We are 10th

Today 01 December 2014 marks our 10th years anniversary. This year has been a very special year to us as we are finally lawfully and traditionally married. Definitely, we have been through many obstacles and I am glad that we made it.

In this 10 years, we went through different stages of our lives together. From Secondary School, when we were both still young, we did not even know what's lying ahead in our future, not to mention of us being together. Then to Polytechnic, when we coincidentally went to the same school. The days where we waited for each other to finish our lesson, headed for our part time jobs together or even studied for examinations together.

Finally to some says the killer of all relationships, national service. I wouldn't deny that period was really a major test for our relationship. I guess this happens to everyone who went through the same stage. He was serving NS and I just stepped into working society. That was the only path that we went different after 5 years and so was the pace of our lives. Because of this change, we decided to slow ourselves down so that we can catch up with each other. Knowing that he would be away from his phone most of the time, I still messaged him whenever I wanted so that he would be able to read it at the end of the day. That was how we kept each other updated. And he would always give me a call no matter how late he ended. According to him, he would always finish up his stuff as fast as he could so that he could call me. His only motivation was the arrival of weekend so that we were able to meet. That was how we did to adapt to the changes. It wasn't easy for me but it wasn't easy for him as well. Give and take is really important.

Finally, the torture of National Service was over. It was another stage of our relationship when he first stepped into the working society. Many said that the man's mentality would be different, they would changed. It was like a transition of Boys become Men. Of course, he did change. But I am glad that he changed for the better. It wasn't easy for him to step into the working society but support was all I can give to him. He got himself a job and that was when we decided to work hard for our career as well as our future.

We applied for our BTO in 2011, people said that it was still too young for us as he had just completed his NS. A lot of things might change or rather he might "changed". I have my fear too but I choose to trust him and this relationship. Thinking back, I think we made the right choice. Partly because the grant given by the government was actually quite high (HAHA!) and the flat needs at least 2-3 years to build. Right now, we are eagerly waiting for our flat arrival which is going to be out by this month or next. We have been waiting for quite some time as the key collection was supposed to be second or third quarter of this year.

10 years. How the hell we are able to get together for so long?! Hahaha. Don't ask me about our past relationships as we were each other first love. I always tell him "Don't you want to try on others" He always replied me in an overworking way - YOU SIAO AH!

I knew I had to marry this person. Not because many people (medium - god or even fengshui people) said I should, not because we have been together for so long and it was time for us to get married, not because we got used to each other, not because we had no choice....


We wouldn't imagine ourselves living without each other. He has been part of me for the longest - it is different from being used to each other. I wouldn't say he is perfect too as nobody is perfect in this world. He has his flaws, I have mine too. But it is the miraculous feeling that we have for each other. It just makes me feel that our hearts and thoughts are connected as one.

The best thing is he always make me feel like we are still in our honeymoon period. He isn't a very romantic person that will bring me for star gazing, candle lit dinner and etc. But his little actions will make me feel loved. For example: He will secretly place chocolate in my bag when he knew that my period was coming. He is still very gentleman enough to help me to carry things, open door, call me up every afternoon to ask me if I have lunch and etc. Tell me, how can I not marry to this person :D

For the next stage of our relationship, we are very looking forward for our new nest. Building up this little nest of ours and hopefully the little ones will come to us soon (:

With love

Anonymous –   – (December 3, 2014 at 8:37 PM)  

永远幸福 blissfully marriage��

Anonymous –   – (December 4, 2014 at 5:07 PM)  

Touching post. Have a blissful marriage. Happiness always...

K A T T Y  – (December 4, 2014 at 10:19 PM)  

Thanks all for the blessings :')

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