Sponsored: Mother Gowns by Occasion

I'm glad that I got to know Occasion. They had generously sponsored my two mums and niece for their wedding dinner gowns/dress. Occasion offers a wide range of dresses for bridesmaid, mums and even brides. They even have evening dresses which are suitable for prom night or functions.

There are currently two Occasion outlets in Singapore. One is at Raffles City Shopping Mall and the other at 100AM Mall which we have visited.
Jasmine was the one attended to us. She is really patient and customer orientated, she is able to give advices and tips on how certain gowns should be worn and what is best to match with.Thumbs up for her service! Even though we understand the bride is the center of attention during the big day, we must also not neglect the two important women in our lives. They need to be well dressed and get some attention too! Right? :P

Mums usually prefer long gown unless they have something in mind like cheongsam. For my case, I was right and both of my mums haven chosen to go along with the long gown. My mum wanted a black dress; for classy and elegant look. And I thought black really suits her as her skin tone is fair. So, here are the three gowns that she had picked.
She has chosen the one in the middle as the other two were too tight on her. The size comes in S, M, L and XL. In order to cater for more plus-sized mothers, they even had just came up with XXL for certain designs! Because my really mind her flabby arms (Hahaha!), she got a black shawl as an accessory to cover up. Good choice!

Both my mums have similar taste. However, their choice of colours are totally different. My mother-in-law is relatively shorter and plumper than my mum, so she had some alternation done to the length of the gown. Can't remembered where she went for her alternation but it was highly recommended by Jasmine! And it was perfectly altered. These are the designs that my mother-in-law had chosen.
She chose the one on the left but in Blue colour. I thought Blue looked better on her. Purple makes her look dull while Blue brighten her up instead! And also, she got a shawl as an accessory to cover up her arms. Well, I guess all mums are the same - concerned about their arms. Hahaha.

My niece has a LOT to choose from. She is looking for a short dress. Here are the two little sweet one that she had picked. She totally love the Tiffany dress - it was her first picked. 
There are too many to list in this post. But you can now visit their website at www.occasion.com.sg for more designs. Nevertheless, dropping by at their shop will be the wise choice.

Cause... you can even find me there! HAHAHA! :D
PS: Now I looked back at the pictures taken on the first photo shoot with Occasion. I almost died. Too hideous! It was braces period you see.

Thanks Occasion for having us! 

With love

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