best of all, he is humorous; too serious will be kinda awkward right?

It was a long wait. But it was okay as we were prepared; my sister had warned me about it. Dr Koh is just too famous lah. I was pretty puzzled as the nurse did not ask me to go for urine test. I thought it was a MUST to determine if I am really pregnant. LOLOLOL. Silly me. Dr Koh greeted us with his warm jokes, congratulates us for contributing to this society, especially this year is SG50. He is quite lame at times but at least the atmosphere isn't that bad. Next, he got me to do the scanning. It was the first time we saw #lilbabychang; You were so tiny; just 1cm. Dr Koh was hoping to scan for twins but he was disappointed. HAHAHA! I want twins too!
Your Daddy Chang was staring so hard into the monitor and smiling to himself. I was amazed. The feeling was so surreal. The moment when Dr Koh let us hear #lilbabychang's heartbeat, it was so magical. Your heartbeat is beating very fast! Life is indeed so amazing. Dr Koh mentioned that you are growing every single day. Daddy and Mummy can't wait to see you in September, #lilbabychang!

26 January 2015 - Week 9
I was terrified when I discovered the massive stained on my panty. #lilbabychang, you surely know how to scare Mummy. I was lost and did not know what to do. I seek for my colleague's advice and she urged me to call my gynae immediately. My sister who was being informed, told me the same thing. I called my gynae and they hurried me to the clinic. I was scared. On the way to the clinic, I kept talking to #lilbabychang. "You have to be strong! You have to be strong!" Your Daddy Chang had a bad scare, I stopped him from rushing down cause he had important meetings and I believe that I can handle alone.

It wasn't a long wait in the clinic. I guess I was given priority. Dr Koh scanned to see #lilbabychang and was relieved when he told me that you are still doing well. Can you imagine the happiness when I am able to hear your heartbeat again? Thanks for being so strong! :D You have grown again. Now at 2.05cm!
Here comes the awkward moment when Dr Koh examined my private part (Like OMG!) then he inserted a metal-like equipment into it. Gosh! Then he told me I needed an injection to stop the bleeding and it will be at my buttock. OMG! Trust me. I almost faint. This is my first time getting a butt injection! I was told to lie sideways and I curled up like a little kitten. Out of curiosity, I STILL asked the nurse if the injection was going to be painful. I THINK SHE IS WAY TOO HONEST! She told me that it WILL BE painful as compared to other injections. WTF! In the end, she had to coax me like a kid to relax me a little. Super paiseh! I was then given 5 days medical leave and have to bedridden.

26 - 29 January 2015 - Week 9
I stayed at my mum's place for almost everyday cause at least I am taken care of. It was still my sister-in-law's confinement period. So, every single day, I see my mum busy from Morning till Night. What really impressed me was she had been cooking all day long! For example, she cooked confinement lunch for my sister-in-law, then she cooked fishball noodles for me because I said I have craving, then when Aden was back, she cooked fried rice for him because Aden requested, then my sister was back for lunch, she cooked another meal for her and lastly when Qien was back, she cooked udon noodles for her. She just asked everybody what we wanted to have for lunch and she would jolly well cooked for us! OMG! I asked her why can't she cook the same for the rest of us. She said because we want to eat different thing. Now I understand why 世上只有妈妈好.

09 February 2015 - Week 11
Chinese New Year is around the corner and I am really depressed that I have not even shopped for any new year clothing. Usually around this time, I would have bought everything and prepared for it. Sigh! And those clothes that I liked were something that I can't be wearing for long due to baby bump! Like a waste money right! Feeling so unprepared. AND I am not able to wear heels! How about those heels that I bought from Bangkok! Urgh! I need to change new bra because they are suffocating me so badly. Surprisingly, my cup increased! :D Probably the best thing ever till now. HAHAHA! Your Daddy Chang promised to shop with me on Saturday and accompanied me for manicure. At least I feel a little Chinese-New-Year-Ish lah.

11 February 2015 - Week 11
#lilbabychang, because of you, Mummy is now label as "Tam Jiak" (Greedy for food) in office. I am quite impressed with my sense of smell. I could smell colleagues peeling mandarins like 5-6 tables away from me! HAHAHAHA! And I will rush to them and to have it. Mandarin is not good for pregnancy so they will control and give me just 1 piece. =( But better than nothing lah. Nowadays I get really hungry easily. But thanks to sisi ah yi and huiling ah yi, your mummy always have extra snacks during the dreadful 3-4pm.

14 February 2015 - Week 11
Happy Valentine's Day! No fancy celebration but your Daddy is really sweet to Mummy. He woke up super early to visit our future home to check on the renovation. Mummy can't go due to "pantang". In the end, I got to sleep longer than him! YES! I woke up and I saw these flowers beside me. We agreed not to buy any flowers as it is going to cost a bomb. My morning was totally brighten up because of your Daddy Chang. Sweet uh?
As promised, Daddy Chang brought me for shopping. In the end, I managed to get a few dresses from Bugis Street. Can't remember when was the last time we went for shopping like this. I was pretty annoyed by the sizes. S or M?! Most of the sellers insisted me to take S. Even some I have to tell them I'm pregnant cause they hard-sell other tight dresses to me. Lol!! I will buy if I'm not pregnant la!

Daddy brought me for llao llao. It was a special day so I get to eat cold stuff! HAHAHA! I have been craving for llao llao EVEN THOUGH I did not have it before. Wtf! I craved for it so badly till I even dreamt that I am having it. SIAO!
Daddy brought us to Saveur for dinner! Their signature dish is Duck Confit and I had it too. Surprisingly, it wasn't much to my liking. I am not sure why. It taste good. But I just...maybe #lilbabychang don't like it?

16 February 2015 - Week 12
Today is the day we get to see you again. We are looking forward for each appointment now. Dr Koh said that you have been growing very well. Thumb up baby! When he was doing the scan, #lilbabychang was so excited. We could see the hands moving up and downwards. Dr Koh said that you were saying "Gong Xi Gong Xi" to us. Hahahaha!
Dr Koh is really nice. He said he wanted to give us a Chinese New Year gift so he did a FREE 3D scanning for us!! It allowed to see you even more clearly! We saw your little hands, head, butt and body. SO CUTE! Totally impressed with the technology now. Daddy Chang was so amazed that he forgot to take picture until Dr Koh asked him to. HAHAHAHA! We should really video it down man!
19 February 2015 - Week 12
Finally we have reached Week 12. But Daddy Chang and I decided to announce it only after our OSCAR test result. #lilbabychang is behaving very well. No morning sickness during Chinese New Year. Yay! They say pregnant women tend to get very blur. And I think I am getting that. I lost money in mahjong. Can you imagine I suppose to get zi mo 5 tai and I just discarded that tile out? WHAT AM I DOING? Your Daddy won my money =(

26 February 2015 - Week 13
Today is the OSCARS test. Mummy has been worrying about this. We have heard that OSCARS test accuracy was not high. We wanted to proceed with this test because we were afraid that we do not have the physically and mentally support for you if you are a down syndrome baby. Many told us that we are still young, the risk is not high. But still, we went.

Initially Daddy was not able to confirm his leave as he will be in an important meeting which he had no idea what time it will end. Mummy's bff, Wei Young even volunteered to go with me. Feeling damn touched. He knew how I am feeling that time. I thought it will be okay even if I go alone. We need to be brave, #lilbabychang. But I am really afraid of the blood test.

On the way to work on that morning, that irritating feeling was here. #lilbabychang, are you nervous for this afternoon test? The feeling of suffocating, jelly legs and nauseous feeling were here again. AND WE HAVE NO SEATS! We immediately alighted when I sensed something was not right. For the first time in my life, I nearly fainted. I remembered I grabbed Daddy so tightly because my vision was blurred. I was on the verge of fainting. This made Daddy even more worry about that afternoon's test. He afraid that I can't handle it alone...

Close to afternoon, Daddy called and said he was able to accompany us for the test! I was overjoyed! #lilbabychang, we have Daddy's support, you must be good during the test and give me courage on the blood test! 

We did our OSCARS test at Novena Medical Center. Sonographer is a friendly lady. I think we were too tensed. Most of the couple said that they will cry during the OSCARS scanning when they saw how much the baby have grown. But apparently, we did not. HAHAHA! My mind was all about "#lilbabychang, let what the sonographer wants to scan. Don't keep moving!" I think #lilbabychang was nervous as well, he/she did not move at all. The sonographer kept making #lilbabychang to move so that she can get the scanning that she wants. The funniest thing was that the Sonographer actually scanned #lilbabychang crossing his/her legs. We literally saw him/her doing this in the sack. Super relax! HAHAHAHAHA!
Next was the blood test, I swore that I am really nervous that I even got my IC wrong. Wtf. Daddy was beside me giving me all the strength during the blood test. My first blood test goes to you, lilbabychang. I am glad that the OSCARS test was over! We were told that the result will announce to us when we visit Dr Koh again. It is a long wait but I felt relieved though. #lilbabychang, this is your first test in your life. I am looking forward for that A1 grade from you. Make us proud!


I am finally out of the first trimester! I am looking forward for the second as most people said that it is the babymoon period and the most enjoyable one. First, I can't wait for my obvious baby bump so that I can get a seat in the MRT. HAHAHA! I am so afraid of that horrible feeling -  suffocating, jelly legs and nauseous. Daddy Chang was so afraid that I might faint so I am now staying at my Mum's place most of the time as the travelling time will be shorter. He got so paranoid when I am taking train with him early in the morning. I hope this feeling will fade soon, please.

I am looking forward for the changes in me every single day. My baby bump is getting bigger and bigger. I often complain to Daddy that I will get fat and not able to slim down anymore. I guess I'm more paranoid than him. He is okay with me getting fat. *ROLL EYES* I get a little jealous cos Daddy is able to hear #lilbabychang's heartbeat but I can't! He loves to talk to #lilbabychang. Now, I can't wait to feel those little kicks. #lilbabychang, be good and we look forward to see you in September 

Weight when discovered pregnant: 50kg
Current weight: 52Kg (15 weeks)

With love

Anonymous –   – (March 13, 2015 at 1:00 PM)  

Hi Katty, a Great News to share with reader! Gongxi Gongxi!

best wishes from Christy

Anonymous –   – (March 13, 2015 at 1:19 PM)  

Hi katty! Gongxi Gongxi

Anonymous –   – (March 14, 2015 at 11:46 AM)  

what your husband work as? after marriage and getting hdb immediately have baby.. so rich..

Anonymous –   – (March 20, 2015 at 11:15 AM)  

How to afford? Kids fall sick see doctor is already hundred dollars plus. Good luck you two.

K A T T Y  – (March 20, 2015 at 3:53 PM)  

Thanks Christy and Anonymous for the wishing :)

K A T T Y  – (March 20, 2015 at 4:04 PM)  

Hi Anonymous,

I guess it doesn't matter what is my husband’s occupation. We have bto-ed the flat 3 years ago and have already made planning since then :)

K A T T Y  – (March 20, 2015 at 4:19 PM)  

Hi Anonymous,

It is pretty weird that you all are worried for our financial status. But hey! We are adults, not teenagers anymore. We have our own financial plans for our own future and own kids which we don’t have to announce it to everybody! How much can you save in order to get married, own a place and have kids when you are in our age? We are holding stable jobs and have saving plans! But thanks for your concern anw! :)

Anonymous –   – (March 23, 2015 at 3:52 PM)  

I can't believe people are making such insensitive comments. I'm 28, a mother of three. My husband and I are holding an average income. Yes. As long as you have planning, why not? Anyway, a big congratulations on your pregnancy! Enjoy your pregnancy, pretty mummy-to-be.

- Jas

Anonymous –   – (March 26, 2015 at 2:32 PM)  

Hi Katty, if haters r going to give such weird comments u just delete n ignore! God Bless!

Love from Christy

Sherlene –   – (March 26, 2015 at 9:29 PM)  

Hi Katty,

great news that you are expecting! :) been your reader for quite sometime, but are you aware that it is able to check if you post comments on your own blog as "Anonymous?" Just fyi, no offends.

Look forward to see your baby! :)

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