Update on Future Place/Insurance/Investment

Here is the latest update of how our future place is going to be like.

Not sure if it is within our plan. We always thought that we will be able to get our keys early this year or even June. But 人算不如天算. In the end, the project slows down. Judging from the progress, it seems that we will only be able to get our keys in the last quarter of 2014. But whatever, we are okay even if we are the last batch to collect keys. Hahaha! What a weird thinking. It will be better than clashing with our upcoming customary wedding right? We will be so mentally and physically drained off. But still, we are looking forward for the arrival of our nest. 

At this age, I can really experience the "adult woes". Getting married, upcoming flat, bills, insurances, work and whatever you can think of. Wow! What a good package to grow be an adult. At this age, you will feel that everything seems to be progressing very fast. Like I always say, I thought I am still 18 this year? I wish I can still go back to that carefree toddler life. Note: Not even student life. Hahaha!

After the wedding in September, most likely we will be busy for our housing renovation, furniture and the preparation for our flat. Luckily, we have been looking around for Interior Designs early this year. We started to do renovation research pretty early because we thought that it will clash into our customary. But it is good, at least we plan earlier.

Besides doing research for renovation, friends have been telling us to do CPF investment before the HDB wipe out all your CPFs. Sound scary! And so, we managed to do ours a few days ago. I have got myself a Manulink Investor plan which allows you to use CPF to invest. Under the CPF's policy, do make sure that your Ordinary Account (AO) have at least $20,000 before you start any investment. For this, the minimum start up is as low as $5,000. I think it is a pretty a good start up before my CPF is being wipe off by HDB.

These are my reasons:
1. Manulink Investor Manulink Investor offers more "interest" than what CPF give. Dividend payout is given to us monthly. It will be 3.6cents per annum per unit. You may try to do some calculation on the amount you wish to invest.
2. For any cases if I lose my job or unable to pay off my HDB's loan, I can withdraw the amount from my investment to pay for my monthly HDB's loan.
3. For any cases if I pass on, the money will be given to my family straight away without no hassle unlike CPF.
4. I can always check the share/stock in their website: https://www.manulife.com.sg/ilp-fund-price-investment.asp. Actually not necessary to check everyday, but it is always good to check how your stock is doing too.

I mean everybody has different views in investment plan. I am not saying that YOU HAVE to take up on investment. This is based on my personal view and needs. One thing when comes to insurance is that, you need to know what are your NEEDS when you are new to it. For example, after we have ROM-ed, we actually got Aviva MyShield policy. Just in case you are not sure what it is. I think everyone must have this. Because hospitalization in Singapore is SOOOOO freaking Expensive! And also the best part is that when both of us buy Aviva MyShield policy, it also cover our future kids' medical (Up to 4 kids). Pretty good right? Quite highly recommended for those newly wed couple who have not purchase anything :) Oh! Manulife is selling this policy on behalf on Aviva. At the same time, I also got myself ManuCompleteCare. In short, this plan covers you with a financial plan when you have diagnosed critical illnesses early. The payout will be come in handy to pay for your mortgage installments, children's education fees and even to provide replacement of income. Both of us bought saving plan as well.

For your information, I am NOT selling any insurance here and I am NOT an agent at all. I am just sharing with you what I have gotten and I think it is worth something to share about. THERE ARE SO MANY POLICIES AVAILABLE. You sure have to find something that you can afford to pay for it and you have to be comfortable with. The policies that we have gotten totally fit what we needed and we are not a risk taker at all. If you would like to know more, I can always introduce my friend who is in this line and is also my agent. Just sharing~

With love

Anonymous –   – (August 21, 2014 at 10:47 PM)  

Hi Katty, My boyf and I have applied for flat and will be getting marry soon. Do you think we can get the Myshield policy so that our future children will be cover too? Both of us do not have any myshield coverage. Any age limit? How much would it be? Sorry for so many questions ask. Thanks in adv.

Unknown  – (August 22, 2014 at 12:35 AM)  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
K A T T Y  – (August 22, 2014 at 8:28 AM)  

Hi Jeff, sorry that I have to delete your comment because this is not meant to be any form of "marketing". Just to protect myself as well! Hope you don't mind :)

Hi Annoymous, not sure if you have seen Jeff's comment (the one before I have deleted) This is the below main message that he wanted to convey:
"Hi Annoymous, as long as both husband and wife is under the MyShield. However within MyShield, it has 3 tiers of coverage from B1 government ward to Private hospital."

Anonymous –   – (August 23, 2014 at 3:32 PM)  

Not wanting to do anything marketing here but to anonymous if you want to know more feel free to drop me a email that can be found at my personal WordPress profile page.

I'm from an independently own financial advisory firm which works with many financial institutions in Singapore.

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