Ended our Guo Da Li (过大礼)

Counting down 5 days to #gavinkatty1209. It is like the final countdown. Getting closer and closer! Time passes very quickly specially after the lunar 7th month. We are pretty regret that we hold our wedding in September because it was so close to lunar 7th month (As we have to stop all the preparation work.) But I realise there are actually many September brides out there! :D BELLO! Congrats Congrats!!

As much as I'm going insane over the preparation. Here is one burden down which was the Guo Da Li plus giving out invitation to our elderly. We just had that on last Saturday (30 August 2014). It was indeed shag but happy to receive wishings from them when we visited.

Mr Chang came over to my place together with his brother and Meipo to 提亲 on that morning during the auspicious hour. Isn't it funny that we still have to go thru this stage when we have already registered our marriage. HAHA. Sometimes chinese traditional custom is pretty lame but with ton of reasons you will eventually still want to follow. And well, we did according too!

We followed the groom's dialect which is Cantonese. (In most cases, we HAVE TO follow the groom's dialect UNLESS the bride herself is a Teochew. Teochew has the biggest call to say and even the groom's has to follow it.)

These are the traditional dowry (嫁妆) that my mum had prepared for me.
Well. The package above actually symbolise good virtue of the bride which means she is ready to take up the role of a married woman. And every little thing in it has different meaning. For example, the bathtub, potty and basin are to encourage you to have children in the future (Like what!!!?!). AND you have to use that for your children in the future. HAHA! Wedding lamp means bright future for the couple (SO AMAZING?) and wedding bowls mean ample food for the couple in the future (LIKE WOW!) I really wonder who is the one who came up with all these "reasonings"! I know they sound truly no logic at all BUT STILLLLL being a pantang couple, we still follow the traditional customs that are being passed down. :D
If you are wondering where did I get those from cause they wrapped up so nicely just like those selling at the wedding shop. HAHAHA! My family actually helped me to wrap up the day before. And we thought that it will be nicer to wrap it up. Best of all, it is easier to keep and carry. Here are the behind the screen pictures taken when my sister and jiefu had a hard time wrapping them. LOL!
Even the daily necessaries, we got it wrapped up in a basket that was initially kept for Mr Chang to place his Guo Da Li stuff. 
The bride's side has the most to prepare when comes to Guo Da Li. As for the groom's side, they are much simpler but have the most to spend. The normal procedure will be 2 bottles of Martell (Not sure why!), Oranges, wedding cakes, pig trotters and etc.

On that Guo Da Li itself, everything went pretty smooth I would say. Totally chop chop kind. Every thing ended quite fast I would say. Hahaha! Errrr. I have no idea why I snapped a blur picture and this was the only picture that I have :( So I have to post this picture of my mum. Hahahah!
That is the Meipo (媒婆) which is my aunt (二姑) as well. Yes, Meipo (媒婆) is still around in this era. Hahaha. At first, Meipo (媒婆) will explain the stuffs that the guy's side gave to us. She will explain each items and ask my mum to check. She was the one holding the Si Dian Jin (四点金) and Pinjin (聘金) and pass it to the my mum. These were the stuffs that Mr Chang brought over excluding my dowry from my mum. 
I feel like IT WAS TOTALLY LIKE A GIFT EXCHANGE CEREMONY! For example, Mr Chang came with 2 Martell and we have to return him 2 bottles of orange juice. (SUCH A GOOD DEAL RIGHT!) Then we did an exchange of 8 oranges to 8 oranges. My mum requested for 50 wedding cakes (My family side is pretty huge) and 32 cans of pig trotters so we both returned 8 each to them again. As for the pinjin, Mr Chang gave a hefty 4 Huats to my mum. I have no idea why since he knew that my mum will only take a certain amount. My mum actually had to use back the same money that he gave and returned it to him again. No changing of notes or putting on your own notes. Just take whatever in the pinjin and returned. Over at my side, I was actually asked to give angbao for my MIL, FIL and Mr Chang's brother. I actually knew it super last minute. I didn't know about this at all. So, Meipo (媒婆) placed them in the tray like this and brought back whatever item back to the guy's place. PHEW! 
SO. The whole event is totally like a BRING HERE BRING THERE ceremony. No reason, plainly just for good marriage I supposed. But we were so glad that the biggest hurdle has already ended! You know, traditional custom part were the most driving us to crazy part. But, phew! We didn't managed to take lots of pictures. (SAD!) So here was the picture of us taken while we were doing cake distribution.
For those who are interested in Swee Heng Wedding Cake, this is what we got. Currently the best and cheapest in town for assorted traditional cake. The price for each is $6.80 per box.
For those who are curious, the Guo Da Li package my mum got it from KSL City for less than $100. Some items were purchased in Taobao. Will touch on that after my wedding :)

That's all folk! Final countdown!
With love

Anonymous –   – (September 8, 2014 at 12:37 PM)  

Congrats! U r such a beautiful bride��

Anonymous –   – (September 9, 2014 at 8:44 AM)  

Hi, May i know where did you buy your xi bing from? Any address or contact?

K A T T Y  – (September 9, 2014 at 12:05 PM)  

Hi anonymous, awww! Thanks ;)

Hi anonymous, as stated. From Swee Heng :)

Anonymous –   – (September 10, 2014 at 8:43 AM)  

Hi Thanks for sharing..do share more updates on your wedding prep as it will be helpful for ppl who are having wedding soon(like me)hahahaha..have you an chuan?

K A T T Y  – (September 11, 2014 at 12:28 AM)  

Hi there! You are welcome! I am glad that it help you in some ways. hehehe! Yup, I have an chuang last saturday. Will blog about it after the wedding I guess. :D

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