All set for #GavinKatty1209 now!

It seems like I am updating about my wedding stuff every now and then. Sorry it is bothering you. Hahaha! But once in a lifetime, just give in to me okay!! It is exactly ONE DAY to the #gavinkatty1209! These few days we were really busy with all the last minutes stuff. The time never seem to be enough. I wish we can buy more time. Physically and mentally drained off way before the big day. Damn. And here I am down with sore throat. I hope I will get better. I don't want to be a ladyboy on that day with a heavy tone. *CRIES*

These are my checklists: 

1. Collected my gown from Blessed Bride - Checked!
2. Collected my wedding album from La Belle Couture - Checked!
3. Collected my wedding gown/Mr Chang's suits/Father's jackets from La Belle Couture - Checked!
4. Schedule to be sent to all my brothers and sisters - Checked!
5. Decoration props to be done and packed - Checked!
6. Skin condition improved (I had done twice of Spectra Carbon Laser Peel at Aesthetic Studio to reduce my scars/pores till now. Last few months, I actually had a minor outbreak and I have no idea why! This was also one of the reasons I stop posting my selfie in Instagram. The breakout was so horrible that I got a shocked when I see myself in the middle. Yes! That worst! which was why I never post any selfie during that period in my Instagram. Even though it was just two sessions but I am soooo pleased with the result now.) - Checked!
6. LoseWeight! (I managed to reduce 2kg with the help of Skinnymint! (It was totally an easy way to reduce weight. Specially for constipation people like me! I will go into the details after my wedding as well.) - Checked!
7. New wedding "heads" for both of us done by Salon De Choix - Checked!
8. Photobooth Layout from Beehoon Production - Checked!
9. Bridal nails from Absolutely Nails - Checked!

There are more which I think it will be too long if I want to list them down. Now, we are all set to #GavinKatty1209

We will see you there!
With love

Anonymous –   – (September 12, 2014 at 9:07 AM)  

Congrats! Rest well n be a pretty bride on your big day!

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