Irish Highlights Part 3

27 March 2014, Thursday. That morning, we headed out at the usual timing. Still suffering from a little jetlag... Kinda of loser I know. HAHAHA. We left Waterford and had 2-3 hours of bus journey to Youghal. We made a stop at this cemetery for some sightseeing.

I love the beautiful nature. It was very peaceful. Air was very fresh despite the temperature dropped again to an almost freezing point for me. =P
Enjoyed the journey while making our way to Youghal. Don't forget to try their famous Irish Coffee and Baileys Coffee. It is something not to be missed if you are here in Ireland. 
Sadly, not all the shop were opened. If I don't remember wrongly, the shops usually open at 11-12 and close rather early. This is how carefree their lifestyles are. Their houses are pretty cheap compared to Singapore. I mean, there are A LOT of countries having the lowest housing rate as compared to Singapore. Imagine owning these for just almost half a million Singapore dollars each. *TSK TSK*
Exploring this little town of Youghal.
The lovely girls that travelled with me ^^ And of course, we tried their Irish Coffee.
I ordered an Baileys Coffee instead after I have tried my tour mate, Ivan's Irish Coffee. Irish coffee is actually a cocktail consisting of hot coffee, Irish whiskey, and sugar. The alcoholic level of Irish Coffee is way too strong for morning. HAHAHA! I prefer Baileys though.
After that we headed to Blarney Castle. It was built nearly 600 years ago by one of the Ireland's greatest chieftains, Cormac MacCarthy. The temperature actually decreased again. I was shivering while walking to the Blarney Castle.
Saw that beautiful castle? I am pretty amazed that it was still so well preserved after 600 years! It is A MUST to climb up the castle and also to KISS Blarney Stone. Huh? What's that? Why must kiss the stone?!?!
The stairs are definitely not for everyone. In fact, it really remind me of the Great Wall of China that I have climbed. It is much tougher than Great Wall of China because it is so dark and we really have to mind each steps. And seriously, I have phobia of spiral staircase.
However, I did not regret climbing to the top of the castle because the sceneries were way too gorgeous! I was suffering like mad because was so freaking cold that my ear went totally numb! Kept covering my ears as though they were dropping! My ears were damn painful at that time. Zzzzzz.
Errrr. Not BARNEY but BLARNEY Stone. Most people will climb to the top of the castle to kiss the stone. Why? Because they believe that it is to give the gift of eloquence. Read the full story here. Well, I did not kiss the stone as well. It was way too cold for me to move around. And also can you imagine everyone is actually kissing the same spot?!?! Hahahaha.
This is my one of tour members from Korea. She is super beautiful by the way. Hahaha. In order to kiss the stone, you have to hang upside down over a sheer drop and kiss it. Cute right? And oh, you have to pay for it. Can't remember how much it is though.
A walk to their Poison Garden.
Looking pale, battling with the atrocious wind at that time. MY EAR!!! URGH!
After that, we headed to the nearby restaurant for our lunch. It was just 5 minutes walk away from Blarney Castle (Note: You have to exit Blarney Castle first!) And that was my sumptuous lunch! ^^
While we were shopping for more souvenirs, a hailstorm started! I didn't know it was hailstorm until I felt that something dropping onto my head continuously. HAHAHA! Like a dumb right! I mean how would I know it was a hailstorm!

And we left Blarney and traveled to Killarney to check in our hotel. It was a long ride back to Killarney.
We checked into Killarney Towers Hotel. The location of this hotel is pretty accessible. It is less than 5 minutes walk to shopping centre and shopping streets. Do note that the shopping centre closes as early as 5pm.
The bed was so small that I have to shift it next to the wall JUST IN CASE I fell down at night! =')
After we have dropped our luggages, all of us actually met up to explore this town. We were pretty fast uh? Hahaha! Everyone was like "TIME FOR SHOPPING" and we rushed our way to the nearby outlet shopping mall.
Dinner settled in one of the restaurant at the town. Most of us were already craving for chinese food BUT there were not a single chinese restaurants. So, we managed to find this place where they sell noodles! OMG~ IS NOODLES!!!!!!!!!
The rest were good too! Their service are something I got to praise about. That was my first time to Europe and I was actually amazed by how friendly Irish people are. People on the street are greeting each other. What a friendly place! Hahaha! And when we were at the restaurant, one of our friend's order was actually being left out. In fact, we never actually asked the staff about the order and we continued to wait. HAHAHA! I guess the staff actually noticed that we have been waiting for something and that was when she actually realised that she left out her order. She apologised to us that it was her fault and that meal will bill to her. All of us were like "Huh? What happened uh? Why free uh?" HAHAHA!

Oh. I forgot to mention that my room mate, Alice and I spent a bomb at Penneys. Gosh! Everything was so cheap! Imagine a sun dress at only 5-10euros! I spent over 100 euros in Penneys itself with more than 20 pieces of apparels. Damn cheap! Irish Highlights Part 4 will be talking about Be My Guest dinner which I am so looking forward in Trafalgar tour. Stay tuned for the upcoming post! ;)

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