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I supposed to do a sum up right after I have completed my first cycle of SkinnyMint. Sorry that I had to delay till now. Many had actually asked me why do I have to take up SkinnyMint when I am already so skinny? The fact is that I am NOT that skinny as most of you think. The fat level in my body is pretty high. I have flabby tummy that I will want to get rid. And I am NOT a diet person. I love to eat and I can really eat a lot. Asking me to go on diet will most probably kill me. I am okay to eat salad for one meal but not ALL the meals. *Roll Eyes* It is even more contradicting when I have to control my diet due to my wedding day. EAT? NO EAT? EAT? NO EAT?

Another reason why I took up SkinnyMint was because I read that it did help in constipation. And yes, I have constipation and it is absolutely “normal” that I did not poo for 3 days. Sometimes I even have problem tracking back the last time that I poo-ed. Hahhaha. Sound horrible? And also, for my wedding (which have just ended).

Dieting is really not easy for me. Sad to say, I don't have the perseverance at all. I eat whatever I want regardless how fattening it is. I grumbled but I just eat. LOL! The first diet session that I managed to pull through was because of my ROM. I am proud to say that I did manage to shed off about 4kg off the fattest period of my life - 56kg till 52kg. It was a tedious journey but I was so proud of myself at that time. HEHEH!

Happy to say that my weigh even drop to 52/51kg within this year which I have no idea why too!  Hahaha. As usual, girls will want to be pretty on their wedding day. So I have to start my dieting ALL OVER AGAIN. Hahaha! In fact, I have been trying to go back to be 4Xkg which seems to be SO IMPOSSIBLE!

I decided to start taking SkinnyMint in late July which I thought it will be perfect and totally just in time for my wedding in early September. MUAHAHAHA! Throughout the session, what I really love is that I get to poo every single day. It is not those diarrhea type but those “normal” session. Hahaha! In fact, I love how clean and empty my body is, every time I poo-ed. Best part is that I do not feel bloated anymore! And it stopped me from all the cravings like tidbits, ice cream and snacks 
This is my weight before taking up SkinnyMint – 50.5kg. I am standing at 168cm by the way. 
Honestly, I do not feel a thing on the first day. I got so panic. I should get to poo right? But I did not! In the end, I even emailed to SkinnyMint to ask about my condition. The sale person told me that the effect should kick in within 4 days as my body might need time to adjust to this. True enough, my poo-ing session begin right after the second day. YAY!
I love the aroma and taste of the Morning Boost. A little fruity taste I would say. Usually I will have milo in the morning together with my breakfast. But after taking up Skinnymint, all I have to do it to replace my usual milo to Morning Boost. Morning Boost contain caffeine which help to boost up my energy level too! Even though, I feel weird that I have to go to toilet every single day. But I am happy that I am able to "poo-ed" without any form of medication. Just 3 days of Skinnymint, I actually lost 400gram! I thought it was quite a “WOW” to be able to get rid of 400grams in just 3 days! What did I do in this three days? I have been eating clean like “Yong Tau Fu”, Bee Hoon Soup and had once steamed broccoli for dinner? I have no time to exercise but I did as many sit up as I can before I sleep.
After one session of Skinnymint which lasted for one month, my weight is now 49.5kg. You might think. WHAT? Just 1 kg? Blame myself for not being diligent enough. My eating clean can only last me for a week. OPPS! But I am still happy that I am back to my 4Xkg lah. 500gram DO MAKE THE DIFFERENCE! Just like $99.90 is different from $100. You get what I mean? HAHA! I am contented enough even though my target is 45. Hehehe! I will continue to work towards this goal, if possible. LOL

And because I'm back to 4Xkg and Mr Chang was able to carry me up for this shoot during our wedding day. HAHAHA. In another words, I am dieting because of him okayyyy! MUAHAHA!
These are the common questions that I have being asked.
Do I eat really clean?
Honestly, no. In fact, I tried to eat clean for the first week and in the end I gave up.

Do you exercise?
If you refer to running or doing weights every single day. Sorry. I did not. Being in a working society, how do I even fork out time to work out? BUT I do sit up every night before I sleep. At least I still exercise right?

How do you feel after taking in the Morning Boost Tea?
Actually I love the aroma and taste of the tea! The smell is very fruity. And best of all, it boost up my energy level (because it contain caffeine)

 How about the Cleansing Night Tea?
To be frank, I don’t like the smell at all. But I think that it really works as I'm able to see the "effect" the next day!

How many times do you go to the toilet each day?
The most will be 2 times.

Do note that these are just my personal views. Different person will experience different thing. I have friends who tell me that it does not work for them. Well, it could be because they did not exercise or eating clean? As for myself, at least I tried to take up some exercising. Look! There is no magic. You mean you drink and you expect yourself to lose 5kg when you have been taking more than 3 heavy meals? This is not going to work. Luckily, because of Skinnymint, I can have normal diet and toilet break. Hehehe! 
For those who are interested, do head over to Skinnymint.com to purchase your order. I strongly recommend you to take up 28 Days Utimate Teabox (For Morning Boost and Night Cleanse), it will not only help you to detox and also boosting up your energy level! 
 So bride-to-be, start your #DaretobeGorgeous with SkinnyMint now!


 With love!

Anonymous –   – (September 24, 2014 at 9:27 PM)  

Fabulous wedding you have! Congrats!

K A T T Y  – (September 29, 2014 at 10:00 PM)  

Hi Anonymous, thank you for your kind compliment! :D

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