Irish Highlights Part 4

28 March 2014, Friday. We headed for a Ring of Kerry Excursion which is also known as Iveragh Peninsula. Ring of Kerry is the Kerry tourist trail and is part of the mystical and unspoilt region of Ireland. Along the way, we made several stops. Here was the first stop which I have totally forgotten the name of this place. HAHAHA! 

Finally after 4 days, we made our first SELFIE here! Managed to squeeze 10 faces in this picture with my long-est hand. Haha. Not too bad!
The weather was still gloomy and cold. Below were taken during the bus ride.
We arrived at The Red Fox Inn for a short break. The Red Fox Inn is an old traditional road house situated adjacent to Kerry Bog Village Museum. If you are looking for a good Irish Coffee, do drop by there.
Daniel actually got this leprechaun's hat from the souvenir shop. Hahahaha! Super suit him can! Anyway, leprechaun is a type of fairy in Irish folklore. You will most probably see lots of him in all the souvenir shops. He looks cute uh?
Here was another stop to view the scenic of Ring of Kerry...
A stopover at Waterville which is also the hometown of Charlie Chaplin. The weather and sky are very beautiful! YAY! No more gloomy cloud! It looked humid but it was still shivering cold at that time!
I was damn ignorant. I couldn't remember who was that one that I have actually asked. I said something like "So, Charlie Chaplin actually burried below?" HAHAHAHA!And that friend of mine actually said "NO LAH! Here is his hometown leh!" OMG! Damn embarrassed!
We took a group photo here together with our friends from South Africa, Vietnam and South Korea! Cheers! A perfect sky for a perfect group photo! YAY~
After that, we stopped by Scarriff Inn Failte Beach for our lunch break.
Can't remember how much was this meal. Think it cost at least S$15-$18. The soup was really yummy. The view of this cafe was really beautiful. It was really relaxing to enjoy our afternoon here. Guess what was the scenery beside us?
Tadah! This is something that you will never get to experience in Singapore. It was so countryside feel and super relax. After that, Alice and I decided to scroll around and we even climbed over the fence for more a clearer view of this scenery.
It took us quite a while to climb as we were both wearing dress BUT with leggings. HAHA! But we don't really care! I am glad that we did because the sceneries were so beautiful! Totally lost of words.

Behind the scene while Daniel was being interviewed by the reporter from Korean. Some of us were actually trying to distract him but they failed because Daniel was too professional and engrossed with the interview. HAHAHA! 
A last stop to view the beautiful Ring of Kerry.
I was forever having a shampoo commercial. Cause my hair was flying all over whenever I wanted to take a selfie. =\  Photos taken while we were making our way to the last destination. 
One of the main highlight of Trafalgar's tour - Be My Guest at Muckross Farm. Most of the Trafalgar's tour there will be "Be My Guest" which able you to experience their culture and experience the hospitality of their people.

The owner of Muckross Farm gave us a short briefing on the bus first; the history of Muckross Farm, the dinner that we will be having and etc.
The owner briefly introduced their three separate working farms (Small, Medium and Large), each complete with animals, poultry and traditional farm machinery. He also brought us to Labourer's Cottage, a Carpenter's Workshop, a Harness Maker as well as a Blacksmith's Forge
While the owner was explaining the working habits and lifestyle that they had, Daniel actually came to tell us that there were TWO HUGE HORSES behind this door. And a few of us decided to sneak in while the owner was still doing his explanation. Sound bad right? But we did it discreetly. =P
Honestly, when he told us about the huge horses. We were really like "Oh. Really? How big can a horse be?" But when we saw them, we totally had a shocked. ARE THEY EVEN HORSES?!? THEY ARE OMFG HUGE! We were so excited yet have to do so discreetly because we did not want others to know that we actually sneaked into this place when the owner was explaining. Hahaha! So a few of us started to spam pictures and selfies. "Eh, quick, help me take picture!" We did not even dare to go close to them cause we were afraid that they might suddenly attacked us! Hahahaha! Guess what? Right after I finished taking this photo below, THE HORSES MOVED! All of us literally jumped up and ran away. HAHAHAHAHAHAH! Just a small move from the horses and we ran away quickly. Damn comical! And I know I look wtf-super-ugly-and-stiff in the picture below BECAUSE I'M SO AFRAID THAT THEY MIGHT COME CLOSER TO ME!
LOOK! This is just how huge they are! OMG. And the dog below was huge as well!
This time round, we went closer to take picture with them. BUT I STILL LOOK F-ING STIFF LAH! I wanted to take picture with them yet I am so afraid when they moved. Seriously!!!
And here was the menu. A day before the Be My Guest Event, our Travel Director, Bernard actually went around asking for the preferred main dish. There are choice of Lamb, Salmon or Vegetarian.
The first dish was Boxty Potatoe Cake with Tournafulla Black Pudding and a light Mustard Sauce
The above was Traditional Irish Farmhouse Stew with Selection of Homemade Farm Breads and Freshly Boiled Potatoes. Many had commented that it was good though. Too bad, I don't take Lamb. The one below was Salmon. I have tried this, apparently it tasted very good. I could have take it because I am very afraid of the smell of Salmon. But this salmon was alright to me.
Above was the vegetarian which I took. Honestly, it was not to my liking though. Hahaha. And here was the dessert Homemade Traditional Bread and Butter Pudding with Fresh Homemade Custard.
The above chocolate was a souvenir from them. The chocolate was so nice that I finished it on that day itself! :D Throughout the dinner, there was actually this brother and sister singing Irish songs as well. They really kept us entertained with their folk songs as well as the interaction. And look, Victor was invited to sing with them. HAHAHA!
I would enjoyed "Be My Guest". We really got to experience their culture and their food. It was really a rare experience that you won't get to experience IF you did not join Trafalgar tour. And that is why "Be My Guest" is one of the popular main highlights!

Most of us actually brought cup noodles and guess what! We actually had a cup noodles party right after "Be My Guest". All of us gathered at one of our tour mates room and started to make cup noodles and chit chat till midnight. Seems like we have already get over with the jetlag. HAHAHA!

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