Sponsored: Wedding Nails by Absolutely Nails

I headed Absolutely Nails - my nail sponsor just one day before my Actual Day as I have so much cleaning and wiping to do. Initially I wanted Mr Chang to tag along so that he can do some massage at feethaven to distress a little while I do my nails. In the end, he had so many errands to run and we heard that we were not supposed to meet just one day before our Actual Day. Well well well, I bet there are lots of brides who actually meet up their husbands-to-be just one day before the actual day to run all the errands together. I think it is pretty normal to meet now? Not like those olden days whereby we were strictly NOT ALLOWED to see our groom. Anyway, it was just happened that both of us have our things to busy with and so, we didn’t get to see each other.

Yenn was the one who did my nails. She actually had the ideas of what to do with my nails and I went ahead with her suggestion then. During the manicure and pedicure session, it was only time where I could actually sat down and did nothing. The whole week had been very hectic to both of us. So it was quite a great session for me. However, I was still so busy to reply whatsapp throughout the manicure session. HEHEHE!

And here is the end result of my wedding nails. Honestly, I super love them so much that I just couldn’t stop looking at them! They are so clean and elegant.

Just in case if you wonder what are the price for the nails that I did. It cost $73 for this design (Gelish with no extension). I thought that it was pretty reasonable. For those who are interested, quote “Katty” for additional 10% off. Pretty worth it right? =D

Thank you Yenn and Absolutely Nails!
Absolutely Nails
Address: 136 East Coast Road , Singapore 428821 (Near to Katong I12)
Contact: 63453303 (Do call to make appointment!)
Website: http://www.absolutelynailssg.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/absolutelynailSSG

With love

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