Found my wedding shoes at Sinderella

Marilyn Monroe once said that

"Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world."
And here I am, hunting for the right wedding shoes for my special day. Well, I know that many people will tend to overlook on the wedding shoes because they feel that the wedding dress is more important. Yes, people might notice your wedding dress first follow by the other things else. But don't forget that you are going to wear this shoes on that day for longgggg hours! If not you are 1. either going to be the most stylish and happy bride, walking down the aisle confidentially OR 2. you are going to be a fashion disaster bride that walks down the aisle awkwardly because your heels simply can't bring out the best in you. So which one you are going to be? You choose it. :D

And it is REALLY HARD to find the right one. WHY? Because there are too much things to take into consideration. These are what I am looking at when I am choosing mine.

The number of inches
No brides will want to wear flats on this year. Because heels will make us look more elegant and we can also walk elegantly. So if you don't wear high heels often, please don't pick a 4-5inches heels. Get a wedding shoes with comfortable height that you can walk with. I have seen people who wore super high heels but they walk like a peacock. I am not talking about brides here. But still, imagine brides who do it? Gosh. Don't let that ever happen to you please! And also, don't forget about your husband-to-be. You are going to walk side by side with him MOST OF THE TIME. I am sure you don't want yourself to look like giant standing beside him right? Lesson I: Bring your husband-to-be along when you do your wedding shoes shopping! Not for paying (Well, you know it yourself *WINK*) but to gauge the height.

The comfortable level
You know, some shoes will give you blisters no matter how many times you wear it. And there are some, are sooooo comfortable that you will never have any problem with it. Look out for the quality they are using. Go for the soft leather with cushion based to prevent any blisters. If you feel comfortable with platform-heels, go for it!

The colour
Wedding shoes are no longer just white. There are so many colours close to white. For example: ivory, white cream, cream colour, pure white, white and so on. We girls know the different but guys will normally still label them as WHITE. It is all the same to them. Do your mix and match properly based on the wedding gown that you will be wearing. However, there are also bright color wedding shoes too. So, choose the right color to avoid clashing to the colour of your wedding gown.

Ok. I think I have given enough tips. Do not that these are just based on my personal preference. And I shall began with my hunting of wedding shoes! Haha! So, I headed to Sinderella on one fine Saturday to choose my wedding shoes. Sinderella is a Singapore-based online boutique that offers bridal shoes and bags. They have a WIDE collection of wedding bridal shoes and best of all they do customisation as well!
When I first entered their store, I was totally "WOW" at the beautiful collections that they have. All different variety of wedding shoes.  I am totally spoilt for choice. THEY ARE SO ELEGANT AND SWEET!
Seriously, I HAVE NO IDEA where to start from. And so, I decided to try on almost all the wedding shoes and Mr. Chang who came along with me started to... "This is nice", "Oh, this is also nice!" I HAVE to stop him because he almost commented every of the shoes that I have tried was nice. *ROLL EYES*
I know I am pretty unglam in the photo. I thought it will be faster in this way to just try like this. Aiya. Don't care about it lah.

After that, Doris, the owner of Sinderella came over to talk to me. She is such a sweet and friendly lady. I was actually stucked in between two pairs of wedding shoes and could not make up my mind. She gave me a lot of suggestion and ideas. She suggested to me the possible things that I would want to consider to customise. For example: from a peep toe heels to a covered heels, the height of the heels to the comfortable inches I want it to be, the colour of the heels and many more. I could even add more swarovski crystal if I want my wedding shoes to look bling bling. OMG! THIS IS TOTALLY FANTASTIC!

I actually spent a few hours in the shop. HAHA! I think when comes to customizing, we, the brides will want to add this, add that to our wedding shoes. Don't be surprise specially when I already spent 6 hours to choose wedding gowns. BECAUSE I'M SUCH A FICKLE MINDED. Here are the few that I have tried and took pictures with it.
Out of these 6, there are 2 that I have been struggling. They both look elegant but totally two different style I would say. Well, can you guess which is the one that I choose in the end? I will reveal the answer in the next post! I can't wait to collect my wedding shoes in next 2 weeks! Woohoo~

If you are still searching for the "right" one, why don't you hop over to Sinderella's website here. You can take a look at the range that they have already launched and to look out for the upcoming new wedding shoes. Not only they sell wedding bridal shoes, they have bridal handbag and evening handbags as well. If your husband-to-be feel bored, he can also shop his at Sinderella too! Hahaha!
Best of all...THEY ARE A GSS PROMOTION: 20% OFF* for the 2nd pair of shoes! Valid only till 26 July 2014. Quickly, visit their outlet to choose your "right" shoes!

Facebook Page:
Phone: 6224 5586
Opening Hour: Monday to Saturday (12pm to 9pm). They are closed on Sundays and Public Holidays
Note: You are encourage to make appointment during the weekend.

With love
61 days to #gavinkatty1209! ♥ 

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