Photo shoot with Joop/Occasion

It was a photo shoot day with Joop/Occasion. Met up with my all-time favourite partner, Jasmine and another new face pretty, Geraldine the other day. It was a 10 hours of photo shooting. Tired but it was so fun!

Here are the sneak preview (Not really sneak preview anymore!), but maybe behind the scene. (Sorry that the quality of the pictures might not be that good! These were taken using our phones. Hahaha!)

Occasion came out with a lot of different kind of bridesmaid dresses. Each design comes with at least 6 colours and above! You don't have to worry that you can't find the desired colour at all. I think they have more than hundreds of bridesmaid dresses! The quality is guaranteed assured because I have wore almost every pieces!  Hahahaha!

These photos were taken directly from the computer. We were so excited that we just couldn't stop snapping from the photographer's computer. HAHAHA! 
Always love their long gown series. Bridesmaid dress doesn't have to be short, it can be long as well. :D Elegant right! :)  And the sneak preview of JOOP's new collection! This collection is already in their stores!
Anyway, do you realise that the make up for this time round was so different from the past few that I had for Joop/Occasion photoshoot? It is because we had a different make up artist this time round! Both Jasmine and I love her make up so much! Our eyes were so much bigger and brighter! Love the Korean make up that Cynthia did for us! Cynthia Oh is actually a make up artist for brides and coincidentally I found out that actually I did contact her before! A lot of coincidence! Oh. She is quite well known among those brides groups that I have joined. Her facebook page is  Do contact her if you need any make up service! Totally highly recommended! 
Lastly, Occasion has recently launched its own website. You can now browse, shop and pay them online! Whether you are looking for short dress, long dress, ROM, accessories or even mum's dress, you can find them all in Occasion! Look out for their bundle package for bridesmaids!

With love

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