Irish Highlights Part 2

26 March 2014, Wednesday. Continue the journey of Irish Highlight. The first attraction that we headed was Dunbrody. It was almost 2 hours of journey. That was the time where I will catch as many naps as I can. Seriously, I was still suffering from the jetlag at that time. Hahaha!

Some sceneries photo while the bus was moving. It was rather gloomy on the second day in Ireland. The weather was remained at the freezing temperature. To me, it was a freezing temperature because of the horrible wind!

Dunbrody is one of the Ireland's Top Visitor Attractions. I got to know their history and the days in early 1840s when Irish Emigrants are trying to get themselves to North America. 
There was a tour guide that actually brought us around trying to explain the history.
We are able to board the ship to have an experience of how the ship was like that time.
The tour guide brought us around and explained the things that was used and the purpose of it.
The above kitchen was for the workers.

Then we took the narrow stairs down where all the emigrants have to live for 40 days before they reached North America. It wasn't easy for them. In the past, these ships were also known as Coffin Ship. Why is that so? I will explain whatever I have learnt...
This is what "Economy" tickets will be getting. Each bunk you have seen in the pictures were squeezed by at least 10 people. Yes, you heard me right. 10 people in each bunk.
She is one of the costumed performer that act out what an "economy" emigrant will experience. She said that they have to squeeze in the bunk. Many could not make because of the hygienic purpose, illness and hunger. They suffered with moldy food all these while. Rats were even sharing the same place and same food with this which explains why many have suffered from illness and eventually could not make it to North America.
This costumed performer react as the "business" class resident. This is how I differentiate them "Business Class" and "Economy Class". Will be easier *WINK* Not many people were able to afford to buy a better class ticket. Those who were able to, were obviously from richer family. 
This was where the richer will stay in.
After that, we were left to tour around the place.

Exploring the Waterford areas while we headed to the next attraction.
 I was so excited when I saw this bar. I told Alice that "Wait wait wait! This is my bar! Help me take picture!" HAHAHAHA! It is really rare to see my name around. :P
We visited House of Waterfront Crystal. It is a manufacturer of crystal in Ireland. It is also named after the city of Waterfrond, Ireland. We were brought around by the tour guide of House of Waterfront Crystal. Seriously, he looked so serious in explaining. I never see him smile at all. Hahaha!
We were guided to watch the master craftsmen at work. There are different sector for which process. For example, the first step is for moulding.
 This will be the Blowing Sector whereby we will watch the craftsmen transform glowing balls of molten crystal into elegant shape.

 And here is the quality inspection. 
 Then Hand Marking sector... The craftsmen will mark design of the crystal for the next sector - Cutting Department.
 Next will be sculpting...
 Followed by Cutting as well as Sculpting and Engraving. The craftsmen actually stopped and explained to us their individual job scope.
 These are the sample work. Absolutely beautiful and they are really expensive!
 It was about an hour of briefing session. We were really honored to be able to visit and experience how crystals are made. After that, we were also able to get some of their work at the gallery. Do note that they are all tax free. No obligation at all!
 After that, we checked into our hotel - Quality Marina Hotel. It is a 3 star hotel.
 The hotel is located in the heart of Waterford City. Shopping area is just 10-15 minutes away. WIFI is also available but if I am not wrong, it seems to be available only in the lobby? I can't remember.
And so, one of bunch of us decided to walk to the town of Waterford. Here are the sceneries around our hotel...
One of the tour mate got the fruit beer. It was really refreshing! Alcoholic level was pretty low too!
This was where I regretted for not getting my Chanel perfume. They cost around SGD$120. So much cheaper than Singapore which cost SGD$160. I thought airport might be cheaper. But I was so wrong. I went to Ireland Airport, Dubai Airport and Singapore Airport but still this place was still the cheapest! Tax free too!
For the evening program, we went for "An Evening of Irish Entertainment. It was supposed to be an optional tour in the package and it cost about 25 Euros with one drink included. We got to experience Irish hospitality in the best folk tradition. Throughout the 2 hours of session, there are lots of interaction from the Irish Entertainment and we got to understand Irish Music as well.
After Irish Entertainment, we headed back for our 3-course meal provided in the hotel. There were choice of Lamb, Chicken or Fish. The food was good.
Some of us actually went for second round of night activities whereby we decided to head back to hotel to sleep. We were so sleepy! Still suffering from jetlag at day 2. Hahaha! Tuned in for the rest of the post!

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