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Thank you for all the well wishes. I am officially and “customary” Mrs Chang now! We all have a blast in #GavinKatty1209. I am so excited to blog and share all the little details. Hahahaha! But while waiting for the pictures to fall in, I shall write a little more on the planning side for the next few posts! Hehehe!

As much as you know by now, our wedding theme in the morning was CowBoy and CowGirl. This idea just popped up by Mr Chang and I thought it was quite special since this year is also a horse year? LOLOL! We have been planning little details for at least 6 months? The idea went a bit wild when I thought of getting a real horse for bride fetching. IT CAN BE DONE!! But there are too many things to take care pf. For example mounting of the horse, the weather condition and so on...I’m glad that we did not go ahead with this because it was such a rush for that morning itself. HAHA!

As fast as I have confirmed all our 6 brothers and 6 sisters. We quickly sourced for the outfits which was the most tedious job. Supposingly, we wanted them to wear checked top and jeans for the bottom.

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But we thought that it looked rather normal to us. Not really the cowboy style we are looking at. Then we thought of asking my sisters to wear convertible dress with boots! More like angmo cowboy style?
But after trying with convertible dress and boots, I think they will look rather sloppy and most of my sisters protested wearing convertible >.<

We almost died looking for their outfits. After weeks of discussion and brainstorming, we finally decided on vests. For brothers, they wore brown leather vests, white shirts, jeans and black shoes. For sisters, they wore brown vests, white top, jean skirts and brown boots. Not forgetting the cowboy hats - the girls' nightmare. HAHAHA!

I managed to source for their entire clothing in – literally the best site ever! But with the help of Yen Yee who is also one of the sisters. She really helped me a lot in purchasing for these few months as I am really an idiot at it. All I need to do is to send her the link and she will settle everything for me :D Here is the brown leather vests that we got for our brothers.
We got this brown leather vest for about $15 each. The quality is too good to be true! Anyway, I am selling them away at $10. Do email me regarding the size as I have M, L and XL :D

For the ladies, they have more accessories since I wanted them to wear boots. Getting boots was not very easy as their sizes are different. Luckily, we managed to get the right size for them.
We got this vest for about $11. It was free size and all of the sisters were able to fit in. Anyway, I am selling them away at $8 if you are interested.
And lastly the brown boots for the ladies that I got it at $16 each. During one of the purchases, Yenyee actually got the wrong colour and we bought 6 pairs of BLACK boots. Both of us had a shock of our lives. Luckily, we managed to sell them out within a week! Phew! Totally nightmare yet memorable. LOLOL!

And.....ladies always got the most items. Hahaha! I prepared a little gift for each of them to serve as an invitation for being my bridesmaid and passed it to them during our first meetup dinner. Actually I did ask them longggggg ago and all of them have agreed. This is just a formal way of inviting them. So, they are not going to say NO anyway. HAHAHA! =D
These are what I have prepared for them. A box with whitening lotion, beauty essence, face mask, sleeping mask, chocolate (That is actually my favourite. LOLOL), emergency kit (Pad, safety pins, salon pas and etc), cleaning pad and a sisters bracelet which I specially customised it.

That's all for the the wedding theme and our bridemaids and groomsmen outfit. Can't wait to blog more on #gavinkatty1209. Shall go into the detail in my final wedding post :D

With love

Wendy –   – (October 20, 2014 at 12:42 PM)  

Hello Katty, where did you make this set of memopad for your bridesmaid? It's beautiful :)

K A T T Y  – (October 20, 2014 at 9:55 PM)  

Hello Wendy! I designed them using Adobe Illustrator and got it printed into A5 size. Hope it help :)

Wendy –   – (October 21, 2014 at 8:17 AM)  

Thank you Katty. I will give it a try! :)

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