We did not distribute our wedding cards even though they were ready. It was because due to the traditional sayings, we have to “过大礼 - Guo Da Li” first before sending our invitation cards. Remember I did mention that our wedding is so close to Hungry Ghost Festival? In the end, we distributed our wedding cards less than 2 weeks before our wedding day. Quite rush I would say. Lucky that all of our invitees have already pen down our wedding date as we have informed them 2-3 months ago.

There are a lot of ways to tell your friends to SAVE THE DATE. We did not want to create a Facebook event as some of our friends might not a frequent Facebook user and I felt that it will make us look insincere instead. Calling them up might sound awkward. In the end, we will use the most common way - whatapps/text. We think that is the best way to convey our messages.

This is what we wrote in the message (For those who are thinking of how to put across in a message)

Hi X,
Together with our families, we cordially invite you to share our matrimonial moment on Friday, 12 September 2014 at 7pm, Grand park City Hall.
We sincerely hope you can make it! Please RSVP by 31 July 2014. Formal Invitation to follow.
Yong Heng and Katty
Note: Please remember to change the “X”. I sent [Hi X] to 2 - 3 of my close friends and got reprimanded badly. HAHAHAHA!

To make it more informal and lively, we even attached our pictures in the message.
We couldn't decide which was the best? We love both pictures. In the end, Mr Chang suggested to send them randomly - good idea uh? These two were designed by me :D

I think we were quite lucky because through the whatsapp/text invitation, we received fast replies and the attendance was beyond our expectation.
 - 75% "confirm attending"
- 13% "To Be Confirm"
- 10% "could not make it"
- 2% "Totally bo chap!"
Totally Bo Chap means having you to send them twice for confirmation yet not a single reply from them. The first message we sent out was about 2-3 months ago; no reply. When the date was getting nearer and we have started to write the wedding invitation, we thought of sending the invitation through whatsapps again; just in case they missed our message. READ BUT THEY CHOSE TO IGNORE. Thanks. Really Thanks. I thought it was EXTREMELY rude not to reply to wedding invitation. Is it REALLY HARD to reply a YES or a NO? I think I will feel much better if you reply to me telling me that you couldn't attend because you predict that your house will be flooded. You know. AT LEAST A REPLY. But is okay, it doesn't make any difference though.

Nevertheless, we truly appreciate those who have attended our wedding. We are really glad that you guys were all able to make it for our special day. Some really had to rush down as it was a Friday. Really appreciate those countless of wishing that we have received. Our wedding was a success because YOU are part of it! Thank you! =')

With love

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