Irish Highlight Part 5

29 March 2014, Saturday. We left Killarney and took a ferry across the River Shannon. River Shannon is the longest river in Ireland. Taking a ferry will be faster than drive. It only took 45minutes for us to reach to Limerick. By drive, it will take up more than 2 hours.

It was an amazing experience. LOL! Sorry for being so "mountain turtle" And worst thing was that I did another silly thing again. One of my mates asked me how long will it take to reach? I told her 45minutes. So while we were on the bus, I did not realise that the ferry was moving at all. We did not alight the bus as well. After 5 minutes, I asked her something like "Is the ferry moving?" She replied "Ya lah. If not you tell me it will take 45 minutes" HAHAHAHAHA! Totally wtf. I did not feel any motion at all ok!
After that, we decided to alight to have some fresh air - in fact, it was cold air! Literally started to shiver the moment I alighted. But the sceneries were way too beautiful that I must embraced the cold no matter what.
SELFIE HERE AND THERE! We did A LOT of selfies at ahat time! After another 30-45minutes of drive, we finally reached Limerick.
 We stopped for an afternoon break at Crotty's.
Crotty's is very cozy I thought say. But I think most of us were really sick of having bread. We literally left them untouched. Not because they don't taste good, but imagine having to eat those for every day and every meal. I can't imagine how much weight I have gained through this trip. Hahahah!
Next, we visited one of the top attractions in Ireland - Cliff of Moher. And if you are a Harry Potter's fan, you will realised that this place looked rather familiar. Yes, one of the dramatic scene in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was actually filmed in Cliff of Moher. Not only Harry Potter's, Cliff of Moher actually appeared in several movies as well!

Cliff of Moher rise 120m above the Atlantic Ocean at Hag's Head and reach their maximum height of 214m just north of O'Brien's Tower, 8km to the North.
It was pretty foggy during our visit and the view was not the fantastic. Pretty upset. It was so freaking cold, I felt that my ears were dropping AGAIN. HAHAHA!
In case you misread, it is Cliff of Moher, not Cliff of Mother! HAHAHA! I overlooked and I thought it was Cliff of Mother. I was like "Why is it call Cliff of Mother? Just ignore me will do.
The next destination was Bunratty Castle and Folk Park. It started to drizzle, making the trip even worst because everyone was shivering. Ok. Bunratty Castle and Folk Park is a living reconstruction of the homes and environment of Ireland over a century ago. Rural farmhouses, a village street complete with shops and Bunratty House with its formal regency gardens are recreated and refurnished as they would have appeared at the time.
It was actually still drizzling though the picture could not tell. I was wondering how these little lambs and ponies survived. Such a poor thing, they literally stood there under the rain. Not cold meh?
We headed to the Bunratty Castle for our Shannon Castle Banquet. We reached there rather early and decided to explore this castle. Bunratty Castle was built in the 15th century. It was the most complete and authentic medieval fortress in Ireland. You definitely have to pay a visit here. Got to learn the history as well!
And that was the place that we had our dinner. We totally went "WOW"! Are we back to 15th century?! It was too spectacular!
 And this was their hall where they will be performing their welcome ceremony.
And the ceremony began. For your information, this is supposed to be an optional tour. It cost about 65 euros. Strongly recommend you to take up because it was SOOOOOOO worth it!

I have no idea what exactly happened because we (the rest of the girls) were so into this group of Irish guys (I supposed they are) and they started to keep taking pictures of them. Indeed, the guys are all very suave. Pictures will be shown, soon. Oh ya, in the end, Daniel was chosen as the king of the night which I have no idea why? And it just happened so fast. Hahaha!
Then we were brought down to the Great Hall of the Castle, the place where we explored earlier on. Throughout the dinner, we were entertained by the court jester, the castle musicians and the ladies and gentlemen of the medieval court.
And since we were "back" into the century, we have to experience how the people then had meals with only knife. Yeah. No spoon, no fork, just knife! It was fun though. And each course that was served to us, Daniel, the king had to actually approved it. Daniel told us that he was actually taught to say those words. Hahaha!
 The soup was superb delicious and I had two bowls. Hehehehe!
The next was pork rib. Can you imagine having that with just knife? I literally gave up because it was so hard to eat it. And I wasn't feel good using my fingers. HAHAHA! Anyway, I love how professional they were when comes to singing or even hosting the ceremony.
Honestly, all of us were so full after this meal. Meat after another meat. Their portion was huge! But I love that dessert though. Will be posting the video at the end to let you experience what I have gone through that day. It was really memorable and fun for us.
And tadah, the above guys were those that made us (THE GIRLS) went crazy about. Some of us even went ahead to ask them for photo. OMG! But in the end, I was quite turned off by their attitude and they don't look that man as we all thought. *HEARTBROKEN*

After that, we checked into Maldron Hotel (4*). The hotel is clean and spacious. But the location of the hotel is quite outskirt, away from the crowded area.
Breakfast on the next day provided by the hotel before we moved on to the rest of the journey. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, here is the video of Shannon Castle Banquet. Totally love their voices. Actually Ireland's Folk songs are all pretty addictive. Specially after 5 days, all of us are actually able to sing along with them. Hehehe!

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