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You know what. After I have blogged about my teeth whitening review, I actually received enquiries regarding the change of my facial shape. OH MY! WAIT! Wrong topic okay! I need to repeat that I did not done any plastic surgery to my face. Braces can really change your face shape. Read here. So, don't doubt on me anymore =( I am more than happy to share with you regarding my braces experience. Drop me an email if you have any question. *WINK*

And so, I headed for my first teeth whitening experience at Tanglin Dental Surgeons. My teeth are nice and straight but now I want them WHITER. I WAS SO NERVOUS YET EXCITED! The feeling was just like when I first when for my braces appointment. Hehe! Again, Dr Kenneth Lew briefed me the whole procedure of teeth whitening to make sure that I feel comfortable with. And of course, I feel extremely safe in his hands.

And we took a picture before we began. I think I look rather tense here. HAHAHA! 

And here we go for the Zoom Teeth Whitening process! Dr Kenneth Lew inserted this blue color protector into my mouth. This is to protect my lips from getting burnt from the laser. And this is also the most tedious part. It actually took him quite some times to force the protector into my mouth. My mouth was stretched to its fullest. Hahahaha! 
Ok. I know I look damn hilarious here. I was actually laughing at myself inside me. HAHA! Anyway, it was not that painful as it looked. Probably I would say I feel a little bit uncomfortable because you will always feel like closing them =P

After that Dr Kenneth Lew applied Zoom Vitamin E Soothing Oil to apply around my lips to soothe them before the next step.
Next, he applied another white substance liquid around my gums area. Our gums are very sensitive therefore this process is to help to protect our gums from being damaged.
Well, the teeth whitening session is not about whitening my teeth only. But also the preparation work. Preparation is VERY important. You can see that Dr Kenneth Lew does a lot of work to protect my lips and my gums. I am thankful that he pays lot of attention to my lips and gums as well! ^^ If this is not handled properly, you might experience burnt gum which is very painful!
After all the preparations and precautions were done, it was time for teeth whitening! First, a 25% Hydrogen Peroxide Light-Activated Whitening Gel was applied to my teeth and spread evenly.
So far, I did not experience any pain at all. Everything went pretty smooth. After Hydrogen Peroxide was applied to my teeth, that was when the lasering started...
During this procedure, do note that different people will experience different kind of thing. And it is all depend on how sensitivity your teeth are. As for mine, I did experience a little discomfort. I am not taking about pain here. The feeling that I have experienced was more like a stinging sensation when I took very cold beverages. The stinging sensation comes and goes as it like. During the process, Dr Kenneth Lew actually asked one of the nurses to stay by my side just in case the discomfort level increased. The whole process took about 1 hour with a few stops in between. Each stop Dr Kenneth Lew will apply the whitening gel again and then precede for the lasering session again. It goes on for at least 3 times.

Victory for whitening teeth! *BLINK BLINK*
Everything was done within an hour. You can still head to work or shopping after that. It is not like teeth extracting. I did not experience any pain except for a little bit of sudden stinging sensation here and there. I still headed for lunch and ate well for my dinner. And TADAH! It went perfectly normal the very next day. *BLINK BINLK*

Remember the chart where Dr Kenneth Lew told me where I was? Before the teeth whitening, I was at B4-C3. After the session, my teeth colour went down to B1-A1. It wasn't easy to hit W1 because of the natural based color of my teeth. But having the result of B1-A1 is already very good enough!
And this is how I look like now! Really I am so glad that I decided to ask my brace dentist Dr Kenneth Lew to see whether he could whiten my teeth! Because at my appointment, he also checked my teeth very carefully to make sure that they are still straight after he had taken my braces off. He also reminded to me that it is very important to go back to him to check if the teeth are "stable" every 6 months. Each time he reminded me to keep good dental health and wear my retainers at night. Okie, Dr Lew! I will! *WINK*
Of course have to thank Dr Kenneth Lew, the savior of my teeth. From a protruding teeth, to straighter teeth and now whiter teeth. And also the nurse who helped me throughout the session.

With love

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