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Headed to Bangkok for the yearly shopping spree with the usual gang + 2 newbies early October.

We booked the air ticket in June. We always grab the cheapest air tickets whenever we can. Hahaha. Tip: Fix a traveling period and start to look out for airfare promotion! Sign up their newsletters or Like their Facebook page to receive the latest update! Personally I prefer Jetstar or Tigerair due to their flight timing.

Cost of air tickets by Tigerair: $150 with 25kg luggage
Cost of 3 nights accommodation per person: $67.50

The total cost of the trip (flight + accommodation) was really cheap! BUT the expenses were crazy. It was an intensive 4D3N shopping trip. When I mean it was an INTENSIVE one, I really mean it. Can you imagine that we slept less than 5 hours everyday? And we woke up as early as 4 in the morning and started to shop till 9-10 at night. Now I wonder how we actually did that! LOLOLOL.

In this post, I will compile everything that we did during these 4 days as well as the places that we have gone. Hope these are useful for you as well!

Our 5 Favourite Shopping Stops in Bangkok - so far
Number 1 Killer: Platinum Fashion Mall (Opening Hour: 10am-7pm*)
Tip: Slight Bargain-able and if you have a shopping trolley, BRING IT.
Located at the heart of Pratunam. This is the shopping mall that you will probably be spending your whole afternoon. And we did. You can't deny the fact that you won't go 'bankrupt' here, because if you won't. I really have no idea why you are in Bangkok then. Haha.

Graphic Tee-shirts cost about 100baht ($4 or less), shorts for men cost about 200baht ($8 or less), shirt or dress for women is about 100baht ($4 or less). If you are lucky and your bargaining skill is strong, it might even be cheaper. Well, I guess this is where I picked up my bargaining skills from.
Pratunam Market or Pratunam Wholesale Market (Opening Hour: 9am-7pm*)
Tip: Bargain-able and squeeze your way through! Do not have the mentality of "I'll come back and buy later" because you might not be able to find the shop again - Too crowded!
Located just opposite Platinum Fashion Mall, 5 minutes walk from Baiyoke Sky Hotel. Sorry I have no idea what is the exact address. There is an alley opposite Platinum Fashion Mall that links to this place. I feel that most of the vendors are getting very persistent with the items they are selling. In the past, they would allow you to mix any items in their shop as long as they are of the same pricing to let you enjoy the "wholesale price". But now, I see a trend that they will need you to get 3 items of the same kind in order to be entitled the "wholesale price". But still, you will be able to find sellers who are very flexible.
Pratunam Morning Market (Opening Hour: 5am-8am*)
Tip: Bargain-able, advisable NOT to bring your shopping trolley!
Located along the streets outside Baiyoke Sky Hotel. You will get shocked of how they transform that stretch of roads into shopping streets. We sacrificed our sleeping time and headed to shop as early as 6am. As compared to the above shopping places that I have recommended, this place usually sells the cheapest - in my own opinion. However, I guess it depends on the "season" and the "trend" as well. I did not manage to buy that much as compared to the previous trip. But well, it is still definitely worth to wake up early for!
When it comes to night time at the exact location,the stalls will be set up by another group of vendors selling different items as compared to the morning. In a way you get to shop and 'see' more items and the Thais are really amazing in this way. Tip: MUST Bargain, start your shopping from 8 onwards

Grab this cutie ice cream at the corner of the street. It comes with many favours. I got Strawberry Cheesecake which I found it taste a little too sour. Hehehe.

Bo Bae Market (Opening Hour: 4am-7am*) Address. Soi Rong Muang, Thanon Krung Kasem
Tip: Be as early as possible! Most of them don't really understand English.
Do you realise that the opening hour is getting earlier and earlier? Hahaha. We started to shop at 5am! Bo Bae is a place that the local get their stuffs from. There aren't much tourists that purposely came here to shop other than us. I think we were pretty crazy! Hahaha. Not that much as compared to other places, you see. But the things that they are selling are not exactly the stuffs that you will get to find in Pratunam. There are a lot of jeans wear, kids wear, men's wear not much of ladies wear. The cheapest thing that you have to get here is BOXERS. Mr Chang got a dozen of them at 480 baht ($1.50 per piece). Mad cheap!
By the way, we got welcome by these two three little cuties. So adorable that I wanted to smuggle them back. Hope you get to meet them too!
Don't-know-the-name. Street down the Berkeley Hotel Bangkok to Four Face BuddhaTip: Slight Bargain-able. Start to shop from 8pm onwards.
Basically you can get to eat and shop ANYWHERE in Pratunam district. Whenever there are available spaces, there will be people setting up their stalls to make their living.

Don't ever miss their local delicacies! As much as we enjoy shopping, we love their local food as well! Too much to list but currently these are my favourites :D
My 5 Favourite Food in Bangkok - so far
Street Food - Fried Chicken
It is a must to try the street food in Thailand, they are literally the best food you can never miss! In almost every corner in Pratunam area (I'm not sure about the rest), there is always a fried chicken stall! You will be amazed by the oh-so-crispy skin that you won't even want to care about the fats in it. It is so crunchy and juicy. I really wonder what is their secret recipe. Price from 40 bahts ($1.50 onwards)
Shark Fin Soup/Fish Maw Soup - Platinum Mall Food Court
Many people actually head down to Chinatown for the real Shark Fin Soup or even Bird Nest Soup. If you are not very particular over "Shark Fin", there is actually one store in Platinum Mall 6th Food Court. I can't remember the exact store but the Shark Fin Soup or Fish Maw Soup are in claypot. $7.70 for one bowl, why not?
Seafood Tom Yum Glass Noodles Soup - Platinum Mall Food Court
It is surprising how one changes their taste buds so drastically. I used to hate the smell/taste of Tom Yum. But now, it has become my favourite! I had the most delicious Tom Yum Glass Noodles in Pratunam. Again, it is also located at Platinum Mall 6th Food Court - there are a lot of yummy food there by the way. I actually had this for consecutive two days. It is really so addictive! Can't recall the price though.
Coconut Ice Cream - Chatuchak
In fact, I did not want to try this Coconut Ice Cream at all. It was until the rest told me that the coconut smell is not that strong. I was never a fan of Coconut. Surprisingly, this coconut ice cream really caught me by surprise. You will get to mix 3 items to go along with your coconut ice cream. There are red beans, corns, peanuts, and many more. Price at 35 baht ($1.30 onwards)
Wan Ton Noodles - Along the street
You might be wondering why Wan Ton Noodles is one of the MUST EAT in Bangkok. I couldn't explain the difference between Singapore's and Thailand's but there is definitely a difference. Add a little chill and sugar. Trust me, you will fall in love with it.
I have too many favourites to list. Like the Banana Pancake, Fried Rice and many more! You just have to try all of their street foods. Yum Yum,  If you have some spare time, do visit Four Face Buddha and Poh Teck Tung Foundation which I have mentioned in my previous bangkok blog post

We have been missing Chatuchak for the past few visits. Finally we managed to visit Chatuchak Weekend Market (Opening Hour: 10am-6pm*) It opens on Weekend only. Sad to say, most of us think that Chatuchak is NOT a place that you will want to visit. It is super duper crazy hot and humid that you will not want to walk anymore. Otherwise, you can focus on a few districts that you will want to cover and that's it. Else, spending the day in Chatuchak will definitely more shagged than spending in Platinum Fashion Mall. We could have visit Union Mall which we have missed this time round. 

That's all for this trip blog post. I will do another blog review on Hello Kitty Cafe in Bangkok which we managed to visit too! 

With love

Anonymous –   – (December 5, 2014 at 6:33 PM)  

Katty, where do you find theae kind of deals one? Is it because you are working in the travel industry that's why you know all the discount before hand? You should share these good deals with your readers!! Haha

K A T T Y  – (December 11, 2014 at 8:58 PM)  

Hello! I always subscribe for budget airlines newsletter. Lol! I wish I have more good deals on travel that I can share with you all. Will definitely share if I have ;)

Elly –   – (March 22, 2015 at 10:03 PM)  

Hi Katty, wouldlike to know where do you normally book the hotels from? And which website gives the best deal if I want to book hotels in BKK. Thanks!

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