Wedding Gown Rental: Blessed Brides (Part 2)

The hunting of my morning gown continued to resume. Hahaha. We headed for second fitting at Blessed Brides. This trip was definitely a fruitful one because I have FINALLY confirmed the wedding gown that I will be wearing. *Throw confetti*

I am thankful that I have such a wonderful husband who is always there for every fitting and always give me honest feedback. I am glad that he is not those kind that will rush me to pick a wedding gown cause every piece look the same to him. In fact, he will sit down with me to discuss and talk about it. I can really trust his opinion. And I know I will have to take that piece when he says thing like “Believe me, you look good in it.” Hahaha!

I always feel very happy when comes to gown fitting. You know when the mood is there and you will enjoy the gown fitting session, no matter how tiring it is. Honestly, It was really a painful decision because the rest that I have rejected were so beautiful as well! I was telling Mr. Chang that I secretly hope I can have my own kind of bridal runway show in my wedding. He gave me those kind of annoying look. Well, the guys will never understand the happiness when the girls put on the wedding gown. Totally overwhelmed with happiness. Sometimes we don't even bother if the groom will look good! HAHAHA! I feel so sad for them because they are always wearing the same kind of suit wear where the girls have tones of gowns to choose from. We are totally pampered. Okok. To be fair, he always look good anyway. =D

As for myself, I am totally clueless of what kind of wedding gowns that I like and what kind of wedding gowns that flatter me. Totally know nuts about it. That is one of the reason why it always take me so long to choose the right gown. BTBs, perhaps you might want to do a little bit researching before you head for your gown fitting. Alright. Here are more pictures of the gowns that I have tried. These were also the one that I have to say goodbye to! =(

This is one of the latest design from Two by Rosa Clara gown that I have tried. It is such an elegant ball gown. I am amazed that this gown is SO light! I seriously don’t feel like I am wearing a gown at all! As much as I love this piece, I am afraid that I couldn't carry this well. I hope that I have that kind of height actually. 
Next, one of the Vera Wang Collection. I love the cutting of this dress, flattering my body pretty well though the gown is a little bit too big at that point of trying. But Mr. Chang felt that it was too simple. So, goodbye~
And the third one from the Blessed Bride Collection. This gown was absolutely a beauty. The embroidery detail was the eye catching one, specially the one at the train. So much love. After much struggling, I couldn't get over with myself wearing a tube top cutting instead of sweetheart.
So which is the final gown that I have chosen? Well, I will leave this surprise on the day itself. Lastly, thank you Val and her team for the sweet patience and the excellent service. Read about the Part 1 here

Name: Blessed Brides
Address: 11B Mohamed Sultan #03-01 Singapore, Singapore 239010
Contact Number: 6735 6334 / 9728 3901
Their Facebook Page
Their Website

With love

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