My Hen's Night

Had a craziest hen's night in last 3 weeks. What exactly happened was, my BFF, Wei Young couldn't attend my wedding even though he had already bought his air ticket. I swear I really feel very upset about it. But both of us did not want this thing to happen either. Therefore I told him to bring forward or even postpone his trip so that we can at least have a dinner or even join me for my hen's night IF I happened to have one.

And in the end, he planned the hen's night for me. Yes. He is really sweet even though he complained how hard it is to plan. I truly understand as he is not even in Singapore. Anyway, I wouldn't say I am totally fooled. Because  I know that I will be meeting some of them (which are my bridesmaids as well). But I am quite surprised that Wally, Miao Ling and Serene were there! Honestly, I am touched. It is hard to gather the rest of them and now even harder to gather the 6 of them. Appreciated his efforts! AND OF COURSE, my 6 dearest bridesmaids who planned up all the #($*)(%*#) games that almost made me feel like strangling them. 

On that day!

Wei Young met up with me to do some shopping at Bugis because I was sooooo pissed off with the dress that I wore. You know, I got so fed up with Carousell seller. They are so dishonest! The dress that I wore was actually discolored with stained at the bottom of the dress. Yes, blamed myself for not checking! Pffff!! Anyway, we shopped for almost 1.5 hours which I was completely surprised that he did not flared up or even rushed me. All he did was "You slowly shop hor". Good right? That was because there were some delayed over at the other hand. Hahaha.

So after that we left Bugis Street and walked to Switch by Timbre - Okay, it was actually my first time there and I never know that it was so close to Bugis. The queue was long, the place was totally crowded. I was like "You sure you got a seat inside?"  When I went in, I saw my lovely girls smiling evilly. - That is the only word that I could describe. Hahahah. And they even decorated the special seats for myself with some...props?

So we ordered our dinner and had a little chat here and there! Until Wei Young told me "eh. You better be prepared" Yeah. I was like "Huh? For what?" And when I knew, it was too late. I was called up to the stage. I was super reluctant! Mind you, the place was really CROWDED!

They said that I look as if I am going to kill them - Alright, I am nervous okay! And the spotlight was really sooooo bright that I couldn't even see the audience - but I thought it was pretty good. HAHAHA! After having a little chat with the emcees, which I couldn't even remembered now. I was tasked to either perform a pole dance to a male stranger or sing a song for everyone. I was stucked and did not cooperate at all. So I chose none. HAHAHA! But in orderd to end everything in a happier way, I was forced to sing "Happy Birthday" song to those whose birthday fell on that day. Just when I thought everything was over, the emcee said something like "Do you girls (referring to the bridesmaid) satisfied with this? Do you want to make her drink shots or something?" Seriously, I could really see their head nodding enthusiastically. The evil faces of them and the heads that were going to fall down from all the nodding with agreement...

So when waterfall was preparing, I was still made to stand on the stage. I feel so awkward doing nothing as though I am some kind of passerby checking if the PA systems were working fine. HAHAHA. I am serious lah. And the most awkward moment was, I stood in between them and asked to act like an third party while they were singing "珊湖海"! Whatttt! Omg. You seriously!!!! Thanks really. What a sad song for a Hen's Night. HAHAHHA! The most epic thing was when the waterfall came and when the song was about to end. I was actually drinking while they were singing "珊湖海"! HAHAHA! Am I falling out of love or something?

So the sisters got what they want and I was finally released from the stage. YAY! Just when I thought everything settled. I was asked to do task again. For example, "Getting 5 condoms from strangers" - I tried but failed. Who will bring a condom out and admit to you that they have one with them. Right? Hahaha! Next "Getting 12 kisses from strangers" - honestly this KILLED me! I think I only managed to get 5-6? I feel so bad cause I feel that I have let Mr Chang down. And worst thing was that they were like my second, third, fourth, fifth guy that kissed me on my cheek?!?!?! I hate to think of this man! Anyway, the last game was the most extreme but thankful that they allowed me to skip this - "Eat a porky with a stranger with X amount of cm left" *SCREAM* I totally can't do this all! I can't imagine the scene... Sorry if the "standard" seems ok for you me. Errr. I am a conservative person okay! 

And so, we ended at Switch by Timbre and headed to the second round where most of us got really high and crazy. Indeed had a great time when them. It was good that we all have an enjoyable night! And it got me even more happier that they can click as well as I thought (Because they are all from different clique).
Thanks that Wei Young came up with this Hen's Night plan and brought forward his trip specially for me. Still upset that he will not be there for my wedding =( But anway, who say there is no platonic relationship? He is one of the rare that we have in our group. I am really glad that I have him other than Mr Chang, whom knows all my dirty little secret. Hehehe. And hey, we are going honeymoon together with him as well! (Not really the entire trip but meet for a day or so?) And the sisters (Wally, Miao Ling, Serene, Yen Yee, Ying Ying and Shao Ling), thank you for taking time to arrange and prepare the program.

Final countdown to 2 days!

With love

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