Irish Highlights Part 1

It was a super overdue post! I will post Ireland's trip first. Do wait patiently for the Maldives. Haha! Ireland post will take slightly longer because there are tons of things for me to write and photo to show. I am glad that I have FINALLY done with all of them. Please stay tuned for the rest of the post ok!

Anyway, it wasn’t an impromptu business trip to Ireland but was sent by my company. The organizer is Trafalgar. I almost gave up this trip myself due to some reasons. (Not going to explain why. It is going to be too lengthy.) Anyway, I am glad that I went and got to know this group of friends from different agencies and most importantly I am able to experience how Trafalgar works.  

Trafalgar is no longer new if you haven't heard of them. They have been around for more than 67 years! They provide guided holidays to over 200 destinations worldwide. They are specializes in providing local experts and guides, which will help you to understand their cultures well. That was my first trip with Trafalgar on Ireland trip and I got to learn a lot about Ireland's cultures and locals. Totally love the traveling experience with them! If you would like to know about them, visit here. If you would like to make a reservation on Trafalgar's tour, please go through my company - New Shan Travel and call their hotline at 6546 7333. Please look for Mr Alvin instead. DON'T LOOK FOR ME OKAY! :D

24 March 2014 It was a midnight flight. We took Emirates and flew off from Singapore to Dubai at 0120am and then transit from Dubai to Dublin again. It was a total of 14 hours of flight timing. This is my first time that I am leaving home for SO LONG and SO FAR! My sister and brother-in-law fetched me to the airport and Mr Chang actually stayed to send me off. It was also the first time he sent me off for business trip. Usually I will ask him to stay away from me on the day that I will be flying, just in case I get clingy and cry in the airport. Well, I almost did. Like WTF. He was like a father on that day, stayed to see all my “classmates” before he leave. HAHA! He made sure I am in good hand and good condition before he left. And I am like the abandoned kid, watching him leave then out of my sight. CAN YOU IMAGINE? FML. 

Selfie first before I boarded the plane. Pardon that I look so shabby with no makeup. I just want to board the plane and sleep all the way till I reached Dubai. Hahaha!
I am lucky to get myself an aisle seat for both flights. I will get very stress when I have to disturb others specially when I visit toilet quite often. =\ Oh yah. I am going to be frank about this. I LOVE ONBOARD FOOD! But this is the first time that I got so turned off by their onboard meals. Not just one meal, but THROUGHOUT THE MEALS! The services were not that good as well. Sigh.
After 7 hours, I finally reached Dubai Airport. We have to wait for one hour plus for the next flight. Quite lucky as it was supposed to be a 5-6 hours of transit. I think I will die there! There are limited WIFI. We were only allowed to surf for an hour. Thank god, we only transit for an hour plus only. Can't imagine my life without WIFI in the airport. Hahaha.

The security check was pretty strict. One of the tour mates actually stopped by their security because she don't look like herself in the passport photo.The security guard actually asked questions like "Why you don't look like this photo?" "Why did you slim down?" "What are you always traveling to this country?" ASKING LOT OF QUESTIONS RIGHT! Luckily I did not get stop by that security guard of hers. YOU SHOULD KNOW HOW HORRIBLE MY PASSPORT PHOTO IS! Luckily, I have just renewed it recently...
7 more hours before we reached our destination - Ireland. I am pretty tired the whole journey. All I did was "Watched onboard movie, fell asleep, woke up for onboard meals, watch Hong Kong drama on my phone, fell asleep, woke up for toilet break, watched onboard movie...." It was like a cycle. I couldn't remembered what were the movies that I have watched because I kept dozing off halfway. In fact, I watched none. I didn't sleep well and sleep well on board. Totally Zzzzz!
YAY! Finally reached Dublin Airport. Actually I was quite shocked that Dublin Airport is quite small as compared to the rest of the international airport. There are only 2 terminals. The one that we landed was Terminal 2.
We met our Trafalgar Travel Director - Bernard Creegan right after we came out from the arrival hall. He is extremely friendly and professional - not because we are all travel partners ok! I was quite amused by the way that he speaks. Specially the way he says "Ok" as "Okie doties". Pretty fun person. We followed him to the car park where our bus was located. We have to tug our luggage all the way to the carpark for more than 10 minutes. Super far. Specially when the weather was so cold and the wind was terrible. 10 minutes of walk seems like forever to me.

And here is the Trafalgar bus. New and clean. We were quite unlucky that the WIFI on the bus was not available during our stay due to some connection problem. I was told that all WIFI will be available on all the buses by June. So, lucky for those who are traveling with Trafalgar from June onwards!  ^^
(Picture credit to Vivian)
And that is our bus driver - Matt Malloy. Bernard looks very cheeky uh. He is that lively in person. Photos taken while I was on the bus. I couldn't bear to take a nap because the surroundings were so beautiful! The clouds were so beautiful! Unlike those gloomy one we seen in Singapore。 There is a Chinese way of saying "为什么外国的月亮总是那么漂亮呢!" (The green is always greener on the other side)
Checked into our hotel in Dublin - Mespil Hotel. It is a 3 stars hotel. Mespil Hotel is relatively convenient. It is about 15 - 20 minutes away from the busy city. Several restaurants and supermarkets are all 5 - 10 minutes walk from the hotel. My tour mates tried the fish and chip just beside the hotel and they said it was heavenly good!
Don't expect any toiletries in Ireland hotels. I think most Europe hotels do not provide toiletries. Overall, I had a wonderful stay probably because I was dead tired. Hahaha. Room is huge and clean. Bed is comfortable. Basically nothing to complain about :)

After we dropped our luggages, we went out to grab our lunch and explored the city. It was very cold. We didn't expect it to be so cold as it was supposed to be a spring season! The wind was a killer!
I guess we were so sick of the plane food. Some of us actually headed for thai food! We have just reached Ireland for less than half day and we were already craving for Asian food! Hahahaha!
Food was pretty towards their "style". Pantai was way too sweet! And tomyan wasn't really to my liking. This meal costs about SGD$12+. The Pantai was shared with my roommate though.
Our next motive was to get prepaid SIMcard. We got our prepaid SIMcard from THREE. It cost about 20euros with 20euros credit (if I don't remember wrongly) and we were entitled to unlimited of 4G data plan throughout our stay. Pretty worth it and specially made for people like me who will die without data plan. Hahahah!
Honestly I didn't know tulips are so beautiful until I saw these. There are shops on the streets selling flowers like that. So beautiful! I wish I can bring back all the beautiful flowers and plants! After that we headed back to hotel as we were so tired! It was almost 4 plus in the afternoon but 11 plus at night in Singapore. I tell you, I am so freaking sleepy that I could just walk while sleeping. I am almost awake for 20 over hours without ample of rest. My roommate, Alice and I decided to take a nap for 2 hours before our welcome reception at 6pm. Every Trafalgar tours, there will be a welcome dinner on the first day of arrival. This is to mingle with your tour mates. Sound fun uh. So we totally knocked off! Guess what! We woke up at 630pm IN A SHOCK! I have no idea why our alarm clock didn't wake us up. We almost just missed this dinner! Rushed all the way down and luckily, we were not the the last. PHEW! HAHAHAHA!

So we proceed to Nancy Hands which situated at the heart of Dublin. This restaurant was very famous as they has won several awards for their food and cocktails. They are authentic Dublin bar and restaurant that provide real Irish dinning and Irish drinking experience. Therefore, this restaurant SHOULD NOT be missed.
Honestly, their food are fantastic. But I can tell you, I totally have zero mood to enjoy them because my mind is all about SLEEPING. It was supposed to be 4am in Singapore. We were still suffering from a little bit of jetlag =( How could I possible enjoy this dinner when my mind and soul were still in Singapore timing! 4am for a dinner? Definitely kill me. Hahaha.
Take a tour around their restaurant, take a look at their second floor. Their decorations were beautiful.
After a hearty dinner, we went back to hotel and we concussed all the way. Anyway, here are the breakfast that Mespil Hotel provided for the next morning!
Actually, every of the hotels provide the SAME BREAKFAST! We had similar same breakfast everyday for the rest of the days. Hahaha. I will stop here because it get rather lengthy now. Will continue to blog the rest of the Ireland's trip in the next post!

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