ROM Anniverary Trip to Maldives Part 1

It was really a long awaiting trip! Supposed to travel on our ROM wedding anniversary which was on 23 June but we couldn't get to book the tickets. So in the end we went on 27 June 2014. Still considered as our ROM wedding anniversary trip lah =P

We booked our tickets from Tigerair which was only $500+ for two! Mad cheap right! I am so glad that they fly to Maldives and the price are sooooo affordable! 

It was about 4 hours of flight and what I did is to sleep all the way. Then I was totally awake when I heard the announcement saying that there were 30% off for all the inflight items. I woke up and asked him "B, did I hear wrongly? 30% OFF for ALL items?" Immediately I grabbed the magazine and started to do some shopping. In the end, I didn't managed to get anything because the items that I eyed on was out of stock! Damn sway! But he got to shop for his instead.

We sat at the right side of the plane and it was really unlucky that we did not get to see the whole island in a bird eye view. HOW CAN WE MISS THAT! Hmpf! These were the best that I could take. So excited!
We stayed at Centara Ras Fushi Resort. One of the reasons I chose this resort was because it is the nearest to the airport. It was about 15-20 minutes speedboat ride away from the airport. I was pretty concerned because my dearest husband could not take a longer journey on speedboat =P
We were greeted by the person in charge. Everyone is so friendly and nice to us. They brought us to board the speedboat. My jaws almost dropped when we got out of the airport. EVERYWHERE ARE SO BLUE!
The speedboat was relatively new and very clean! No bumpy ride throughout the journey at all. And of course, he was doing good too!
And we arrived the so-called-as Paradise - Centara Ras Fushi Resort and  Spa.
Received our welcome drink right after they brought us to the reception. Excellent service that they have.
This is Ocean Restaurant; the main restaurant of the resort. Our package is inclusive of Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner which is also known as FULL BOARD MEALS. However some resorts come with HALF BOARD which consists of Breakfast and Dinner only. In Ocean Restaurant, there are different cuisines (Asian, Middle Eastern, South American, Seafood, European and etc) There are other restaurants in the resorts too! 
We did not manage to check in earlier. However, we went to Giraavaru Lobby Bar to grab a drink. Our Full Board Meals entitle drink as well. So, we did not have to pay for anything we eat or drink at all! SO WORTH IT RIGHT!
And this is how our room look like! Honestly it was not that big that we thought it will be. But I thought it will be okay since it really give us a comfortable feel. Specially when our bed is facing the Indian Ocean. We could jump into for a swim anytime!!
My dearest husband was really mad! He literally went straight to the balcony right after we have settled down. Spreading his tanning oil like peanut butter onto bread and stayed there for the next 3 hours! HAHAHA! And he could just dozed off under the sun! THIS IS LIFE MAN!
For our dinner, we tried to make booking for Italian Restaurant and Thai Restaurant but they were already fully booked. We did not want to go back to Ocean Restaurant; thinking that we should try others. So, in the end, we settled down with Arabic Cuisine at Al Khaimah.
I love the dinning experience because the atmosphere was really romantic. This was also our first time having Arabic Cuisine together. A great experience I would say.
I couldn't remembered what we ordered. But these were our mains. HAHAHA! I KNOW THEY DON'T LOOK APPEALING! Oh gosh! It was all because of the dim light! But trust me, they were fabulous :D
The night before, we actually made a pact to wake up on the second morning for sunrise. In the end, we "automatically" woke up at 6 plus in the morning and decided to wait for the sunrise together!
And so, we lied onto each other while waiting for the sun to pop out! THAT WAS ALSO THE FIRST TIME WE CAUGHT SUNRISE TOGETHER! The feeling was so amazing! I am so glad that we captured down that moment! #最浪漫的事
A short video that I have video-ed down using Meipai :D
It was low tide in the morning and that was how clear the water!
After that we went back to sleep and woke up again for breakfast! If I did not remember wrongly, only Ocean Restaurant serves breakfast. But they serve different cuisine everyday! This is one of the chefs that I get to see every morning! He is cute!
There is this chef handling the Japanese pancake. While queuing and waiting for my pancake, he actually had a small chat with me. THIS IS SO NORMAL THERE BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL SO FRIENDLY! Then he asked for my name and he wrote this for me. AWWWWWW!
We rented our snorkeling equipment here. YES, IT IS ALSO INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE AS WELL! We only had to return them on the last day of our stay. It include the goggle, snorkeling equipment and the diving fins.
Pictures again! Hahaha!
The weather was great even though it was still monsoon season. We actually came at the wrong season. Monsoon season is from June to December period. Therefore, the waves were kind of strong when we were doing our snorkeling =( He did a lot of snorkeling on the second day but I was still quite afraid to go down due to the waves. Life jackets are provided in our room. I am not a swimmer so I need to wear a life jacket which was such a hassle! I am not able to control or swim properly because the life jacket was always obstructing me. YET I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT! =(
Our routine was like BREAKFAST, SUNTAN, SNORKELING, CHILL. It was mad relaxed and the time was rather in a slower pace as compared to Singapore.
 And also, we headed to the beach too! Did a little snorkeling and swimming as well.
 And he took VERY LONG to draw this for me because of the waves.
And again, we failed to make any booking for Italian and Thai so we headed to Ocean Restaurant to have our dinner here. And look! Centara Ras Fushi Resort did! It was so sweet of them! The cake was sooo yummy too!
And here is myself with a super light make up =X Look at him, so chao ta!
  And here was our "dessert" right after our dinner. Headed to Viu Bar for some drink!
We ended the day watching World Cup. Can't remember what match was that! It was the first penalty match and I still can recalled that we cheered so loudly in the room like nobody business. LIFE WAS SO GREAT THEN!
Too long for one post and I decided to separate them into two. Come back for the Part 2 where we had our mini photoshoot there! Before that, you may want to enjoy the video below that we have recorded during our trip. Sigh. Now I miss there again!

With love

Anonymous –   – (October 22, 2014 at 8:39 PM)  

Hi Katty! Nice vacation video you have! Would like to know what kind of software or tools you use to do such a video with the motion lapse music and all? ^-^

K A T T Y  – (November 2, 2014 at 8:28 PM)  

Hello there! I am using Window Movie Maker for this :D

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