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Do you have times whereby you are so lazy to head out for your breakfast, lunch or even dinner? - Honestly. Most of the time I am like this. I prefer takeaways and prefer to dine at home instead. I can eat my favourite meal and watch my Hong Kong drama at home comfortably. Isn't it great?!?! 

And here, I found out about Foodpanda which serves great help for lazy people like you? Or maybe myself. Haha! Foodpanda is an online marketplace with widest gastronomic range which includes salads, pizza, burger, sushi and many more! After consumers have placed their desired meal through their platform, Foodpanda will then process their orders to the restaurant which will deliver right to the consumers' doorstep.

Ordering from Foodpanda is really as easy as ABC. Just 3 simple steps and you can "nua" at your comfort zone while waiting for your food to be delivered to your place...

STEP 1: Have no idea what to have for your meal? Don't worry. Simple enter your postal code and see what are the restaurants offering! You can even know which restaurants offering this delivery service too! 
STEP 2: There are a lot of restaurant for you to choose from. When I mean A LOT, there are not just 10 restaurants but more than 90 restaurants! You can have Italian, Japanese, Indian, Mexican, Chinese meals appear right at your doorsteps!!
STEP 3: After you have chosen your preferred restaurant, you may want to select the meal(s) that you want to have it. Add the set that you want to have into your cart and check out with your mailing details!
STEP 4: Check out your orders now and TADAH! YOU ARE ALL DONE. You can now shake your leg at home while waiting for your food to deliver to your place.
Foodpanda is now giving $10 voucher to all of my readers. Simply key in "foodpanda10" in the voucher column will do! Do note that minimum order must be $10 and this voucher code is ONLY FOR NEW CUSTOMER! Voucher will expire in July 2015! So hurry up and sign up with foodpanda now!

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