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Months before #gavinkatty1209, I had a major breakout. I'm serious. Before I continue, beware of the pictures that I will be posting. Hope you won't judge me. It was the lowest point of my life, specially when my wedding was just round the corner at that time! :(

I couldn't describe how horrible was the condition. It was so severe that I felt devastated each time I looked into the mirror. And each time I will whine to Mr Chang."You going to have the world's ugliest bride in 12 September" Poor him, he had to keep telling me how great I look and I will be fine. Can you imagine? By the way, that was the kind of face that he had to face everyday and even praised that I am looking great. YOU SERIOUS!

Yes. That was how horrible I looked exactly 1.5 month before my wedding. How can I not not be panicked? Some of the scars stayed on because of the previous outbreak. New pimple (with pus) kept popping as if they were having a major party and soon spreaded all over my face like virus. I had to put on concealer whenever I stepped out of my place, even if I might be out for just 10 minutes. I was feeling inferior all the time. I don't dare to have eye contract with people. I have to answer questions like "What happen to your face?"  "Why your face become like this?" Totally no improvements, no matter what I did. People asked if I used the wrong product? - No. I did not try any new products. - No. If I'm having some hormones changed? - I doubt so. If I am having major stress over my wedding? - Perhaps? My skin couldn't seem to absorb any products. My last resort was to visit a Chinese Medical Hall which I thought I might get some help from there. STILL, it failed.
I decided to seek for professional help and this is when I turned to Aesthetic Studio to look for Dr Jonathan Lee. He mentioned that he could help me to reduce the size of my pores and to control my breakout. He knew about my skin problem when I did my nose fillers back then. Obviously, he got a shock when he saw me. Like “WHAT EXACTLY HAPPEN TO YOU?!?” The first thing he said was "Look like you are very stress with your wedding huh?" So that's the result of being bridezilla I guess.

After consultation, Dr Jonathan Lee concluded the problems that I had:
- Large pores appearing around my T-zone
- New pimples popping
- Acne scars

Even though I am left with only 1.5 months (which was super duper near to my wedding date), he promised he will do his best to treat my face. I am so thankful for his help and was so looking forward for a miracle to take place.

He did a Spectra Carbon Laser Peel treatment. Spectra Carbon laser Peel is a carbon-assisted laser skin rejuvenation treatment which uses a photothermal effect and photochemical superficial peeling to control acne in inflammation and to reduce sebum pigmentation and poor skin texture.

What can Spectra Carbon Laser Peel do?
- Reduces all kind of acne
- Reduces pores size
- Reduces or remove fine wrinkles
- Regenerates collagen
- Evens the skin color as well as soften skin tone
- Lightens melasma and spotty pigments

"Is it going to be painful?" "Will there be any side effects?" "What is the down time period?" Before all the questions started to fall in, let’s take a look at the process now!

First After my face is cleaned. Dr Jonathan Lee's assistant - Richelle helped me to apply a thin layer of numbing cream to my entire face then left it for about 20 minutes. This is to reduce the discomfort during the laser process. With numbing cream applied, you won't feel the pain anymore :D
Second Richelle helped me to rinse off the numbing cream on my face. Next, she applied SpectraLotion which contains fine carbon particles. Thin layer of SpectraLotion was then applied to my entire face.
Third The laser began. Honestly, I am super nervous after all this was my first session. I am surprised that it wasn't really painful as I thought. The feeling is just like you are having IPL session. The only thing that turned me off was the sound of the laser and the machine. BUT they are harmless. Hahahaha!
The laser beam is absorbed by the carbon due to the black pigments. The whole process takes about 10-15 minutes. I managed to video down the process. It is gonna to be a short video - 22 seconds to let you have a glimpse on the process.

The Effects?
After one session of Spectra Carbon Peel Treatment, I can feel the result in the next few days. Yes, there are redness on my face which it recovered within 3 days. I thought it was pretty fast. Peeling is unavoidable but not to worry much on that. The best thing is that my T-zone is no longer oily and the pores have reduced its size drastically. No joke. My skin condition managed to improve a lot after the second session which was before my wedding. Yes, I did it even days before my wedding. Currently I am still undergoing the treatment now. Of course, my skin condition is so much better than before! And hey, stay tuned and I will blog about the changes each day after I had my Spectra Carbon Peel!

Specially thanks to Aesthetic Studio
Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre
3 Mount Elizabeth, Suite 12-08 Singapore 228510
Tel: 6737 1100
Email: info@aestheticstudio.sg

Parkway East Medical Centre
319 Joo Chiat Place, Suite 04-06 Singapore 427989
Tel: 6440 1200
Email: info@aestheticstudio.sg 

With love

Anonymous –   – (November 27, 2014 at 9:55 PM)  

Hello, may I know how much is it cost? Thanks a lot! :D

Rui Wen –   – (November 27, 2014 at 10:56 PM)  

Is this a sponsored post? Actually can tell from your wedding video your complexion not good
:( you look prettier in pictures than video. Look very different..

Anonymous –   – (November 27, 2014 at 11:46 PM)  

Hey Katty. I'm interested to know the price too. Can post a pic of before n after?. Ya. I also think video look alittle diff. Dun worry, u look better in real life, I've bought things from u before! Hope your complexion is recovering now... -jing

K A T T Y  – (November 28, 2014 at 12:36 PM)  

Hello to the first comment Anonymous: Per session is about $450

Hello Ruiwen, Don't know which video u referring to, but during my wedding day, my complexion did improve a lot. Haha. Yaaa, I think I look rounder in video :S I don't like it too!

Hello Jing! I think I remembered you! The price is 450 per session. I will do up another post and you will see the difference. :D

Anonymous –   – (November 28, 2014 at 6:05 PM)  

I don't think you look good in real life.. how can video and in person look diff -_- you comment yourself is it? you are trying too hard.. >< your husband look better in real life as well as video.. you opposite.

K A T T Y  – (November 28, 2014 at 6:42 PM)  

Hello, eh, sorry, did I say that I look better in real life? And why I will want to comment myself by saying I look different in video? Hello, I admit that I look weird in video. So? I'm not a super model or super blogger. I'm just a normal human being that loves to write about my stuff. And what's wrong with you? You jealous that I have a handsome husband? :D

Anonymous –   – (December 3, 2014 at 8:29 PM)  

Hi katty dont get affected by these ppl . If they dislike can stay away fr your blog! Jiayou! Continue your passion to blog!

K A T T Y  – (December 4, 2014 at 10:21 PM)  

Hello! I don't know who you are but I really appreciate your encouraging words! Thanks :')

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