Sponsored: 4 reasons why we had Photo Booth in our wedding

Before I start to blog about my wedding day, I would like to introduce one of my wedding sponsors – Beehoon Productions.

Honestly, I am so attracted to this name when I first get to know them. Hahaha. Bee Hoon = Rice Vermicelli. However, Beehoon Productions is definitely NOT about how is the production of Bee Hoon (Rice Vermicelli) but a production company founded in 2010 that is specializes in cinematography, photography and now even Photo Booth services.

We met up with Nigel one fine day to discuss about the details of the Photo Booth that they will be sponsoring us during our wedding day. Through the conversation, we can feel that Nigel is definitely proud of his business. Though he is not a veteran in this industry, the work that he had presented us truly show how much effort he and his team have put in. In addition, one should not rate the company based on the years of experience right? And also, I am not saying good words for them just because they sponsored me. We have seen their work and capability. They definitely earn our trusts to be part of #gavinkatty1209.

Photo Booth receives immense growth in popularity over the past few years. Specially in events like WEDDINGS, birthdays, parties and even company functions. Nowadays vendors even come up with roaming photography which act as an mobility photo booth. Be it Physical Photo Booth or Mobility Photo Booth, we think that it is a MUST for weddings. If it is within your budget, why not? These are the 4 reasons why we had Photo Booth and why Beehoon Productions is the one!

Entertaining guests
In most weddings, there will be an approximately 45 - 60 minutes of cocktail/reception session. This will be the "awkward" timing. Most of the time, guests (including myself) will usually stand at the corner in their comfort zone. Either waiting for friends or waiting for time to pass. With extra entertainment like this, who knows! Your guests might want to come early.
Tip: Arrange your Photo Booth Vendor to come at least 30 minutes before your cocktails start.

No more awkwardness!
Be it in a relative's wedding or friend's wedding, there will definitely be a chance for you to meet all your long-lost friend or long-distant relatives. I am sure it will definitely be awkward to strike a conversation immediately. How about inviting them to the Photo Booth? Photo Booth definitely minimizes the atmosphere of awkwardness. So, gather all of them to the Photo Booth to have fun.
Tip: Do make sure that your Photo Booth Vendor has a lot of props for your guests to pose in any other way they like and Beehoon Productions has more than 100 props for your guests to choose from!

Sentimental Value
With instant Photo Booth, you can get the photo instantly! A little favor for your guests so that they will never forget about your wedding day! They will always remember the fun and laughter that they have when they took the pictures. Best memories ever!
Tip: Get a Photo Booth Vendor who provides unlimited prints for your guests and Beehoon Productions has the best of it!

Getting it "Live"
While waiting for the banquet to start, instead of the usual playing of your wedding montage. You can try something different by getting the photos taken at the booth to be flashed through your projection screen. Not only your guests are able to view all the fun pictures instantly, it will also arouse the interest of the remaining guests who have missed the fun! That's what unlimited prints are for, right?
Tip: Get a Photo Booth Vendor who provides Live Projections and Beehoon productions has it all!

FUN is what we are looking into when we are planning for our wedding. We didn't want it to be an emotional romantic kind but fun and romantic. If you are looking into engaging a Photo Booth Service, feel free to drop Beehoon Productions an enquiry. And do remember to quote "Katty" to entitle FREE additional 30 minutes of Instant Print Timing. I will blog about the pictures that were taken by them in the next few blog! Do look out for them!

With love

jean  – (December 10, 2014 at 2:34 PM)  

hi katty! do u have pictures of the photos taken at the photo booths by beehoon productions?

K A T T Y  – (December 11, 2014 at 8:59 PM)  

Hello Jean! I have! Will post in my blog soon! But I have uploaded them in my Facebook. you might want to see from there first ;)

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