Prewedding Photoshoot with La Belle Couture

Many of my friends were confused and thought that we had our wedding photo shoot in Korea. Hahaha. Don't forget about my package with La Belle Couture :D Honestly, we were quite late for our wedding photo shoot even though we managed to reschedule it from June to May. Because Mr Chang had to reservist, work stuff, blah blah blah. Initially we even wanted to go to Bangkok for photo shoot cause I saw the Bangkok series that La Belle has uploaded in their Facebook. SIGH! WE NEED TIME! i thought that we were quite unprepared for this wedding photo shoot. Because several things cropped up and we almost had to reschedule to a later date. Thankful that everything still went smoothly on that day. *PHEW*

Packing of our props!
We thought that we were very smart because we actually threw all the props into a 24” luggage. BUT we were told that some couples even brought up to 3 big luggages for photo shoot. SERIOUSLY! I didn’t even bring that much luggages back from Bangkok =X

On that day!
I am really touched that one of my sisters - Serene came down to help out with our photo shoot! I am really so blessed to have her because she actually skipped her lesson when her examination were around the corner. Omg. Felt so guilty over it! She also helped me to collect my balloons. How sweet this lovely girl can be! * MUACKS*

Both of us were extremely early on that day. Sad to say we did not sleep well at all. We were still rushing to get all the needed stuffs the night before. We had to look for tuxedo shirt, green pants (I know you will be FOR WHAT!), my black heels (Cause I need to match my black gown!) and the list of stuffs that we were told to bring . THIS IS THE RESULT FOR DOING THINGS SO LAST MINUTE! A lesson to learn! Brides-to-be: DON'T BE TOO LAST MINUTE!

So, what did we bring for our shoot. Ok. I am going to list them all down if you want to know:
1. Serviette (Our coordinator, Lucas said that using serviette to swipe our face will be better than tissue. Because tissue paper will actually stick onto your face. So we decided to take it from Mcdonald’s. HAHAHA! SO CHEAPO RIGHT!)
2. Slipper (I don't want to wear the heels for the whole day. My legs will most probably break! I changed into slippers immediately after each location.)
3. Your own make up set (Compact powder, Lip gloss, Eyelashes glue and etc.)
4. Shoes (Black and White Heels for myself and Black shoes for Mr. Chang. If your husband is wearing white suits, please remember to wear white shoes as well. Mr Chang did not wear any white suits so we skip this.)
5. Ear Studs (Small ear studs so that your ears will look empty without any accessories)
6. Snacks and Drinks (Probably you won't have time to eat but still you need to stand by just in case you faint! Remember to get straws for the drinks.)
7. Props (We got fake flowers, picnic mat, chalkboard, guitar, windmill, big letters, vintage luggage and some small little props.)
8. Safety pins (We did not use it at all. This is for JUST IN CASE.)

Some of the behind the scene pictures! Naked face with a just woke up look. LOL

And here is Vivi Wong, most La Belle Couture brides' favourite make up artist. She was the one that did my make up and hair for my ROM too!
It took about 2 hours for the hair and make up to be done. Mr Chang was there with me all the while, looking at me and snapping pictures after pictures while I put on the make up. Super patient! 

And here is Mr Chang's turn. Well, I got to say he is extremely handsome after putting on make up. I mean, I know he is already very handsome (AHEM! HAHAHA). But after putting on make up... WOAAAHHH! SUPER DUPER HANDSOME OKAY! I always tell him that his skin has the potential to be a ladyboy. HAHAHAHA! His skin is super flawless can! #$)(%(*)#($*)(*)#%
And here is our first look! SUPER LOVE THIS GOWN! This is actually the first gown that I have tried during the gown fitting and I literally fell in love with. I told Mr Chang that if I did not wear this, I will regret for the rest of my life. MUAHAHAHA!
And here was my second look. The gown is so heavy because of the detailed beads. This piece totally bring out the oriental cheongsam feel yet a little bit of sexy. Sad that I don't have pictures to show the sexiness of the back of the gown. It was bare-back all the way to my hip. WOOHOO! If you noticed, we went into different kind of styles for this wedding photo shoot. From Classic, Fun then Oriental. Some says I look pretty mature with this look. What do you think? :D
Oriental style!
We did not manage to take the pictures of our third look as we were so in a rush for the outdoor shoot. That was because of an appointment that we have made and we have to reach there in time.
For the first outdoor shoot we went was to Bukit Timah Saddle Club. This is one of the locations that I told Kenny (the photographer) that I have to go. In fact, one week before the wedding photo shoot, we met up with Kenny to talk about our concept and the locations we had in our mind. He is really good as he gave us really a lot of advices. He even helped us to arrange the route so that we will not waste time on transport. Lastly, I am really glad that Bukit Timah Saddle Club really help me a lot for this wedding photo shoot! Specially thanks to their staff Gerard who really went all out to help us. MILLION OF THANKS! (Rate: The cost of 1 hour for photo shoot with horse is $300. Refer here for more details. )

Pictures taken by Serene :D She really took nice pictures of us!
Say HELLO to handsome Porter! He is soooooo obedient throughout the photo shoot! I am quite timid amd I don't even dare to go nearer to him =.= The moment he moved, both of us startled. When Kenny wanted Porter to look at us, all we did was to call his name "Porter~~~~" And he will turn his head and Kenny quickly snapped it! Phew! Team work is really needed here! Thanks Porter for cooperating too!. Hahaha~
The next location that we went was Little Children Museum. This was a last minute plan because we wanted to go Upper Seletar Reservoir which was completely out of the way. Then I remembered my mum told me that Little Children Museum actually allows photo shoot and she even asked the rate for me. It was $50 per hour.  And so, we decided to go for it!
Next final location, we headed to nearby - Haji Lane before we called it a day! Phew! Specially thanks to La Belle Couture Photographer, Kenny and Rayden! And also Serene who helped us to run errands during the photo shoot!
Photo Selection
We have already received the copies of the photographs BUT will only be blogging about them after our wedding. :D Our photo selection was really a hardcore. Before we went for photo selections, all of our friends told us not to be harsh and buy the photos. Cause ultimately it will end up in your storeroom or cupboard. Honestly, the photo selection went pretty smooth, except that it took us quite long to choose. How to choose when all of them are so beautifully taken?!?! Anyway, we did eliminate a few series and photos. By the way, Rayden was the one who served us. He gave us valuable comment on how to choose and even suggested which photo we should eliminate and which were the one to take. Appreciated much! Mr Chang said "Once in a lifetime" Like WOW! He was the one who kept telling me not to buy any photo. Look! Who is the one getting them now. HAHAHA! But well, they are all well deserved spent money! :D

Anyway, both of us have been recommending our friends to La Belle Couture. I am glad that some of them actually booked and was pleased with the service! For those who are interested in engaging La Belle Couture, check out my Instagram (@Kattytann) NOW for the sponsored contest by La Belle Couture! Comment the gown that you like and stand to win $200 OFF when you sign up for them! See you there!

With love!

Wendy –   – (September 5, 2014 at 9:08 AM)  

You looked gorgeous babe! :)

Anonymous –   – (September 8, 2014 at 12:41 PM)  

Saw u n hubs near park hotel clarke quay u r so pretty ��

K A T T Y  – (September 9, 2014 at 12:07 PM)  

Hi Annoymous, Yah, we were around there last weekend! Thanks for your compliment! ^^

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