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Heading to dental clinic was the biggest nightmare during my preteen/teen stage. Specially in primary school when you were being called for dental visit. Yes, it might be cool to escape your lesson for a short while but trust me, most of us will pray hard that your name will NEVER being called. I bet you were one of those? And that was because I suffered a lot during first dental clinic in my primary school days. My teeth had too much holes and that dentist will be like "Oh no! I need to cover this hole here, that hole there!" Cold sweat! I thought I will died there! Since then, I am so afraid of that chair, that drilling sound (I am sure you know what I am referring to), those equipments that dentist used and that helpless feeling...

As I grew, I realised the logic of attract and repel. The more you are afraid of going for dental, the more holes and "teeth suffering" you will get. Likewise, if you care about them and visit your dentist regularly for check up, they will be growing healthy like you! Weird logic right? But it seems to work on me. Hahaha! Probably also because I care about how I look when I smile. Because of my work, I had to meet people, I have to talk to people. That's why a beautiful smile is very important! So I went for my braces in 2011. It was one of the best decision that I have ever made. It has totally changed my life. I love my smile, I can show off my straight teeth in every picture without worrying of my buckteeth. And I secretly like that my face has actually changed without any surgery done. HAHAHA! 

Many had actually emailed me or asked me personally where I did for my braces. I mentioned in every of the posts before. It is Tanglin Dental Surgeons. I came across them in a forum whereby lot of people actually recommended them for braces. I made the decision and decided to look to them. IT WAS DEFINITELY A WISE DECISION! Dr Kenneth Lew is the one that attend to me. He is one of the kindness and gentle dentist that I have ever met. He attends to every of my queries during my braces journey and makes my braces journey went smoother than I have ever thought. That is why I strongly recommended them for braces and dental services even when I am not sponsored. GOOD THINGS MUST ALWAYS SHARE! I am glad that even my BFF, Wei Young went for braces with them and he was also very happy with the results. We were once a braces kid! *WINK* Beside braces, I went for my wisdom teeth extraction with them too! I am glad that I have survived that EVEN THOUGH I have two more upper wisdom teeth to go =( The thought of extracting really pull me away. I did not feel any pain at all but perhaps I dislike the feeling. Hahaha. I hope they can disappeared miracle-ly... please?

If you thought that I have done with my teeth, you are wrong. I am very perplexed about my yellowish teeth. NOT BECAUSE I DID NOT BRUSH MY TEETH! But it was because of the food that I ate. For example: Soya Black Sauce or even Curry. THEY ARE MY FAVOURITE! Coke was one of my favourite in the past which I stopped now. But still, the stain followed me. *SIGH!* I tried various ways for whitening effect. For example: Whitening Toothpaste or even Whitening Strips. The results was almost... invisible. HAHA! So when I went back to Dr Kenneth Lew for my 6 months recall appointment, I told him about my problem with my yellowish teeth. Just in case you wonder why do I have to go back, this review is to make sure that my teeth are still straight. Well, I'm sure everyone will want to look good when they smile right? Straight and sparkling white! I hope I can too! Specially when my wedding date is drawing nearer.

So, Dr Kenneth Lew explained a few important things on Teeth Whitening and I have learnt a lot from him!
So I will explained what exactly I have learnt and hope that you will gain some knowledge while you are doing research on it. There are actually two kinds of teeth whitening that Tanglin Dental Surgeons is providing.

A: In-office Chair Side Teeth Whitening.
B: Professional Take-Home kit.

So what are the difference between them?
ZOOM by Philips (Sole agent SA Dental) is currently the most renowned for In-office Chair Side Teeth Whitening. It provides INSTANT result and even up to 5 shade whiter. Each process is about 20 minutes each. Some people can achieve better result in just 2 times of bleaching and some people might need up to 3 times. It is up to individual.
Professional Take-Home Kit can be done anytime as long as you are free. It can be done at work, home or even while you are sleeping. There are different kind of concentration (5%, 10%, 15%, or even 20%). Duration will be minimum 4 hours to 8 hours.

What are the side effects of Teeth Whitening? 
There are no major side effects, other that gum or tooth sensitive. BUT it will be up to individual. Some people have sensitive teeth and some don't. Different people experience different kind of teeth sensitive. =)

Will the whitening effect last forever?
Honestly, there is no such thing as FOREVER. Hahaha. It will help to reduce the existing stains. BUT still, it still lies with the kind of food that you take. Discoloration will definitely occur over time. =)

Dr Kenneth Lew suggested to take In-office Chair Side Teeth Whitening. The result will be faster and better. He showed me the shade of my current teeth and guess where I stand?
I almost hit B4-C3! That's how yellowish my teeth are. The worst is that I am quite fair, making my yellowish teeth look even more yellowish! Yucks! Can you imagine? Hopefully I can reach AT LEAST A1 or B1. *WINK*. Hahaha! Now I got all the knowledge of teeth whitening, I can't wait for the first session. Stay tuned for the next blog on the actual teeth whitening. It is going to be fun!

With love

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