ROM Anniverary Trip to Maldives (Final)

Day 3 and Day 4
Pretty regretted that our trip was only 4D3N. It was definitely not enough. Was hoping for ONE MORE DAY! To us, it wasn't bored at all. This is what we called LIFE =D As usual, breakfast at Ocean Restaurant. We have no problem waking up early. Not sure if it is because of the time difference (3 hours ahead of Singapore) Well, that could be a reason too! Hehehe!

Our breakfast was that sumptuous, diet plan have to chuck aside for this trip. Hahahah! They really served delicious breakfast everyday. They offer a wide range of choice such as Asian Cuisine, Western Cuisine, Indian Cuisine and many more

Our itinerary was very relaxing. Eat, Play, Drink and Sleep. So, we went around to take pictures. How can we missed that! We ended up having a mini photo-shoot. For those who saw my Instagram (@kattytann) posts. Nope, we did not bring any photographer at all. Tripod does the magic. *WINK* Thanks Serene for lending us her Tripod :D We spent about 1.5 hours taking pictures. Like seriously. Non-stop! We were totally in our own world. But it was fine. I believe all couples there were all submerging into their romantic world. Hahaha. Nobody will actually bother us lah, I guess. Alright. Pictures shall do all the talking now. Enjoy~
Which is your favourite? Hahaha. As for us, we love all of them! *THICK SKIN* Literally post-card material. It was so fun especially when we have to fight against our camera timer. Running up and down to capture the best angle. Hahaha! Now I regretted not putting on proper make up when we were taking these pictures =( But, whatever!
And we realised we were burnt! Look at our shoulders. Having a little sun burnt here and there! I am lucky that I don't get tan easily. I will most probably look like a red lobster and skin will start to peel and tadah! I will be back to my fair skin again. After that, we headed to Viu Bar to get some drinks. 
Then back to our room for a rest while drinking our champagne provided by Centara Ras Fushi Resort for our anniversary...
We did this video as if we were doing some advertisement. LOL. Yes, we are that boliao (bored).
Headed for a swim. That's why I love beach holiday. Mind was emptied. Life was so good then.
And watching sunset is something you HAVE TO DO in Maldives. We were really lucky to be able to catch both Sunset and Sunrise. And it was our first time too!
After witnessing the first sunset together, we headed for our last dinner. Sound sad. We finally got to book the Italian Restaurant. We actually booked two days in advance for this. It is famous among the rest of the restaurants. So please book advance and do remember for the outdoor table! It was by the pool and sea ahead of us. Soooo romantic that I wanna die. HAHAHA!
I couldn't remembered what we have ordered. But above pictures did tell what we had. The food were so great! There were nothing I can complain. Can you imagine dinning by the pool and sea ahead, when you lift up your head, all you can see are stars all over the sky? Performance are going table by table to ask for song dedication. And we dedicated "How deep is your love" - favourite oldies that we could think right away. HAHAHA!
Their vocals were great! That moment, I almost died of the romantic atmosphere. How could we ever experience this in Singapore? Now I understand why most couple chose Maldives as their honeymoon destination. Definitely a place for all couples :D

And the last drinks that we had in Viu Bar.

The last day was nothing much except for an incident that we could never ever forget. It is so epic that we laughed each time we got reminded. And this incident went like this...

Because we were leaving on that afternoon, so I thought of having our last snorkeling. So we woke up pretty early - way before our alarm rang us up. Hahahah! So we went straight for snorkeling. We did not wash our face nor brush our teeth. THAT EXTREME! Hahahah! Went straight to the sea. It was a fantastic experience because the tide was low - no waves at all! Absolutely perfect for snorkeling. And the best part was that we got to see so many fishes as compared to the last few days. Such a wonderufl Goodbye gift for us. So just when we decided to head back (We swam pretty far because no waves at all). The moment we got to our villa, we cleaned ourselves using the tap provided at the balcony. Happily talking and discussing the fishes that we have seen. When we wanted to enter to our balcony, we REALISED that the door was locked! We got so panic and tried to force opened the door. My mind was all about asking for help. Pretty embarrassed to be locked outside of our villa right! Just then, Mr Chang realised that the inner villa did not look like ours. There were laptops, luggages and charges lying around! Then we knew that WE GOT INTO THE WRONG VILLA! And we were pretty lucky because the guests weren't in their room. I can't imagine what will happened if they were sleeping and we were outside trying to tear down their balcony door. We could just died of embarrassment.

And this concluded our Romantic, Relaxing yet Epic 4D3N Maldives. Centara Ras Fushi Resort is really an amazing resort. Even though the island itself is considered as small, it has all the facilities that we need. Most importantly, the services that they have. We were treated like royalty everywhere in the resort. It made us feel really welcome. Mr Chang and I have made a pact that we will be back again. Definitely the best beach holiday that we ever had!
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With love

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