Day of #GavinKatty1209

It has been a long waiting post. Sorry that this got delayed again and again. First my laptop crashed on me, followed by my Hard Disk. Literally down on my luck. In the end, I have to rearrange all the pictures again. *Pout*

I am finally writing about #gavinkatty1209. I have uploaded most of the actual day wedding pictures in my Facebook. Do hop over to my Facebook if you are interested. I can't be posting ALL the pictures here.

Back to preparation of #gavinkatty1209, the only word I can describe was HECTIC. There were so many things to prepare and to look after. Our appointments were totally packed every single day. We would really like to take this chance to thank our groomsmen (a.k.a brothers) and our bridesmaid (a.k.a sisters) who offered to help us to run errands. Truly appreciated. 

I guess most brides WILL NOT have a proper sleep the day before their big day - So am I. I think I had only less than 4 hours of sleep? My bridesmaids came as early as 615am and most of them are not a morning person. So, I am really grateful that they have made it for me. Hahaha! Talking about them, I literally feel that I have the best bridesmaids in the world. All of their contribution really touched me. They really helped me a lot! Totally loved. 

My Make up Artist
The most important person of the day that dolled me up was Cynthia Oh. She is one of the super famous make up artist that you have to know. If you do not know her, you are surely losing out. Do take a look at her works from her Facebook page. She has been my make up artist for my JOOP photo shoot and I thought we are fated. Long story behind~ Hahaha. The most important thing is that I feel so much confident and comfortable with her doing my make up. She literally "knows" my face better than me! She is so observant cause she noticed my complexion has been improving after I have visited Dr Jonathan Lee for the Spectra Carbon Peel Treatment. In fact, I even did one Spectra Carbon Peel session few days before my big day, it turned out pretty good! I will elaborate on this in my next blog on Spectra Carbon Peel. ;) Anyway, I seriously have to praise Cynthia for being super punctual that made me unprepared. She came about 15 minutes earlier while I was still dazing. It was still 5am, you see. Hahahaha!

Apart from Cynthia, Wen Kai from Beyond Pictures as well as Samuel from Pixioo; they all were super punctual! And you know what, I think my wedding vendors are the best combination on earth. Wenkai, Samuel and Cythnia actually knew one another. They worked with each other like a few weeks before my wedding? So, can you imagine how was my morning on that day? Totally filled with laughter. No awkward silent. No nervous. Just fun :D

Lovely hangers from The Hanger Artist!
This was the in-house gown from Blessed Brides that I have chosen to wear for my morning ceremony. It was a lacy heart-shape ball gown with tulle netting on the bottom. I love anything that have tulle netting. Hehehe. The team from Blessed Brides (Tilly, Val and Loura) were sooooo sweet as they specially modified the design of the gown according to my preference. Love the purity and simplicity of the gown so much! 
Wedding shoes from Sinderella which I have blogged about previously. You can still quote "SINKAT" for 10% OFF until 30 June 2015!
During preparation
Cynthia is forever bubbly. We have a ton of topics to talk and it just seems to be like another JOOP photo shoot. Hahahaha!
Sponsored nails from Absolutely Nails.
Preparing for Gatecrash!
My house was totally like a market. My ladies weren't the demure type so they basically talked and laughed loudly. Samuel had a "hard time" with them cause he was warned to take good pictures of them. Hahahah! And for the duration of the gatecrash, they allocated 1.5 hours - 2 hours (Regretted because I have a long wait!) and we had a total of 5 games. I have to say my sisters are really creative! Every single thing was done and prepared by them!
Miao Ling was boiling the 苦茶 (Bitter tea) that she got from a chinese medical store. I have no idea what kind of tea is that. She did let me had a sip - it was super bitter. When I told her it was bitter enough, she went back to the kitchen to boil it again and again to make sure that it was super ultra bitter. Bless whoever that drank this. And I think it was Gerald? HAHAHA!
Cover the bridal veil Symbolize brides' virginity and modesty.
My sister and brother-in-law were the one who helped me to cover the bridal veil as there was a saying it had to be a pair of blissfully married couple with kids. My mum was unable to as my dad was no longer around.
Here is my dearest mum. She was so busy for that whole morning. She woke up earlier than me, rushed up and down, getting me breakfast, making sure that my vendors have their drinks and etc 
Gatecrash moments 
I don't even know why there is a gatecrash ceremony. But I guess this was the fun part? The bridesmaid usually are the ones more excited for it. Hehehe. To our surprised, the guys actually reached earlier than the schedule time.
My perfect ladies!
Aden was the bridal car opener boy. He was mad cute! Way before he knew that he will be opening door for Mr Chang. He actually said that he did not want any angbao when he opened the car door for Mr Chang. (By the way, he is super close to Mr Chang. And that always make me very jealous! Hahaha!) Oh yah, he was in the cowboy theme as well. Look at his outfit! Hahaha! (I'm selling his outfit - just the vest only. Email me if you are interested.)
Bouquet from Wonderfulove!
Here come the ladies negotiating with the first ang bao.
The first gatecrash game - Good Morning, let's lim kopi!
This game was created by Wally with the idea from Running Man! That was what happened when your bridesmaid is one of running man's fan. HAHAHA! The poor brothers actually have to choose the utensil from the boxes. Of course, they did not know what kind of utensil they will be getting. It is all based on luck! And that utensil will be the one scooping their coffee! As for sugar, they have to throw the dice to determine how many packet of sugars they will be having for their coffee. Sound yummilicious! 
OMG! LOOK AT THAT! It was Sampson's! Hahahaha!
I remembered my brother rushing back home taking bottles of 1.5 litres water for them. HAHAHA! I was shocked. He was telling my mum "QUICK! The brothers need water! You didn't see their kopi machiam duck rice lor chap!" HAHAHAHAHAHA! I wish I was there to witness the fun! :(
Second game was Shake it!
Basically they have to shake to get the number stated in the paper. There are different body parts such as Armpit, Thigh, Head, Waist, Butt, Shoulders and etc. Simply shake it~
The third game was supposed to be hopscotch using the acupuncture pad but was changed due to the slippery floor I guess.
The punishment of the hopscotch will the 酸甜苦辣 (Sour, Sweet, Bitter, Spicy). Initially I wanted to take out the idea of 酸甜苦辣, but the girls insist that it is a MUST. So well, good luck guys!
In the end, some experienced sour, some experienced bitter and etc. They were really good to Mr Chang. They let Mr Chang had the sweet and sour one while they suffered with the rest. Brotherly love lah!
Gerald got the 苦茶 (Bitter Tea). Probably he did not expect it was THAT bitter. Mr Chang said that he was damn sway. He got a small bowl for his coffee which was bitter enough and next, he got this ultimate 苦茶. Thanks for being so sporty and sorry Gerald :(
Next was the Pocky Kissing. Quite obvious that I do not need to explain the game detail. Hahaha! I guess Liang Quan waited for this chance for years! HAHAHAHAHA! I gonna keep this for life man, Chong Meng and Sampson! LOL!
While waiting for the gatecrash to end, I was pretty bored. But I got the chance to selfie with all my relatives that came. HAHAHAHA! Imagine having to sit there for almost 1.5 hours! It was too long lah!
 Finally Mr Chang went up to read the 10 promises - it was the last stage of gatecrash!
Do you know what is the first thing that he said? "Wah. 很难娶你 leh!" He probably had a hard time during the gatecrash. HAHAHAHA!
We were pretty much like a lost bird after he came to "fetch me". Procedure like praying, biding goodbye with my mum were almost missed! HAHAHA! Luckily, we were stopped by Ergu (Aka. Meipo), else we would have went straight out!

The moment where you have to bid goodbye to your parents. In the past, daughters are like water poured out of the family after they get married. But definitely not for this era! Still, the formality to bid goodbye to your parents is still around. The three of us got really emotional. I can't believe that Mr Chang teared as well!
Bid goodbye with happiness tears in my eyes and stepped out of the house happily~
My jiefu was the one holding the red umbrella for us. HAHAHA! He was funny, he was so "kan cheong" trying to shelter me everywhere.
Next, we headed to Punggol Ranch for a short photo shoot. We were blessed with extremely good weather on that day!
Dearest Shaoling caught my bouquet!
My favourite photo with them!
All thanks to my time-keeper, Serene and Fan Sheng. We were able to follow the schedule without any delayed. We had a pretty tight schedule! Next was Tea Ceremony at Mr Chang's place.
Changing to Tea Dress.
 That was my tea dress that I got it from Taobao at less than $30. My family commented that it looked like Chinese New Year. HAHAHA! But wearing kua really makes me look older.
Having Tang Yuan (glutinous rice balls in a sweet broth) represent sweet and sticky marriage or 甜甜蜜蜜.
My favourite photo with my Tea Dress and Mr Chang! :D
Back to my mum's place for Tea Ceremony and Vermicelli (Mian Xian with hard boiled egg). I think we were pretty hungry, we gobbled up the whole bowl within minutes! HAHAHA!
 And Tea Ceremony~
Look at the huge angbao that my brother and my brother-in-law gave! Huge angbao with a huge amount inside. HAHAHAHA!
 Lastly, a family photo!
Group photo! Samuel was really funny. He told us not to smile and act serious. But guess what, he was the one who kept laughing while taking this photo! Everyone was like "Wah lao eh, you asked us don't smile and you kept laughing!"
 Lastly, cheers!
I will stop here before the post is getting longer! Night of #GavinKatty1209 will be coming up in next post! Once again, a big thank you to all our uncles, aunties, cousins and families that took leave for our Tea Ceremony. You guys really made us feel loved! 

Specially thanks to all my paid and sponsored vendors. You guys are the best vendors that we have ever met. Really THANK YOU so much!

Wedding Nails - Absolutely Nails
Photo Booth Service - Bee Hoon Productions

Cinematography (Videographer) - Beyond Pictures
Morning Wedding Gown - Blessed Brides
Make Up Artist - Cynderella by Cynthia Oh
Bridal Shop - La Belle Couture Weddings
Mothers Gown/Niece Gown - Occasion
Photography - Pixioo Photography
Hair Salon - Salon De Choix
Wedding Shoes - Sinderella
Aesthetic Service - The Aesthetic Studio
Wedding Hangers - The Hanger Artist
Bouquet - Wonderfulove

With love
(Be right back with the final of #gavinkatty1209 post soon!)

Unknown  – (July 22, 2015 at 11:03 AM)  

Hi babe, do u have the taobao website for ur tea dress?

K A T T Y  – (July 30, 2015 at 11:03 AM)  

Hello Veron, here is the link (:

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