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It is going to be a throwback post on #gavinkatty1209. Lacking so much on the preparation blog posts and I am going launch those drafts one by one. Sorry for the wait.

We settled our invitation cards about 3 months before our wedding date. To be exact, it is in July. Was it too early or was it too late? But we didn't know how long will the processing time be and how long it takes them to print. So we thought “The earlier the better” In fact, there were so many preparation works to be done before the Hungry Ghost Festival. Because the elderly always say "No wedding preparation, No wedding, No engagement during this festival" And to be safe, we listened to what the elderly said :D It was hell crazy for the preparation work. But looking back, we really missed that period even though it was quite stressful. But it was fun lah!

And so we headed to T dragon to get our cards printed. We were lucky that our hotel - Grand Park City Hall actually provides wedding cards and wedding inserts for our package. Therefore, we saved quite a bit on this.

T dragon is located at No. 3 Coleman Street, Peninsula Shopping Centre #03-01 Singapore 179804, just right opposite Grand Park City Hall. From what I have found out, most hotels actually engaged them for printing of wedding cards. So they are quite professional on this. Anyway, T dragon is located right at the corner of level 3. It is pretty unnoticeable - a very old shop by the way. We almost thought that we went to the wrong place. Hahaha.

We were served by a friendly auntie (Can't remember her name). She took out all the cards designs that they have. No doubts, some are really old fashion but there are still some average range. No point spending few hundreds on wedding cards right? These are the designs which we have shortlisted - really limited.

In the end, we chose this. I love the 娶 and 嫁 whereby I can fold "嫁" for my relatives/friends and he will fold "娶" for his side. Quite creative I thought.
I almost gone crazy when Mr Chang insisted in getting red invitation card. Because he always thought it is a MUST for wedding cards to be red in colour. Oh my god, why do I have such a traditional husband. In the end, I managed to convince him to get this. Hahahaha! And I think I make a right choice :P

To enhance our wedding invites, we thought of getting a "cartoon" stamp in between our names. And it cost us $10 to get it stamped in the wedding invites. They really know how to earn money uh?
Honestly, there are so many hidden charges in printing wedding cards. For example, the paper quality, the colour of the fonts, the stamps and many more. One advice: Be Simple. I bet nobody will remember how my wedding cards looked like, or even noticed the cartoon stamp that I have mentioned. RIGHT! HAHAHAHA!

Both Mr Chang and I wrote the invitation cards on our own. For my family side, we wrote it in English for all the invitation cards. For Mr Chang’s side, his parents requested to write in Chinese for the elderly. Of course, we are not the one who wrote it, my father-in-law wrote the invitation cards and I thought that his handwriting is really nice!
Anyway, it is up to individual to write it in English or in Chinese. There is no right or wrong :D

For your info, T Dragon or any other printing companies do not tie the ribbon nor insert the wedding inserts for you. You have to do all by yourself.

Which is why I am glad that I did not purchase the wax stamp. We spent hours just to paste the inserts onto the wedding cards. Luckily, our wedding card did not come with ribbon. We could have a hard time tying the ribbon one by one. Pasting inserts, folding of cards, writing of names and sealing them up with stickers are not an easy as you think. So do treat all the wedding cards that are given by your friend/relative with love ok! They really spent a lot of time on it!

With love

Anonymous –   – (December 12, 2014 at 10:15 PM)  

Hi, may I know how was your experience at Grand Park City Hall? We have shortlisted it but read some bad reviews on the forum so kinda in a dilemma. Couldn't really find any other recent reviews..Thanks & appreciate your advice :)

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