Tuxedo Searching!

We had a last minute preparation for our wedding photo shoot. It was so last minute that we got his tuxedo shirt like 2 days before the shoot! It was indeed Rush-Die-Us. Initially the plan was to go to P.O.A, Benjamin Barker, Domanchi, Topman and Zara. Just nice, Marina Square has ALL of them. It definitely save us time to travel to other shopping malls. PHEW!

We headed to P.O.A at Marina Square. It is located at #02-317/318. To our horror, there is only ONE kind of Tuxedo Shirt. It don't really look like Tuxedo Shirt because the collar is not wing-collar type but normal shirt collar. Just that it look like one. It cost about $90, if I don't remember wrongly. What's the point of getting a Tuxedo Shirt when it is not a wing-collar type right? So, P.O.A is OUT.

Then we headed to Benjamin Barker which is just opposite P.O.A. I read from some of the bride forums that they did sell tuxedo shirts. We tried to ask the salesperson and we were told that they do not have it. But I am not sure if the one in Marina Square do not carry any or they have stop reproducing. Perhaps those who want to try, can try the branch in Vivo?

Forget about Topman, Zara, G2000. They do not carry any Tuxedo Shirt at all. But we managed to grab some plain shirts (Black and White) shirts from G2000 at 20% OFF! He needs the black one to match with the black suits and the white plain one for casual shoot. They do have promotions regularly, so look out for promotion period ok! 

Domanchi is probably the best choice of all! The one in Marina Square actually impressed me. Not sure if all outlets have it. But I am impressed that they actually has a little corner for the groom. It sell almost everything that a groom will need. From pants to shirts and even accessories. The grooms must be feeling "FINALLY A PLACE FOR ME!" Hahaha! We were served by a male salesperson whom I think his name is Dex. We were so satisfied with his service. He is not just a salesperson but someone who is willing to go extra miles to explain what kind of tuxedo we should be looking it and the suitable one based of individual's body size. He will never upsell you to get the most expensive one. He totally deserved a Best Service Award! *Clapping*

Are you stunned by their collection? This is truly a place that all grooms should come here. For the price. The cheapest one that I have seen is about $60 and the expensive one goes up to $150 I think! Considered affordable! Of course it also depend on the kind of material you are looking at :)
After choosing for damn long (cause' I really have an indecisive and vain husband), he finally got to choose the one on the left! If you notice, the pant is actually different because that picture was taken the next day. We had to come down to collect because the stock was not available. That piece costs about $99. This can be use for our wedding photo shoot as well as our actual day. Kill two birds with one stone. YAY! So, those who are frantically looking for Tuxedo, you should look from Dex from Domanchi, Marina Square. *WINK*

79 days to #gavinkatty1209! ♥ 

With Love

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