Happy ROM Wedding Anniversary!

On the actual day of our ROM wedding anniversary (23 June 2014), Mr Chang surprised me with a bouquet of sunflowers to my office followed by a simple dinner at Sumiya. It is located at the rooftop of Orchard Central. Very different from the usual Japanese restaurants. Love the ambiance of the restaurant. Very lively and retro. It is like the early days in Japanese. If you are lucky enough, you can even take a peek at the sunset! 

If you work around Orchard area, you might want to gather your friends or colleagues here for a chill. Asahi draft beer only cost $4.50 during Happy Hour! And we had a little drink too! :D
Mr Chang is a big eater and I would humbly say I am too. He eats a lot and I am very "Tam Jiak" Hahaha. He just couldn't stop ordering and wanted to try almost everything! The menu is rather cute though. Hahaha.
  So the amount of food he had ordered on that day was....
way too much for just the two of us! =.= But still, we managed to finish them up! We even wanted to head for dessert after that but I was too sick to continue. All the illness started to look for me on that day. I was having flu, sore throat (still have not recover till now), cough, headache and the blisters on my leg at that time. Literally feel like dying. In the end, we headed home early.

As for Sumiya, honestly, I am not really particular about food so I find all of these that we have ordered were very delicious. I mean even though I am not particular about food but I still know how to differentiate between yummy food and lousy food right! Lol. So I would still want to recommend this restaurant. Thumb up!
Thanks Mr Chang for the dinner as well as the beautiful-till-I-can't-stop-looking-at sunflower. It was so beautiful! More anniversaries to celebrate. Time really flies that we have already lawfully married for one year! Looking for more changes this year and the upcoming one.

 Sick also must post my #OOTD with the beautiful sunflower =D
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With love

Sarah –   – (July 11, 2014 at 12:13 PM)  

Congulation to your wedding Anniversary.

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