Blogger Events: Mitju Official "Tick Tack Shoes" Media Launch Party

Last week, I am really honored to be invited to the Mitju Official "Tick Tack Shoes" Media Launch Party together with the rest of the TIN bloggers. This event was successfully launched with over 100 bloggers, media partners and Mitju VIP cardmembers. Celebrity Blogger, Silver Ang was there to host the event as well! Are you excited of what this media launch is all about? Read on...

Well, I am sure that Mitju is nothing new to you. Mitju, founded in 2005 is a fashion savvy footwear company that focuses on style, comfort and affordability. What sets Mitju apart from run of the mill competition is that Mitju’s designs are fun and creative, catering to chic, trendsetting women with individual style and edge.

So, what is this "Tick Tack Shoes"? This is actually their latest collection which allows you to customise your shoes! I love their slogan which goes like this"No Rules, Anything Goes!" No right or wrong, just mix and match based on your preference. And it is only just two simple steps to create your own Tick Tack Shoe! 

Step 1: Choose your basic shoes and size!
There are 3 basic shoe fabric, namely Patent, Leatherette and Synthetic Suede in 20 over colors for you to choose from. Price for each basic shoe is $26.90
If you have noticed, each of them comes with an array of detachable shoes accessories that allows you to "tack" them firmly and easily!

Step 2: Mix and Match your favourite accessories.
There are over 60 colourful shoes accessories for you to match with! Accessories range from $6.90 to $14.90
That's all. Yes. Simple as that. This concept is relatively fun and creative, catering to chic, trendsetting women with individual style and personality. Unlike the usual shoe shopping experience when one pick up ready-made footwear found on the retail shelves. In the end, you might get a lot of pairs and it is going to be costly and space consuming! As for the "Tick Tack Shoes", all you need is a pair of shoes with the accessories that you choose! You can even bring your accessories out. You know, just in case you decided to change the style of your OOTD. Hahaha. Just a "tack" and off you go!*WINK*

As for myself, I got a black leatherette shoes because they are easiest to match with. In fact, most of my daily wear flats are black actually. But I still prefer getting black. I belong to the conservative group. Muahahah!
Here are the accessories! THE GIRLS ARE TOTALLY SPOILT FOR CHOICE! It really took me some times to choose my accessories! I am having so much fun doing all the mix and match. Hehehe!

Tadah! After 30 minutes, I finally decided to get what I want! *WINK* These are what I have picked for my black leatherette. I can have two different look! One for feminine another one for elegant! Perfect Match! YAY! Thank you Mitju!
Mr Chang attended this event with me too! He helped me with the decision making for the accessories. He is my best shopping partner because he knows exactly what I want most of the time =P
Lastly, with the pretty celebrity host of the day - Silver Ang.
SHOES ARE ALWAYS A GIRL'S BEST FRIEND! And yes, I was one of the happiest girl who bagged home my favourite pair of shoes with accessories! Yay!! Thank you Mitju!
You can now purchase your own Tick Tack Shoes at Mitju outlets now!
ION Ochard
Address: 2 Orchard Turn, ION Orchard, #B4-28, Singapore 238801
Plaza Singapura
Address Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Rd, #B1-15 Singapore 238839

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Creative idea!

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